Infinite Fire

Love Poems

With a delicately detached attraction to the magnifying grace of your possessing beauty
I stand in a static simulation where senses unite to innocently scrutinize the details of your divinity
Feeling an enchanting energy encompassing the essence of my currently embellished entity
I savor the fluent flowings of the streams of serenity which reinvent the trances of tranquility

Throughout the plains of comatose connection to the apathetically inducing surroundings of apparitions
I deliberately dive into the deliverance of your inexplicably profound influence over my cognition
Mending the cables of its knotted disposition, and allowing the culmination of fine synchronization
Liberating the confines by which time suppresses straining memories, and by which space seperates me from the reviving warmth of your symbolic presence, and your creation of my forever sought redemption

Despite the destructively haunting pains which linger portraying a horrific sense of dismal grief
I maintain steadfast in its perpetual rebirth, and sear through samsara’s recurring sheath
Throughout the chaotic composure which assembles fallacies evoking misconceptions of my true desire
I shall unwind the cobwebs of my dementing deterioration, and pursure your embrace, to once again, kindle the ruins of my soul with infinite fire

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