They are so bright.  

                   They light up the night.

  They are on a house, on a garage, or I see on a tree.


      They are both near and far.  

    I can see a lot of them when I go out in the car.

    There are streets, with homes,

with hundreds, thousands of lights, maybe more.

          All the people come to see.

        Nobody does ignore.

    Everybody does know where they are, to come in a car.

        They are really neat.

       I shed a tear.  They only come out once a year.

        Red, orange, green, blue.

        All the thoughts in my head.

          In the night, they can be seen.

          Looking at them is what I like to do.


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calling relatives to say hi

hanging miseltoe up high

reading Christmas stories to children

inviting family over to visit

stuffing stockings full of toys

taking in all of the joy

making a huge Christmas dinner

a lot of laughing echoes the room this winter

smiles on everyone's faces

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~Halloween Night(3 )~




black cats

are flying

they go past

riding their broom

scaring children

they cackle

and laugh hard


screams you














Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


Have a very safe and happy Halloween Day!

October 17,2009

Author's note: The "kite" is a poetry form

created by poet Erich J. Goller.

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Lord, I thank You for everything

Living for You is a blessing

Thank You Lord for the good and bad

Thinking of You makes me real glad

I thank You for your forgiving

Lord, I thank You for everything

For family, friends,for living,

You give me joy when feeling sad

Lord, I thank You.

For roof on head, food giving

Thank You Lord for all your loving

You always help me when I'm sad

Thanks for eternal life I add

For all the Blessings You're sending

Lord I thank You.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


November 13,2009

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On Friday the 13th...

Satanic Serenades

A touch of Halloween

Haunting the world with darksome visions

Nightmares conjured from deep within

A timeless friend we hold so dear

While traditions of fear

The herd do adhere

Insecure clinging to icons in fright

The shadows laugh with delight!

Beware of black cats, and broken reflections

Umbrellas and ladders, and such

And if you survive to live the next night

You cannot deny The Devil's touch...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in honor of this enigmatic date, which is a touch of Halloween.

Note: There are thirteen lines to this poem, including the title.

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Christmas isn't about the gifts

Christmas is about being with the ones we love.

It's about celebrating the birth of Christ above.

Christmas isn't about the gifts that we receive.

It's about showing love and kindness to people; that's what I believe.

Even if you get no gifts, you still have your friends and family who love you.

A person who is loved is truly blessed; that's something no gift can do.

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The Reason


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It's such a magical time,
When Christmas comes each year.
Colorful lights, and pretty trees,
Carols full of good tidings and cheer.


People, they hustle all about,
To get their shopping complete.
The air is filled with yummy scents,
Of every fresh-baked Holiday treat.


Decorations are hung, everywhere,
So delightful to the beholder.
Snowfalls come, and bring along,
Days that turn much colder.


Yes, its such a fun-filled time,
A time for making merry and bright.
A time for wide-eyed, precious children,
To bask in their innocent delight.


But too many people never stop,
'Till they are plumb worn out-
To remember the most important thing,
That Christmas is all about.


See, its not about the presents,
Or the decking of every hall.
Its the simple fact that Jesus Christ,
Was born and died for us all!





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Christmas Again!

Just a thought!

Christmas Again!

Where does he come from this Jolly Old Saint
With his long white beard and sleigh of red paint

And what of these deer that supposedly fly
And carry mountains of toys thru a wintery sky

How do they soar, this Blitzen and Thumper
Only ones I’ve seen, are on a wall or a bumper

And what of these Elves that make all those toys
I bet they’re all midgets dressed like gay boys

Well, I’ll put up the tree and pretend for the kid
And wrap all the crap from the shopping we did

After all this is done, I might get some nookie
Or a consolation prize…some milk and a cookie

When morning comes, I’ll be awaken from sleep
By getting hit in the face with a new plastic Jeep

I’ll go downstairs and clean up all the trash
Cook all the food for this “Holiday” bash

Relations will come, eat food and drink beer
Great thing about  Christmas…It’s just one a year!

The Grinch

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Christmas poem two
For those feeling the holiday humbug.

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The Night Before Christmas

Just a thought!

The Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night before Christmas just beside the garage

was our old two tone hot rod called, "It's Just A Mirage"

The snow was glistening on the fenders as it fell

and the grill wavered red with a bow and a bell

As the people drove by and rounded the loop

they're attention was drawn to the brite Hillborn scoop

Though the houses were lit in our Christmasy circle

all the eyes opened wide when they saw two tone purple

Mag wheels twinkled brite in a starry array

as the body chrome danced off the chaser display

A knock came on the door from a jolly old gent

he said, "The reindeer took sick and my runners got bent"

Santa had a dilemma and he couldn't be late

so i threw him the keys to the Hemi V8

In a hotrod sleigh he was off in a poof

with a brite red Santa hat on top of the roof

With the blower thumpin and the gears runnin tight

Santa laid rubber into the night

If on Christmas Eve Night there’s a stir in the garage

Take a peek out the window

“It’s Just A Mirage”

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Annual Christmas poem

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