Sweetness, Will You Push Me Into Love?

Lover I've never met,
Oh, the promises you make.
Pure sweetness falling from your lips
And onto these keys

I drink your words hungrily and beg for more
And when my eyelids meet, it's your eyes I see,
Such a brilliant green, like those I've seen in my dreams
Loving and mischievous, with a smile to match.

Oh, Lover, do you know what you do to me?
I drive myself mad with the want to touch you
To reach out and feel flesh instead of this cold air

And, oh, you know you could have me if you wanted,
It wouldn't be hard to make me yours.
With every sweet word and seductive smile you chip at my will,
You push me to the edge.

And if ever your lips were to meet mine,
I know I would slip and happily fall

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Pining for Love

I want to fall in love. Madly, stupidly, completely in love. I want to be so wrapped up in the feeling that I can barely breathe and the rest of the world passes by in surreal blurs and swirls of color.

I would give anything to have your lips pressed against mine. Your warms hands pulling me close. As you look deep into my eyes. I'm sure they could cut straight into me. No, I know they can. Even when you look at me now I can feel them, reaching inside of me and searching out every little secret I've ever held. And you smile sweetly, almost mockingly, because you know. You know that in an instant you hold my strings. And when you pull them I dance for you.

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I Can't

Soul mates

What's the point? whats the use?
I can't handle not being your muse.
I look for meaning in your dark eyes,
I can't keep lying, myself I so realize.
I mask the dissapointment oh so well,
I can't believe that you just can't tell;
When you're the one who knew we fell?
If we were really all we could possibly be;
I can't believe you can't still feel it in me,
I see the honey melting in your gentle look -
I can't know the pieces of your heart I took
I left you in a hazy doubt by word, by needs
I could not go there, not by word or by deeds...
The rapturous torture, on my pain will ever feed,
On loves one and only pledge and this undying creed,
I can't let go of all that nearly was, we were effortless,
So close. A trick, a trace and we all lose face,
Hope, hope till nothing's left,
Barr unending grace...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haunted by the one you must lose all in this life to gain and lose in the one to come. happy to hear what you think :)

Grey world

My world has
turned from

dark to grey.


Happyness and

sucked into
the void.

How to live
how to feel,

is all
beyond me.

I am nothing
A ghost.

Dust blowing
in the wind.

Who is that i
see in the mirror?
No one.

I'm not there.

I don't get sick.
I cannot die


the emptyness
is killing me.


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Our Family, My family

Our family, My family

Our family, My family, so broken and divided are we
So caught up with anger amongts ourselves, so much we cannot see
So focused on bitter disputes and drawn out battle lines
Still trying to achieve victory against these unbreakable vines
Stuck in the murkey water trying to get free
Our family, my family so broken and divided are we...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you guys like it!

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Volume One






I'm lost in my own despair.

Hating everything, I just don't care

kill me now and make it fast

poison me now and make it last.

I'm no different then you or anyone

but I don't regret what I have done.


"I'm Dead to the world, I'm dead to you

I'm numb to the touch, without a fucking clue"


To me now, love is just a word

something that all my pain blurred

you did your work well, can't you tell?

How about I break it down

so you can see past this fake smiling clown.


"You tore my soul apart

shattering my world, shattering my heart

I built you up to be a goddess;

Beautiful and flawless

perfect in every way

perfect every day.

I was so fragile, like a rare vase

wrapped up with silk and tied with lace

when you said goodbye, I broke and cried

because on that day, I had died"


So here we are now, back at the beginning, back at the start.

This is where you made your mark.


Inside I'm rotting away

where there's nothing left but decay

a hallow fragment of what was once a soul

chiseled out like a big fucking hole


"I'm Dead to the world, I'm dead to you

I'm Numb to the touch, without a fucking clue

I'm a fragile vase, haunted by her beautiful face

nothing is left but decay, rotting away, for this I pay

every single day"








Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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