brief glance

He is Walking the street

London before but nowhere to go

A city to hide in but nowhere to be

A quick glance to change my world

Standing in summer the shade

Shadows covering her angelic face

His smile spreads at her elegant grace

She smiles in return it halts his pace

He stumble’s he stops he stammers

His heart sure to burst in fear and desire

His mind screams to walk, No run away

But wait!

His feet reject his minds command,

Carrying him through his fear to her

His brain is frozen, thoughts a jumble

His lips move, asking her name

He is stunned as she replies

Her accent thick and sultry

He speaks a reply words unbidden

She blushes prettily, and apologises

He stop’s stunned why are you sorry? Asks he

heart slows expecting the inevitable rejection,

Can you speak more slowly comes her sultry reply

She haltingly says, My English is not so good

His heart leaps and again his mouth moves

Words spilling out in a yammering mess

He is jabber at her happily, but not realising

Her English is better than his Russian

He is a fool talking to fast brain to slow to realise it

But wait she isn’t walking away, she is smiling

She looks up at him hair resting lightly upon her shoulders

A face Beautiful and luscious

Her face slightly lowered her eyes raised

Slightly obscured but all the more stunning for it

It happens so fast, He forgets to blink

He asks  if she has a number, she does! (yippee).

His hands are shaking, blood pumping

It must be obvious how nervous I he is

Incredibly she doesn’t seem to notice or care

He loves her all the more for it

He steps away promising to call,

She remains with angelic grace

His steps now as light as air,


A moment eyes connected

A heartbeat to fall in love

A life time to regret

A wasted opportunity of eternal love

A friendship that will last an age if nothing less

He remembers, she remembers

Irina my little pigeon in denim

Always missed, always wanted

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