Garage Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and all through the garage
Not a creature was stirring, not even my Dodge.
The tires were hung at the bumpers with care
In hopes that St. Nicholas will fill them with air.

The engine was tucked, all snug in it's bed
While visions of Spark Plugs danced in it's Heads.
With me in the front seat and Wife in the back
We had just settled down after having a snack.

When outside the garage we heard a car roar
It must have more cubic inches than a 454.
So I rose just enough to look over the hood
To see what I could see, the best that I could.

All of a sudden, it opened, the overhead door
I could see six cars, then I saw two more.
They were all the Christmas colors, red, green and white,
Not doubt in my mind, it's St. Nicholas alright.

He was all dressed up in his Drag Racing Suit
Jacket and Pants, Gloves, Helmet and Boot.
Unlike the red, furry suit, that he normally wore,
He wore this suit when he put the pedal to the floor.

He entered the garage and knew just what to do
And filled up those tires in a minute or two.
He went out to the cars with trunks open wide
Then loaded his sack and brought it inside.

Along with his eight little helpers so jolly
They set out some gifts from Moroso and Holley.
A new set of fan belts and seat covers of gray
Were surely the makings for a great Christmas Day.

"Let's go fellas" he said, "Be quick on your feet',
"Jump in your cars and let's hit the streets".
I heard the cars start, first one, then two, three, then all.
They just sat and waited till he gave them the call.

"Now Cobra! Now Super Sport! Now Bucket "T"!
On Z28! On Viper! On Super Bee!
On Road Runner! On Olds 442!
Put the pedal to the metal, there's more stops to do".

Hearing the thunder of the pipes and the tires squealing
Filled my heart with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
And I could hear St. Nick yell, as the cars took flight
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night".

Written By:
Gordon Jackson

Easter When I Was Younger


When I was younger,
Easter seemed to be
about waking up early,
and running to wake up
my mom, and my sister!

Then we'd hurry outside,
with a basket, or
sometimes, just a bag.
My sister and I would
run all over the yard,
grabbing each and every
egg that we could find!

When we were sure
that there was not
any more eggs to find,
we'd bring them all
back to mom.

She would let us
crack the babies open,
and drop all the candy
into one, ginormous pile!

The process was:
Pour the eggs
carefully out,
grab an egg,
pull on it until it popped open,
drop the candy into the growing pile,
and place the egg into the basket
that we picked for the empty eggs.

We would do this,
over and over again,
until we had emptied
every single one of the eggs!
Then mom would come over,
and she would help us
divide the pile of candy up evenly.

We could then trade the candy,
if there was something
that we didn't like, in our piles.

After the egg hunt,
we'd spend the rest of the day,
doing whatever fun thing
we could do at home!

Our Easter was a fun thing,
when I was younger.
Easter when I was younger,
was fast paced, and fun.
We'd run around,
hyped up on candy!

Squealing and laughing,
jumping and running,
skipping and galloping
sashaying and the grapevine,
having fun and goofing around,
until the candy high wore off,
and we'd trudge inside exhausted!
But only for a while!
Then we'd do it again!

Yes, Easter when I was younger,
what a fun time,
of carefreeness
and freedom!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about what easter was like when I was younger. Please let me know what you think, both complements and criticism are welcome!

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A Christmas Miracle

I saw a hungry and homeless family and that wasn't fair.
I let them come to my house to share.
There was more than enough food for everyone.
We talked and sang and we had a lot of fun.
When we finished eating, they offered to work to pay.
I said no because nobody should work on Christmas day.
Seeing people down on their luck makes me very sad.
But I managed to find the father a job in the want ads.
Now they have a house and they're as happy as can be.
I'm glad that the help they needed came from me.

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Ebenezer Scrooge

It's Christmas and my name is Ebenezer Scrooge.
I've been through a transformation that was huge.
When it came to people, I was selfish and mean.
I was so selfish that I lost the girl of my dreams.

People always said Merry Christmas but I refused to hear it.
Last night I was visited by Jacob Marley and three spirits.
They showed me my past, present and future too.
Now I'm a happy man who has been born anew.

The spirits showed me the error of my ways.
Now I'll be a better man for all of my days.
I know a sick little boy and his situation is very grim.
But I will use my money and love to cure Tiny Tim.

I once said that the poor should die and decrease the surplus population.
Now I'm jolly and when I think about Christmas, I have much appreciation.
I have something to say to every man, woman, boy and girl.
I want everybody to have a Merry Christmas all over the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on the classic 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens.

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X-Mas Is Coming


Yes, I know that Christmas is coming
Yes, I also know that we are
Supposed to be all kinds of happy

I hate to say it, but I don’t really
Feel the ‘Christmas spirit’
I'm what you could call a grinch

Or a Mister Scrooge
Well you don’t like my opinion?
Well, bah – fucking – humbug to you

Written on
December 3, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, I know that Christmas is right around the corner, so I wrote this on behalf of my opinion, and others that I know feel the same way as I do about this accursed holiday, that is supposed to be about Christ and all that but has since turned into a commercial-istic routine that bothers all of us that aren't into this holiday. Well, fuck christmas for everything that it has become. And fuck you if you don't agree.

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Happy Holidays

My Poems


The holiday's are here again
Will this life of mine ever end
It seam meaningless to go onwith this fate
A good zombie in a world of hate
Will i ever be happy again
The holidays make me depressed
Will it always be this way
Is there anything to look forward to
Nevermind i will just sit here looking blue
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A day at the Croc fair

It was school holidays off I went to the fair.

Where rides went up and down and into the air.

Penny arcades and candy floss.

Pull down the handle for a win or a loss.

Pots and pans crockery galore.

Always filled me with awe.

A toffee apple was a real treat.

After licking my sticky fingers and finding a seat.

Spruikers all shouting "not fifty not thirty not even ten.

But if ya give me a fiver...I'll throw in Big Ben".

With a smile on my dial and a satisfied grin.

What was left of the toffee apple I threw in the bin.

Now it was time to go have some fun.

Going as fast as my legs could run.

With screams of delight fear and fright.

I felt I was flying like a kite.

Over I went to the swings that flew in the air.

Paid my ticket jumped on without a care.

The ferris wheel was next, going around and around.

Defying gravity the big wheel came close to the ground.

My tummy was rumbling as my feet hit the floor.

But I was happy and wanted more.

Sprinting to the rifle show to shoot a few wooden ducks.

All I won was a little stuffed teddy bear...that sucks!

Now to the penny arcades with one-arm bandits.

It was my lucky day, up rolled three oranges, and down came three pennies...thrilled me to bits.

Over I went to see strong men strike a blow.

With a deep breath and a jolly heave-ho!

Sleeves rolled up, hammer in the air..looking I stood.

With one mighty blow the hammer came crashing on the wooden stud.

Success!...with cheers from the crowd the bell was struck.

They gave him a coconut and wished him good luck.

I waited my turn to jump on the Dodgem cars, such a treat.

Everyone crazy driving like mad, not to collide took some feat.

My time was nearly up what could I do.

I thought to myself...I'll throw some bean bags which was great fun too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was about me going to the Coventry Crockery fair in England  as a young lad in the 1950's

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~Have A Happy St Patrick's Day~

(An Acrostic poem)

H-ave a wonderful time today

A-fter all this is  St. Patrick's Day!

V-enture in for all that's worth

E-xtending all your blessed love

A-fter all this is St. Patrick's Day

H-ugs and greetings to you I send

A-fter all this is a  special day

P-ouring some beer and wine and

P-leasing others with some joyous rhymes

Y-ou can celebrate it all by cheerful dancing

S-howing to all a very good time

T-hroughout this very special day

P-ore to all your best smile

A-nd cheer and celebrate till the day is done

T-urn the clover leaf and dance!

R-esting assured that your friends are glad

I-nterchanging hugs and laughs

C-reating all kind of good stuff

K-ept along for you and I

S-timulating good times and laugh

D-uring all this time today we enjoy

A-fter all this is  St. Patricks Day, my friend

Y-ou and I, let's celebrate it and all its blessings as well!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


March 17,2010

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                        OY! YE FAITHFUL

                             Edward Iacona

           The tree is down, the decorations stored

           And a new year has come at last.

           The celebrations are all over,

           It's officially, Christmas past.

           A gift one desires is always great

           But in taking some poetic license,

           What I wish for most of all

           Would be her Christmas presence

           She left us for her new age dreams

           While we get along to the best of our ability.

           Will she ever realize the harm she's done?

           Well, there is always the possibility.

           Someday she might just see the light,

           And want to return as wife and mom.

           And that to me will surely be

           The best Christmas yet to come.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is just someone missing from Christmas that made the holiday more meaningful.

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