distance -we make it

the distance we make it

distance is not far as we thought

you can feel,the movement of your walk

i remind,everytime

that time always came in my mind

when we shake hands,hanging out and

quarrel over such a petty matter

it takes me back,back on my my those memories

of my life,of my life distance


things which multiples us,multiples our joys

are not too far

those distance are not far away

i'm tired,sick,act so differently

to remember my movements of life


i'm frighten to think whats going on

thats why i raise question

is the distance is far enough to approach?

theres not much time to be left to reach

i think you recognize what you thought to be

trying to face different face of problem


a feeling of will of my desting

will of the wind which flow in the ocean

helps to face our distance of our life

this is my distance of life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is all about my life which i feel in my life and i want to share it

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