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I’m not a two-cent ho or
Some stuck up bitch
Believe me sweetie
I wish I wasn’t born beautiful
Just filthy fucking rich

Do you know what its
Like to be pursued
Every day by
Some random dude

Nope that’s right
You’re ugly and fat
SO… you don’t have guys
Chasing you like that

Please excuse me if
I come across rude
But I don’t like
Your fucking attitude

I couldn’t help but
Notice as I walked by
You giving me a deadly dose
Of your venomous stink eye

Yes I know this
Dress is short
But calling me a whore?
Let me retort

I’m not just drop dead sexy
I have a good personality too
I’m not only magnificently hot
I’m also way cooler than you

You watched me walk by
Because you heard me coming
I know!! These heels are to die for
Aren’t they absolutely stunning?

You may have eye fucked
The shit out of me
But there are some things
The eyes simply can’t see

Things lay under the surface
You couldn’t possibly know
Like the fact that I
Graduated college with a 4.0

I know I’m in this club
All glittered and glam
So when you look at me you
Think this is all that I am

The dress is short the heels are high
And Yes, I strut my stuff as I stomp on by
Looking like a hot sex kitten
The boys all stare I’ve got them smitten

Another thing you cannot see
Simply by my physicality

I’m not proud
I’m defeated
I don’t feel hot
I feel cheated

The American dream
haha that’s wicked fucking funny
I’m a college graduate
Reduced to cocktailing to make money

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