Better Together

Can it be that we have an inseparable bond like platinum? 
Could not have mistaken if we're better together (for you or for me?) 
For us, time holds and has no boundaries (the sky is boundless) 
Fly me away into your dreams (free my soul) 

Shine on me someday to just be the light 
The one that frees me soul, my all, my ender 
Ender's game, they say: better pray now 
'Cause we're better than ever (we're better together) 

I'll pick up the pieces and build a popsicile stick house 
Our sacred dream home: if things go wrong, I'll build a new one 
Our love saves us: eternally your's, I'll always be 
Our hearts are eternally in the afterglow. Our hearts set a fire. 

I don't have to be the one who completes you. 
I may not be your better half after all. 
Maybe, it's true that we're better together 
But I may not be the one for you if you're still hurting... 

Still, I see through you, your pain, suffering, and denial 
The tears are evident in your face... 
Maybe, I'm just not the one for you after all...this time... 
Could you still say we're better together?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014.