Transcendence of Love

Love Poems

The ultimate freedom the tingles of your gestures offer bless me with a subliminally sanctioned transformation
The celestially stimulated contact with your being unleashes a fire unfettered even by the sowed roots of superstition
The sparkling symphonies which mingle harmoniously throughout the insightful plains of your eye’s instigation
Illuminates with potent ability the sources of my skeptical form, torching the flames of genuinely generous inspiration

The swaying of your boundless aura of profound beauty engulfs the miseries of the world with the spires of artistically embellished inclination
Filling the hollow pits of perpetuating idleness with the dynamic flowing of resonating intuition
Enriching the destined damnations of my split soul with a bridge built merely of lov’e constitution
Embracing the long lost stagnated scars of the past not with easy effort recalled, but with the streaming by which its resurfacing leads to reincarnation

The paramount pains of the universally practiced acts which be performed on the superficial grounds of an inhibiting stage
Ultimately prevents the binding of our lost fates, by which the whims of our capriciously wondrous love may fluently flourish
Placing obstacles above the ones naturally set, whose physical laws impede our eternal escape from the flaws of this perfect world, before time comes of us age
A flee which corresponds to the timeless cries of those who craved true transcendence, by which an authentic love be nourished

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