The Mask Made of Glass Vol. 3 'Psyco- Confessions Exerpt'

Literary Passages



'The Mask Made of Glass'

(An Angel made of porcelain)


Volume: Three

“I can touch the stars, camp on Mars
shoot across the Milky way, and all within the same day
for I am a dream, where hope becomes everything
Free to traverse the endless skies
high above all the petty bickering and the lies.
We now have become the monsters,
all hiding behind masks of thick skin
left to our own devices, a morbid darkness
and we shall commit every thinkable sin.”


                 Am I awake, within a dream? Could I possibly be asleep within reality. Just a simple perception of what is truth. What if death were just a word, mortal and flawed like we perceive ourselves to be? God, not the creator but rather the perfected.
Our souls, consciousness, our ascended level of reasoning. Chemical transmissions, molecules all acting in harmony against the chaotic storm of nature. Nothing becomes impossible when we all carry within ourselves the potential for greatness. A power and sense of self not given by an outside influence, but rather found by inner tranquility. Buried within us all lies the gift and the ability to transcend pettiness, push past the old dogmas and mature rationality, to move one step closer in their own personal quest for enlightenment.
To be godly, the realization that energy needs no mass or form of matter, but a simple spark of consciousness, a simple little thought. Right and wrong, good and evil, creations of man. Emotions given a reason to label polar opposites, polar attractions. I can see subtle patterns laid out before my eyes, the complex codes impossible to break, yet like a twisted puzzle I see fragments but no revelation to it's meaning.

“The mark of a brave man is one
who accepts and embraces his death,
now or a year from now.
Who still has the courage to look death
head on and smile.” 


                 There was once a time when I obsessed over death, the dead, and the dieing. To unlock the secrets hidden by that unknown passage. The mysteries so close, yet so far with the answers just a breath away. I would often quote many of my sonnets with 'Death is the only way out' I realized after so many years how true those words were, where the meaning of those words have changed. The value of them will always be concrete. I have been looking towards to the future with an ever keen eye on my past, for my mistakes are many that I do not plan to repeat. To learn and grow, to evolve and mature.

                  Within our minds, we posses the key to our own divinity, however like children we are held back by our own depravity, lost our way and became blind to new and different ideas and perspectives. Do we as humans on this tiny blue planet truly deserve the key's to the kingdom of heaven, when we do not even love ourselves?

“Death is the journey in which we all must take,
To live, becomes a choice that we can make”


             Chaotic Illusions 0:1

Shadows chase the dreams
from your mind as it only screams
gut the pig, to hear it squeal
shake the devil's hand, the dirty deal
twisted horns, play their evil tricks
the temptress shall get her kicks
and the fool becomes the jester
As the madman screams snow in summer
where honor can be had within the shadows
In a man's heart, who has been bound to the gallows
demons will run free, ravishing our planet spreading disease
suffocating our growth, polluting our potential
save the glory for something far more substantial
“And memories become thoughts frozen in time”


“I am no dream, but I fear you may be”



~)(~ Addendum ~)(~

                               Death is not the end, but truly is the only way out. Evolution and change surrounds us, every second of every day. A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Solids change into liquids and vis versa.
We live in a reality of change, a reality of choice and possibilities. Our bodies are chemically composed of natural elements found within the stars themselves. We shape reality, and reality is us. A body of flesh, a mind made of chemicals all controlled and organized by the transfer of energy, then there is your consciousness, call it the holy spirit or God itself.
There is energy all around us, in us, through the spaces of time our eyes cannot see, A powerful force such like gravity its not seen. However within this generation not felt, and often forgot or over looked.
Within us all we posses the inert ability to transcend, the illusion that which is our common understanding of reality to be godly, to be perfected. The mind, the body, and the spirit work in harmony.

Death offers a path much like the caterpillar who builds it's cocoon then morphs into a butterfly. It has become my belief, that we are all gods, a conscious thought and energy experiencing humanity, in all it's perfect flaws. Relative Physics of a relative experience within the life of a mortal being. Where a perception of an ever consistent linear of time solidifies the experience and allows for a more profound emotional ride. Fear, love, hate, joy would all be meaningless if there were no substantial risk of loss; the unknown, that great mystery which is death. 


“Toss the stone into the fire,
cut the tongue from the blasphemous liar
bleed your confession for the world to witness.
Starve the temptation, a mental amputation
for tasting the sins of the forbidden fruit”

“All the Roses of the past, have wilted away
and all the faces of the future start with today” 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have been working on this piece for a little over a month now, Hope it makes you all think a little :)

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Never Known Love

Never known love,
Never known the famous feeling,
Those fizzy, fluttering insects
Dancing in your soul.

Never seen a spirit through eyes,
Never had that window open,
I've never felt the weary sighs,
Never had a true fight.

Don't feel sorry for me,
I blame myself.
Searching but not seeking,
Living without true feeling,
The rush ain't there,
That jolting feeling,
A million bolts
Shoot right through you,
Melt with it.
It makes you melt.
I know but not personally,
I'll never know for sure.

Never had a sparkling kiss,
Never closed my eyes in bliss,
Never known
What life's all about.

I've never lost,
Never broken up,
Never parted,
But who is there to part from?
Who is there at all?

What is life without passion,
What is the meaning
Of just holding hands?
Where is the fire
That burns in your soul?
Am I condemned to ice,
Who will melt me?

What is the point
Of fluttering birds
And blooming flowers,
Why is there death,
Why is there life?
Why am I here?
My existence is pointless.

Never known love,
Just an empty soul,
My burning fire frozen,
My eyes glazed with frost.

Never known passion,
That jolt of pure energy,
That shock of pure bliss.

I've never known what life can be,
I swear I live in hell,
I wish I'd loved
Even once
Then someone could love me again.
But I keep using the word
Without a clue of its meaning.
I feel like I'm loosing,
Caving in,
My heart just a rock,
My soul blown away.

Is there love for me?
Where do I find it?
Help me look
For life's only splendor,
The rest is only filler.
Help me live,
Truly live,
Even if only a moment.
I need to feel it
Just once.
Let love grasp my bitter spirit,
Let it engulf my stilling heart,
Let the loneliness subside me now,
Ease the ache inside.

Now tell me,
Oh voices,
Let me hear your call.
Is it better to have loved and lost,
Then to never have loved at all?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For those of you with doubts: is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

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I Will Be There

When you laugh,
I'll be there to laugh with you.
When you cry,
I'll wipe your tears away.
When you're in pain,
I'll be there by your side,
I'll hold you tight,
Everything'll be alright,
'Cause I will be there.

When you speak,
I'll be there to listen,
When you want to be silent,
I won't say a word,
When you dance,
I will dance with you
and when you are still,
I'll sit by your side.
I'll gaze into your eyes,
I will not rise.
I will be there.

When you are lonely,
I'll be there to say you're not alone.
When you are happy,
I'll be happy too.
When your spirits are high,
Mine soar to the sky,
And when you tell me you love me,
I'll always love you back.

When the skies seem grey,
and your wings are so heavy,
I'll make the sun shine,
I'll lift you to the sky,
I'll watch you fly,
And if you fall,
I'll be there to catch you.

I'll take your hand,
I'll hold it tight,
So hold on,
It's time to fight.
And when it seems you can't fight any longer,
When your eyes start to close
and your hand goes limp,
Take a look around the room,
'Cause there at your bedside,
Eyes stained with tears,
Praying with hope,

I will be there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about a man whose wife has cancer.

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A Fear Of Nothing


I have a fear,
a fear of all that isn't.
A fear of a dark void,
an utter abyss,
a fear of no feeling,
a fear of not knowing,
a fear of unawareness.
A fear
of nothing.

The glass is half-empty,
the sidewalk's all cracks,
there's a pit in the ground
leading to nowhere,
leading to nothing,
leading to a void,
the path to being trapped,
trapped in an abyss,
trapped forever
with nothing.

I am afraid of nothing,
a fear of madness,
loosing my mind,
loosing my body,
loosing my voice,
loosing everything
and gaining nothing.

I'm not afraid of death,
I don't think its not fair.
It happens to everyone,
and we all have it 

for the same amount of time-


Life's the one that's not fair,
but everyone knows that
and no body cares,
not anymore.
Life's life.
You gotta cling to it,
you gotta live it,
'cause letting go
when you still have a chance
is quitting.

Facing fears,
How do I do that?
When my fear is of nothing?
A void.
An abyss.
No colour.
No sound.
No body around.
I swear nothing's more terrifying
than nothing.

I have a fear of nothing,
a fear of everything gone,
disappearing before my eyes.
A fear of the hole
that leads to nowhere,
only down
or up,
depending on how you see it.

I have a fear of the glass half empty,
seeing only what's not there,
seeing only darkness,
blinded to all light.

A fear of falling
without the sensation,
without gravity,
without a body,
dropping my mind,
loosing it forever.

I have a fear of nothing.
Because sometimes the most terrifying things
are things we cannot see.
And nothing is nothing,

You can't fight nothing.

drink wash repeat

1 year gone and getting older
my view of the world only grows colder
tortured by horrors on the news
to escape i drown in booze
what am i fighting for
i dont make shit im dirt poor
the worlds enough to drive you insane
so i drink away the pain

drink away the pain
life passes you by leaving nothing to gain
drink away the pain
no sunshine here only clouds and rain

bills pile up going broke again
no where to turn but to a friend
problems and bottle in hand
torturing your body waiting for the end
my liver is going economy failing
in so much pain my mind is derailing
delerium tremens setting in
waiting for the depression to begin


waiting for nothing to worry about
but when in fact will that come about
drowned out the pain 

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I'm Ready

I’m happy, to crawl and walk

I’m happy, to sing and talk.

I’m prepared, for anything you throw at me

I’m prepared, for whoever you want me to be.


I’m ardent, to move out and go to college

I’m ardent, to gain and share the knowledge.

I’m eager, to get my bachelor's degree

I’m eager, to even earn my Ph. D.


I’m willing, to finally reach my dream

I’m willing, to share this success with my team.

I’m convenient, to finish hard and retire

I’m convenient, to accomplish this happiness I so longed to acquire.


I’m set, for the hard trials in life

I’m set, to propose to my future wife.

I’m enthusiastic, to start and have a family

I’m enthusiastic, to spend my life and raise them gradually. 


I’m adjusted, to grow old and be tired

I’m adjusted, to leave this earth and be expired.

I’m prone, to see my children success and grow

I’m prone, to see them acknowledge and know. 


I’m qualified, to spend my time in eternity

I’m qualified, for the peace and serenity.

I’m ready, to go to a better place

I’m ready, for heaven to see God’s face. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm new to this and I'm just looking for some feedback. Please and thankyou! 

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Poem of Rebirth

I was born
and I've lived a while.
I thought I
knew who I was

I left the house
to get a higher education
I found a place"I could let go, be me.

I know they don't
I be who I feel like,
who I really want to be

I've come now into my own
with the amazing friends
I love how free I feel spending time with them.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 20: poem of rebirth.

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I Am My Own

I want to make
          my own
     mistakes, I say.
I want to direct
          my own
     life, as bad as it is.

Please don't try to
          stop me
     I'm going to anyway.
I know you wanna
          stop me
     you care a lot.

I wanna be my own
     my two feet.
I'm a pretty strong
     I can survive.

We keep having
          this same
     conversation over.
I still feel
          this same
     way, as before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 18: about an interaction.

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Cold (not a love song)

It's so cold outside tonight...much like I'm feelin tonight.
I just can't get it through my head, and nothing seems to feel right.
I'm so cold now that I can barely write.
Is this all that's for me? Is this my lot in this fucking life?

I'm so cold I feel the ice running through my soul,
and I have tried so hard to know
what it feels like to have a heart of gold.
I've forgotten what love is...
My heart has grown too cold.

I don't show it much, but I feel it inside.
Sometimes it makes me just want to sit there and cry.
Why can't I have someone in my life?!
Oh Lord, I just don't wanna be alone when I die!

I'm so cold as the ice claims again my soul
as I try my very best to know
What it feels like to be good as gold,
but I have forgotten what love is...
I guess my heart is too cold.

Oh Lord I know you hear my prayers,
but if you always tell me no
how can you blame my heart for being cold?
I don't want to die alone...
Do You hear me?
I said I don't want to die alone!
What'm Llouder you say? Speak more clearly?

I'm so cold, but the ice won't claim my soul
The Lord above hears my prayers, and He knows
how it feels to be alone.
He shows me again how true His love is...
as He starts to warm my heart that's so cold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm just feeling pretty down...I need the Lord Jesus Christ more than usual right now, and this is about how God works on His time...not ours. I'm only human though, and love is something that eludes me constantly. Nobody wants what I want...everyone thinks love means sex and vise versa...too bad for them when they find out how wrong they are I guess...they're missing out on a great guy.

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