Christmas Mourning

Grief & Grieving

The air is filled with such happy sounds,

Always present, this time of year.

But Christmas, right now, is harder,

Since you are no longer here.

Its not easy 'making merry',

When your heart, is still in grief.

There's still the pain of missing you,

All the sorrow, and disbelief.

I can't just put, myself in wrappings,

To cover up, my now aching heart.

Maybe next Christmas, it'll be easier,

But not now, because we're apart.

I tried to sing some Christmas Carols,

To pull myself out, from this despair.

But the songs just sounded empty to me,

So instead, I said a prayer.

I prayed to God In Heaven,

To give you my Christmas Gift,

To tell you how I'm missing you,

And of the love to you, I uplift.

I prayed that He would let you know,

All that you, so dearly meant to me.

I asked Him to wrap, it up in clouds,

And place it under, Heaven's Tree.

I prayed to Him, on bended knee,

To bring me, on Christmas, some relief.

To heal my broken soul, to whole again,

To help me get past this, consuming grief.

Then I felt a bit lighter-of-heart,

And as I stood up and looked around,

I realized there were, no decorations,

Nor any cheerful Holiday sounds.

Then, it hit me, somewhat hard,

That maybe, I'd done your memory wrong.

For Christmas Time, was always your favorite,

Oh, how you loved the lights and songs.

Then with a renewal, of the Season's spirit,

I felt suddenly lighter of heart, of mind.

Determined to celebrate, as you'd want me too,

All the decorations, I went off to find.

I decked the halls, the walls and doors,

I trimmed a hearty, green tree of Spruce.

I shopped for presents for everyone-

I even ordered a Christmas Goose.

For I felt its what, you'd want me to do,

To go on here, in the living.

To remember the Reason of Christmas,

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On Krampusnacht...

The Krampus comes forth, ringing thine bell

From out of the darkness, resounding from Hell

Displaying thy rictus, switchel in hand

A demonic vision now walks the land

On Krampusnacht...

Krampii of every shape, color, and size

A devil's procession, yule fire aglow in their eyes

A messenger of nightmarish fane

This bearded beast with horn-crowned mane

On Krampusnacht...

Villagers cower with whispered prayers

Fearsome shadows cast with dusk to bring the night

Torches aflame with scent of brimstone's pyre

And some will vanish into thine black embrace

A thorny gash, a scion's choir

On Krampusnacht...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

December 6, Krampusnacht, XLII A.S.

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The Christmases Of My Youth




The Yule Log and Christmas music
played on, continuously,
flickering from the old console tv screen
at Grandma and Grandpa's house,
all of every Christmas Eve.



I knew it wasn't a real fireplace.
And yet-
it warmed me into my soul,
as I sat there on the floor,
fixated on the flames and grinning.



We made Santas out of apples, cloves,
and marshmallows, and raisins.
Rolly-polly, red orbs of treats,
that Gram put out for us,
to create...and then eat, each year.



Santa always stopped by
for an all-too-quick visit,
reminding us to be 'extra good'
'listen to mom and dad' and to 'go to bed early'
so he could arrive, at our home, that night.



And even years later, as I grew,
and knew it was my own Dad,

and Grandpa before him, in that suit,
I never let on-for it kept the magic alive for me,
for just a bit longer, in my youth.



We'd eat a Christmas Eve feast,
'till we were pert near bursting.
Gramps even let us have
our yearly taste of Creme De Menthe-
and I can still taste it on my tongue, even now.



Then, back at home, the other rituals began-
hurriedly getting into our PJs,
deciding who got the milk,
who got the cookies and the carrot,
and who got the plate to put them on.



All four of us collected the snacks,
and set them out, carefully,
right there on the coffee table,
where we knew Santa would see them-
and sometimes, we even left him a beer!



Then, all tucked into bed,
Dad came in for the yearly reading.
We sat, mesmerized by the story-
'The Night Before Christmas',
like we'd never even heard it before!



Oh, how I'd try to fall asleep fast,
and not giggle with my sis,
'till we were 'shushed' multiple times over.
But the anticipation of Christmas coming,
always seemed to be the hardest to deal with.



But, eventually, morning came early for us-
and for Mom and Dad, much too early!
But we didn't know back then,
that they had just gotten to sleep at 4 am-
so we figured they'd want to get up at 6 am too!



The piles of presents always delighted,
and always made our eyes go so big.
The scramble to get a good spot under the tree,
to sit and open each gift,
was like a starting-line-mad-dash.



Getting the Chatty Cathy doll I so wanted,
and the Easy Bake Oven,
and the games of Peanut Butter and Jelly,
CandyLand and Don't Break The Ice,
were those first, 'dream-come-true moments' of life.



Everything had to be opened and played with,
for it was Christmas Morning!
And all the toys that Santa brought me,
NEEDED to be played with! 
...Or so my little over-excited mind told me.



Christmas Day brought more feasts,
more fun, and even more presents,
from Grandmas and Grandpas
and Aunts and Uncles,
who came to share the special day.



I look back at old pictures of these events,
all these heart-warming memories,
of the Christmases of my youth,
and I re-live each one, so clearly,
that it seems like only yesterday, I was there.


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R U thankful?

R U looking forward to carving your turkey with a knife?

R U thankful for the things you have in your life?

R U thankful for all that God has given to you?

Being thankful will put a smile on your face when you're feeling blue.

Go hug your family because they should be adored.

We all have lots of things to be thankful for.

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This Thanksgiving week,

Which was originally planned,

To be spent with him,

Has now been banned.

In the event two nights ago,

We got home two hours late.

So, the punishment, was

A week grounded we’d wait.

Sadly this week is short.

Our school was set so.

Only ‘til Wednesday,

Are we to go.

Wednesday’s our half day.

On this we had decided,

To be together, all day

‘Til the last moment, undivided.

Tonight on the phone,

We both had said,

How the rest of the week,

Were days we would dread.

We both complained,

In mutters a bit,

And I began whining,

Throwing a small fit.

He said not to submit,

To the antagonist way.

As I ate my own words,

I had little to say.

I umphed and pouted,

And eventually shouted,

“UGH! I don’t want to go,

To my Aunt’s house though!”

He chuckled and sighed,

As he quietly replied,

“What else can we do?

I love you.”

There was a moment of silence.

Then a thought came to mind,

In attempt for a sweet something,

As well as a laugh to unwind.

“Then I’ll eat turkey,” I was screaming,

And have L-Tryptophan dreaming!

At least this way I may view,

The togetherness of me and you.”

Inspired by: Geoffery Michael Stevens and our situation on Thanksgiving break

Dedicated to: Geoff and memories

Created on: November 20, 2007 – 2239

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It was Halloween evening...

Satanic Serenades

{From The Addams Family series; Season One, episode 7: "Halloween With The Addams Family". Air Date: October 30, 1964 c.e.}

It was Halloween evening, and through the abode

Not a creature was stirring, not even a toad

Jack O' Lanterns are hung on the gallows with care

To guide sister Witch as she flies through the air

{"drawn by eight beautiful bats" ~ Gomez*}

And she calls out to them:

"Come flitter, come flutter, come flapper and flier

Come chitter, come chatter, come vicious vampire!"

[So under the moon they glide on a gale

With ghosties and beasties they let out a wail

On Halloween evening, Cousin Shy parts the veil

With a Happy Halloween, into the night they sail]


* Personally, I prefer mentioning Nine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Scene: As The Addams Family gathers around the living room, dimming the lights, all are seated for the reading of the Halloween poem. Uncle Fester stands behind the unexpected guests powering his own gloomy DC light bulb. As Gomez holds the scroll, Morticia begins the enunciation with that addition by Gomez and Fester. The 'guests' are spooked, and take their leave.

Note: The final portion in brackets was included by Myself, considering the abrupt departure of the guests curtailed the conclusion.

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It's probably best to leave

The family's on their feet

They're heading for the hall

And I bet they deserved it

Those foul faced men

With those pipes in hand

They're draining the mess

With a glance in our direction

And what did they want?

They've got nothing on us

That was snack food justice

And it was served just right

The sprinkles were removed

The brownie sunk down low

A stuck up family entered

Just to leave with green faces

The water's made shallow

The tub's on quarantine

And you'll laugh as we did

When the pastry hits the filter.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know why but this turned out so perfectly.

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At the bottom of every basket

lying where they fell....

Tangled in the plastic grass

amidst the chocolate smell....

Tiny, sticky, roly things

reds, yellows, oranges, greens....

Every year, simply discarded

those forgotten jellybeans!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 03/23/02

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A Bunny Tale

Jus 4 Fun

It was Easter morning,

back when I was six.

I peeked into my basket,

and thought, 'This must be a trick!'

For there my chocolate bunny sat,

and my eyes they filled with tears.

You see it seemed somebody went,

and ate my bunny's ears!

"Who would be so cruel?" I cried.

"And commit this awful act?

Someone ate my bunny ears!

They're gone and that's a fact!"

Mother looked surprised and said,

"Well I know it wasn't me.

I was sleeping soundly.

I wonder who it could be?"

My brother checked his basket,

saying, "My bunny is fine!

No one ate his ears.

So I guess they are all mine!"

I looked around for Father,

to see if maybe he knew.

Cause dad would get to the bottom of this,

and know just what to do!

I found him snoring and still asleep,

but I had to solve this case!

So I pulled the covers down,

and saw the chocolate on his face!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 02/21/02

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