Unexpected Snow

Now, I fell,


Into the Ground

Spattered, beneath


White Mound


I see the crystals

Not that they melt

But, the way they

came--which is Felt.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A contemplative attempt for depicting the ways relationships with people, and their subsequent impressions, had always occurred.  Based from the perspective tantamount to selectivity and fact-gathering methods. [1 of 2 batched at this series]

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This place will always be in our minds,

The friends we made from far and wide.

It was our little haven with our crazy, mad crew

Some of our antics could be seen at the zoo,

Some of us owners others were not,

But the memories will never be forgot.

The summer was coming we just couldn't wait

To see all those faces that made this place great.

I remember the journey there in the car,

Wondering "who can get served for beer at the spar?"

We'd sit through the daytime in the family room.

Waiting for Bradley to come give us a tune.

We'd join in the disco and party dances,

Enter teenage challenge, taking our chances.

The piss ups and parties, the big summer fete.

Just some of the things that made Greenacres great.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Today is the day to be thankful

Today is the day to be thankful for what we've got.

If you're thinking about bad things today, you should not.

Be thankful for all of the people who are in your life.

Be thankful for your kids, your friends and for your husband or wife.

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Suicide Note Of A Neglected Mime

The wait is finally over

here's your concrete goodbye

my shades are drawn like sheets

stained with pure romance

cherished like a straight A

why keep untying, the final is approaching

can you feel it under your flesh?

razors dance to the sound of misfortune

spin me into this sapphire holocuast

i'm so afraid of the sound of your voice

I could splinter into a disgusting insect in your underwear drawer, just to catch your eyes on something horrible

my only regret is that I didn't spit in your eye

violently exploding into an army of blind dragonfly's

made of years of clay and bitter silence

this is almost over, just open those pretty blue eyes

you can't hear next summer

when winter fuzzes out the icy sunshine

just sleep now, just goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Mime Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

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It was an amazing few days with the family,

Lots of food,


And fun,

We went around the table and said what we are thankful for,

I was thinking of you,

I wanted to say,

I wish dad was here and I miss him,

But didn’t,

I said,

I was happy to be here and with all of them,

And I was,

But it is just so hard without you,

I know I didn’t see much of you,

But I know you are not here,

It makes me wish I went and seen you last Xmas,

I had no idea that it was going to be your last,

I am sorry dad,

But I did not go,

I should have went,

Sorry does not change anything I did,

Or didn’t do,

I know.

If you are missing someone,

Let them know today,

You may not see them tomorrow,

So let them know today.


Misty Yanish

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Christmas Vacation


Its almost Christmas

I can't help but think

Why aren't you here?

I know you're home and with your family

I can't help but wonder

Why am I here?

My dream, my wish, my sanity

Poured in to missing you

So tell me

Why aren't you here?

The only thing I care to recieve

For Christmas is you

Please I ask you to tell me

Why am I here?

All my wishes for a holiday gift

Mean nothing next to you

So please answer and tell me true.......


Do you want to be with me for Christmas too???

Author's Notes/Comments: 

New for X-Mas.....

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Christmas Warmth


Christmas Warmth

December 21, 2007

In the sky of Wonderland,

We see a star brightly shining.

Having six points to each end,

Shadowing the meadows with its beams high and low,

We see staring under it a little home.

In the other side of the world,

We see people staring at the sky,

Seeing that very same star above the clouds.

When the shepherds see,

They see the sky with light,

And then they start to feel a drop of the light,

Not knowing it is snow in their eyes.

In the north comes out a man from his home,

Oh jolly and happy with joy,

He sees a bright star in the sky as well.

He jumps into the sleigh and follows the star southward,

Where he ends up in a little stable out the city limits,

And there he sees a man and a woman waiting for the bright star to come down.

Where all of a sudden,

Out of no where,

The star sits on the little straw bed,

Where a baby lays asleep.

The jolly man says, "What a happy moment this is which is when I shall help others"

As the jolly man sits and looks on,

He has a little tear coming down his face.

And so he got up,

Went to he's sleigh as Three Men approached him and gave him gifts so that he can spread,

With all his happiness and joyful thoughts.

And so the man left the land,

He went around the world,

Giving presents to everyone,

And reaching home for a Happy and Warm Christmas night.

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Behold your King


behold your king

lying in a manger

behold the holy one

born to be your savior

while shepherds watch their sheep

an angel came to say

that there is a child born

to wash their sins away

Chorus #1

hope was born in bethlahem

on that silent night

angels sang praises to God

for this gift of light

halleluiah halleluiah

every one will sing

wrapped in love from God

behold your king

behold your king

so humble and small

not born in a mansion

doesn't look like a king at all

the greatest gift of all

was that baby boy

and those who knew his purpose

were filled with everlasting joy

Chorus #1

behold your king

nailed to a cross

beaten and bleeding

as he payed your cost

wearing a crown of thorns

on his head for all to see

being mocked by all who pass

dying to set all who believe free

Chorus #2

the king of kings

was killed that day

Jesus died on that cross

to take your sins away

he suffered then rose again

and the angels again began to sing

he ascended into Heaven above

behold your king

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Christmas Day

Sitting in front of the fire

We can not tire

The presents piled under the tree

We feel free

No television to ruin our day

Welcome to Christmas Day

We laugh and share

Talk about how we care

Gotta love your friends and family

While standing next to the Christmas tree

Doling out presents

Screaming at the contents

The one day

Life’s problems go away

Sharing our love

Sharing our joy

We put each other above

To look at the toys

Fire crackling merrily

People laughing joyfully

I feel most at home

On Christmas Day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love this poem. It shows the real reason people should love Christmas Day. And yes, I celebrate Christmas even though I'm pagan. It's a day to celebrate family for me.
Written 12/17/07

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