A Bloody Feast


Zombies sit in the cemetary

Just across the street,

The are all sitting down

Ready for a bloody feast.

They wait for children

To hurriedly walk by,

So they can jump out at them

They wait there, acting sly.

The children remember stories

Being told from so long ago,

About how the zombies would eat children

And chase them, to and fro.

The zombies grow inpatient

Waiting for children to come,

Decide to go out looking for them

They don't know where their first meal would come from.

They drag their feet along the pavement

Moan and groan out loud,

Their stomachs are rumbling for food

They will eat tonight, somehow.

The children are all hiding

They won't come out to play,

After hearing the stories over the years

About zombies, taking lives away.

The zombies go back to the cemetary

They have themselves a tasty treat,

By digging up freshly buried corpses

They've looked forward, to this bloody feast.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little something before Halloween. MUHAHAHAHA

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Decorating (Lune)


Children decorate

With pictures

Halloween, soon comes.

Copyright Cynthia Jones


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A Day At The Seaside

Sea sloshing,

Exciting expectations,

Anticipating adventures,

Shoreline secrets,

Ice-cream melting,

Dad dozing,

Evening ends.

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Little Leaf

Leaf there in a stream,

Drowning, drowning,

Floating in his bitter dream,

drowning, drowning,

I hope someone will pick you up,

drowning, drowning,

Until then I believe you're stuck

drowning, drowning

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(T. Beechey)

A scary face,shrieks in the night,a bloodstained trace 'neath a yellowed light

As children race for their candied delight

Welcome to Halloween

Hoot owls echo their mournful wails,a cold wind howls down a darkened trail

As each child prowls for their edible grail

Welcome to Halloween

Devils and demons in shadowed disguise

Amidst the faint screaming of a distant demise

All of it seeming to be real for our eyes

But only a dream not to be realized

Skeletal remains of gristled bones,rattled chains and ghostly moans

"Trick or treat" refrains in joyful tones

Welcome to Halloween

Black cats walk into glows which ebb,coffins and bats and spiderwebs

As some are like that of their favorite celeb

Welcome to Halloween

Witches and goblins,werewolves and warlocks

All with wide grins at every door knock

Ghouls and vampires,monsters and such

All sharing desires of confectionary touch

As zombies claw from their makeshift graves

And mummies gnaw through their bandaged staves

Don't drop your jaw,that's how we behave!

Welcome to Halloween

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Chicken's Revenge.


When the earth ends in a fire.

chickens will have PEOPLE wire,

   And they will make omelets

   with our new born baby boys.

   who never have a chance

   to get a foot print imposed

   on a blank white paper

   or a chance to play with toys


instead they will be round up in egg cartons

put into cake mix, for chicken birthday parties

  see! Chicken's don't have a voice and so,

  i shall be their speaker

  so paint your eggs,

  and put them in baskets with fake grass

  after you've peeled off those shells

  enjoy the taste

  when you having a Happy Easter

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Samhain Returns

Satanic Serenades

Samhain Returns by Draconis Blackthorne

Goblins and ghouls begin to creep

Into the realm of mortals they seep

Dancing, carousing, it captures their minds

To replicate same, if just for a time

Welcome again into My world

A glimpse of the Magic enchantment unfirled

A tip o' the horns, a curl of the tail

The howl of a wolf, the moan of a gale

The Gates are agape, from caverns below

The fiery rictus, the carven glow

Reflections upon the overcast sky

Overshadows the land from tempestuous high

Skeletal trees scratch at the air

Filled with the scents of carnival faire

Impending darkness grows day by day

Chases the curse of the blindlight away

Gaze in wide wonder at the marvels I bring

A season eternal of nightmares and dreams

The phantoms come closer on this Halloween

Filling the evenings with laughter and screams!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The multimedia proliferation has begun, and even though we Satanists preserve our total environments, it is pleasing to see the evocations manifest to dominate society again.

Description: Baphomet is festive with this Halloween display, complete with all the costumings representing the archetypes of this splendid season. A collage of evocations conjured up from the dark subconcious, framed by the trapezohedron which here acts as a window to the said subconcious. The serpent above configures the dreaded Number of The Beast with his symmetry, as Thirteen crowns The Baphomet form, suggesting the exploitation of these fun-fears for diabolical amusement.

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~Mother's Love~

Mother's love is so divine

Your soul I feel close to me

Watching me the right way

And loving me every day!

Times in life we've shared together

Thank you for all you've giving me

Touch of love that I'll  feel forever

Inside me in every perfect rhyme

Love that is always reaching

In tender moments that has bind

Love that fills us with much grace

And that can in you always find

All  my love,blessings here I send you

Have a happy and special Mother's Day!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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The winds of the Winter breeze chills the humid air to a cold frost,

And almost everything is raised in it’s cost.

The leaves on the trees are being shed ready for new ones to come.

And we must wait while our fingers go numb.

In various parts of the world small white specks fall down to the ground.

Soon it’s falling so fast and is abundant it creates a mound.

People roll, build, gather, and stack.

And the snowman is complete with a lil help from Jack. (Frost)

Houses are being strung and lit up with vibrant lights.

Forming together to appeal to the peoples sites.

They sparkle, dazzle, shine, and gleam.

White lighted houses always look like a white dream.

The crowds increase in the great jubilation

For this seasonal celebration.

Smiles seem to occur more often.

Even the old “Mr. Scrooge’s” heart begins to soften.

Children are writing their requests from the formerly known Chris Kringle.

Going to sleep early but listening for his sleigh bells jingle.

They set out milk and cookies for the man to enjoy on his jaunt.

While hoping they get something that they all want.

The ritual of getting presents from “Santa” and friends is fun.

But there comes a time in life when this most stop and the receiving is done.

They must learn the truth and then learn to pass on the joy.

Giving someone else a turn with a toy.

To receive a gift is full of fun and excitement,

But giving a gift can bring just as much enticement.

So give a gift but don’t forget family and others you love,

Since they are the ones that your life will always be apart of.

December 25th  is a day that celebrates the joining of families together from East

      to West.

It is not a time of the year to get what one has to request.

Some people say it’s the celebration of the birth of Jesus the lord;

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