With Love I Go

With love i go


Giddy as a thousand suns are high


Down the gravel marked road


Full of dusty memories


And printed rememberings.


So close to a laugh tonight


Just one of it's sweet kisses


And i am given over


To strong symphonies


Ever practiced upon the hearts of men


Written in blood upon our souls


Red as lips


Red as fire


Red as love


And it flies about and through me


And makes my mouth to sing




With love,


I go

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*Soar High and Free*

Trisha M.Barrrek Hopkins

Pretty as a robin
To soar high and free
Something so magical a sight no ones ever seen
Trying to imagine where they've been 
On a branch they take a rest
So gently they lean
To see them have babies is the best

A freedom no one can have no one can get
To soar high and free
From the robins' eyes a beautiful sight, I bet
It would be a gift from God to see what they see
To meet the people they met

The ones that come through this trail of living 
The music birds give to us
The memories they are giving 
Soon they move on it's a must

For the cold will be around
And the snow will fall 
A new life they have found
Up in a tree so strong and tall
For the magic they gave up in the tree
A beautiful melody a perfect sound
In our hearts It'll always be


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the ride*



the ride was awesome

the feeling was incredible

I fell from a million stars

into your heart

and I never understood why I was so strong

because I couldnt see it

but you were under my wings the whole time

 real love has no scent;

it has no tangibility,

it is simply there,

and I feel,

as if I have the strength

to lift you a million stars high

without a word,

tucked under your hopes

and I will never

let you fall again

without me




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My only regret is not hugging you that night, 

not attempting to beat you at beer pong, 

not moving a little closer when we were both freezing,

not letting you know how adorable you looked,

not telling you how ecstatic I was that you showed up...

I just hope that through that simple goodbye

you knew what I was thinking, 

and maybe you, too,

had the same regrets.


The End of nowhere

Feelings of lightness
Mind is getting busy
Crazy and frightened
Heavy breathing
Lack of air
Can't fight theses feelings
This pill was a dare
Spinning in circles
Colors around me
Confused by visions
Lost in this dream
Wake me if I'm out of control
Meandering beams
Hours on end
If I close my eyes ill be ok
Ill do it again
But I'll promise
Not to take... You with me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enjoy the ride

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Big in the sky

Suspended grand and high

Orb of merrily glowing light

But then just before dusk of every day

The string attached to earth unties

As it floats slowly by

My lips whisper

Good bye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enjoy :)

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HIGH !!!!!!

As the cloud of smoke collapses in my mouth
and my saliva runs like a faucet,
I feel no pain. I feel no chance of hope.
Just the sensation from the smoke.
It whispers into the air and my mind disappears.
Lost in my thoughts
of worry and sorrow,
my dreams are now incomplete
and my goals I can't reach.
Is my head on straight
Or is my body on backwards ?
I hear no words but it's talking like a speech
I will make it. I won't give up.
I'll try and I'll rise.
To the mountain skies.
Just let me get high,
And you will see.
Just how great I can be !

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I would appreciate honest feedback. Be as blunt as possible

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Failed communication: No connection to reality
Deception brought fatality, changed all perceptions of mortality
Am I placed in another galaxy, or have I bred a strange mentality?
Relapsing to criminality estranges me from normality

Giftedly existing: These short breaths are deemed a present
Incinerate fear and dismay: Converting what is left down into resin
I was let down from the heavens
This is life as an extraterrestrial peasent

Disembodied, Disassembled: Sanity misplaced
In my prone, I am a drone: Confined solitary in space