The dark and the holy,


Atop a shiny devil,


Rise does the heat and inhaled they go racing,


Simple is the act,


The scene always plain,


But with it the ever lurking pain,




I took to the mirror,


A shallow thing,


Lost and found again,










Why does love come to mind?


For I love so greatly,


But why?




The mirror takes guide,


It's light too bright,


It's hand wreathing mine,


And pulled with great force through time,




"This is why."


It speaks and tattles of me,


"These the great torments be."


"A weeping worry to many."




It's cold and bitter glow,


It's sorrowful woes,


A mirror to the mind,




"And these your loves be, roses given up to the wind and plucked carefully."


"Watch them..........................wisp beyond the mountain, pedals red through the valley, and bled Earths bend beyond and beckon."




"Had they a choice? The beauties red? Of love fleeting and endless dread?"


"A mind so weak, a tattered score, strummed and sung in the lowest chord?"


"Why love? A thought from the deepest core, when night consumes and all abhor. A lonley voice on the tips of time, the last rebuke of a dreary kind."




For love I cry,


For those I've hurt,


The unseen tears they didn't deserve,


For love I plead,


Forgive me,




And strike it unto me,


For awoke the great beast cavernously,


And turned the tide,




Of heart sunken ships,


And portholed lungs,


Black the powder bore my mind,




But with last my breath,


And to mirrored imaginations,


To friends,


To love,


And all our sensations,


For lust,


And grief,


And sorrow I'd give,


My life and heart for your happiness,




It's you I love and all I adore,


It's you I'll die happily for,


The strength I find and will I get,


It's all for you...






"And close your eyes...for the heart needs no sight...and listen not... for the ears divide...but feel."


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palewingedpoetess's picture

This was quite long but well worth the read.......

such lovely ideas and imagery. Do share some more poems with us here. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

PrinceSucio's picture

So very kind of you

Wow...I'm quite astonished at your comment. That was extremely kind of you to say. I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

Nicky C-_

palewingedpoetess's picture

you're welcome

now share some more............ smiles..........M.