Stretching past these divergent roads (divergent roads), 
I've come to realize that a change of pace (a change of pace) 
Are a continuous, steady flow of life (steady flow of life). 
A wave of life, if you must say so (if you must say so). 

In the time that flows (flows plentifully) 
The flower petals floating down the river (down the river), 
And the river that flows in you (river that flows in you) 
Do let it pass and shine on us tonight (shine on us tonight). 

Why worry? A worrybomb ticks in the distance. (ticks in the distance) 
So close yet so far. (Where'd you go?) 
It's driving me crazy (you drive me over the edge). 
I've been standing too close to the edge (too close to the edge). 

Disengage this worrybomb (disengage, in silent disarray). 
Up all night, I wonder (I wonder if you think of me). 
'cause I'm scared to know that I'm always on your mind (on your mind). 
Somehow and someday, we'll collide (we'll collide into each other). 

Let our evanescent glow of light shine (let it shine). 
Our hearts are eternally set in the afterglow (in the afterglow). 
Encompassed in it are our lives (pain dissipates). 
Shine one me and free my soul (free my soul).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014. Will post more as time goes by. Wrote notebooks full of songs in 2014.