Drink Or Die: Dream - November 23, 2013

I had a HORRIBLE Nightmare last night that I was Dying.. And, the only way for me to live was to drink a lot of Water... 


I kept trying to drink Water, but, I couldn't swallow it! I tried so hard to drink the Water, but, I just couldn't get it to go down my throat! I was freaking out!


 After trying to drink Water, for what seemed like hours, I managed to get a couple, little, drops of Water down my throat... I had to force those drops of Water to go down my throat with all of my might!! 


Then, I FINALLY Woke Up in a Panic, and, I was sooo Relieved that it was only a dream.. Phew!!!

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Raise your glass

Raise your glass
Have a drink with me
To those comrades
Who fought and died with me
From the Bogside
To the angry Falklands sea
Raise your glass
Have a drink with me
For the fallen
I salute you
One more for the road
It would be rude not to
So raise your glass
Have a drink with me

© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mort pour la , For the dead.

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My only regret is not hugging you that night, 

not attempting to beat you at beer pong, 

not moving a little closer when we were both freezing,

not letting you know how adorable you looked,

not telling you how ecstatic I was that you showed up...

I just hope that through that simple goodbye

you knew what I was thinking, 

and maybe you, too,

had the same regrets.


My mind is awake
it never sleeps
Keeps me awake at night
and in the day, weak

I can't control
where it goes
My morbid thought
only my mind knows

The messed up things
I like to do
I turn my heart off
when I go through

the things I drink
The things I take
the happiness
I try to create

My bleeding nose
My darkened eyes
Hide my apathy
Behind lies

The edge of cliff
way past the line
and no one can save me from me
this time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this last year for a friend of the family. rip.


Ich gehe zu dem brunnen

nimm meinen letzten chluck Wasser

un mich zu erfrischen. 

(c) copyright heather burns

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drink wash repeat

1 year gone and getting older
my view of the world only grows colder
tortured by horrors on the news
to escape i drown in booze
what am i fighting for
i dont make shit im dirt poor
the worlds enough to drive you insane
so i drink away the pain

drink away the pain
life passes you by leaving nothing to gain
drink away the pain
no sunshine here only clouds and rain

bills pile up going broke again
no where to turn but to a friend
problems and bottle in hand
torturing your body waiting for the end
my liver is going economy failing
in so much pain my mind is derailing
delerium tremens setting in
waiting for the depression to begin


waiting for nothing to worry about
but when in fact will that come about
drowned out the pain 

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