Anubis The Forecast


The sand ascended,

A whirlwind closeby.

In the tomb,

Where the dead were lain to rest.


From this storm raised,

The aspect of Anubis;

The god that attends the dead,

To the hereafter...


With robust voice raised,

He let me know:

"Dead you go!"

My destiny written down.


A day hereafter,

In normal life;

I drowned into the lake,

Death had grabbed me tight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(A dream I had).

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Anubis The Forecast


The sand ascended,

A whirlwind close-by.

In the tomb,

Where the dead were lain to rest.


From this storm raised,

The aspect of Anubis;

The god that attends the dead,

To the hereafter...


With robust voice raised,

He let me know:

"Dead you go!"

My destiny written down.


A day thereafter,

In normal life;

I drowned into the lake,

Death had grabbed me tight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had.

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The Tomb of Cthulhu


I projected to Cthulhu's tomb,

Which seemed like an empty womb.

Danced upon the tombstone,

Moving all alone.


Pulled the tombstone away,

This Seal couldn't stay!

Crushed it on the ground,

Cthulhu moved about.


With magick I crushed the gate,

But not immediate.

But somehow I managed to do so,

Stones floating about.


Cthulhu moved towards the door,

Nyarlathotep came ashore.

We pushed as the Seal didn't move,

As the energy-field did prove.


I had to put Him still,

That is if the Crawling Chaos will.

Blue Energy all about me,

Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and me.

All were trapped in my energy.


I don't dislike Them, you see?

I adore Them in me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A vision I had.

Lost Warrior

I feel cold inside causing a vibration vibe.
I see the Darkness creeping in like a moonless sky.
My world seems silent like a cold wintersnight.
I lay on the battlefield all alone with no more fight.
A hero without his side kick, a warrior without his honor.
How do you fight when there is no more fight?
The rivers are running dry, the crops will soon die.
A man Reaps what he sows so I'm told.

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