Apples and Pears

Apples and pears
Under the stairs

Apples and pears awry

Apples and pears
Nobody cares if you put them both in a pie

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Take my hand, it won't be far -
let's walk together into dark.
Reality can't cage our hearts,
I promise you it's just a start.

Are you afraid of word 'forever'?
Forget the meaning life has given.
The place I'll take you to is better -
be brave and break out of this prison.

Create a world anew from scratch,
mold its shape from void and silence.
The bluebird won't be hard to catch,
it's our home - the new asylum.


The seat is endlessly rolling away from the desk.
There are many idiots in the rain.
There is never the correct amount of light.
There aren't enough words.
The desk stays clean for several days.
There are fewer people on the roads.
The air is always wet.
There isn't much for doing.
The lights are left off for weeks.
There is more time for sleep.
The time passes quickly and slowly.
There is nothing after all.

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Building Burned Eternal

There were forays to clatter in,
and break down every wall.
But the windows that were shattered had
belched inward all the smog.
And everything went hazy then,
as our breath was taken clean;
we hit the ground and skittered toward
the nearest, brightest thing.
The rooms and halls all waited as
we came with stomping heels,
choosing times to give and fall
as the walls about us peeled.
We fell and clung and tumbled like
a head that faced the axe,
lost in blaze and locked at wrist,
with most of us intact.
Beams were falling on the rise
and breaking rafters, railings;
some of us escaped through glass,
and others through the landing.
A few we mourn were lost to burn,
too weak to speak or scatter.
Many carried, others tarried,
many fell that mattered.
And the building burned eternal,
no matter what of men,
the clouds and sun or bitter rain
could use to drown its breadth.
It never fell and never ceased,
a beacon in defiance.
Eventually its luster eased,
and was ignored to roar in silence.

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