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The feeling of intensity,

Setting my heart ablaze,

Scorched by your memory.


Sitting alone in an empty room,

I think of you,

Trying to understand how you managed to make such an impact so unexpectedly.


You say you are not a thief,

But a part of my entire being feels lost since I have met you,

Although I have no quarrels cause the robbery feels far from a crime.


Your eyes tell a story that speak in volumes,

Your touch so electrifying my heart never ceases to skip a beat or two,

Your smile a gift to all who have the chance of baring witness to it.


I have never felt so complete missing another person,

Balancing on the tightrope of true love and insanity,

Maybe the mixture of both is the real recipe.



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Damn it seemed like yesterday 

When first saw your face 

I didn't know what to do or what the hell to say

All I know is I had to have u by side

There was no way to control how I felt inside

After a few butterflies I grabbed ur hand

I pictured us on a beautiful beach barefoot in the sand

I chose that moment to become ya man

13 yrs and 2 kids  later you stuck wit the plan 

There's no one out there that can play ur part

forever and a day u have my heart.

My high schoool sweetheart  ain't that  a trip

I don't ask for much God but please give me this

 two kids and a wife and a drop of bliss


And I'll promise to never go a day without giving them a kiss.

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Gaining hope

I've lost alot
But so I've gained
I've hurt alot
But so I've retained
Retained from lust
Replaced it with love
This was a gift that you gave me
To be honest your the one that save me
I'm happy that I met you
These feelings are so true
Feelings that will soon be a memory
It will stay in my heart always.

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The Rainmaker



Hot heat rising, 

shimmering, undulating

above parched earth,

a barren landscape.


Fissures fan out and

cracks form mazes.

A lone tumbleweed sits

unmoving in the still.


In the distance, a 

lone figure appears.

Watched carefully 

by one who is hidden.


Lithe strides punctuate 

the dead, worn road,

puffs of dust falling

back off well-worn heels.


He draws nearer, clearer.

Broad shoulders, sturdy limbs

blue eyes cool and calm.

A long, tall drink of water.


He knocks softly at first.

Then a bit more firmly.

The door opens.

"I am the Rainmaker."


She takes his hand

pulling him into her heart.

Bewitching, restoring sprinkles

of love begin to fall.


d.s. hill ©


She stood, enveloped in the swirling 

fog of the darkest night, her toes 

gripping the cliff's edge.


She listened to the silence and

raising a slender finger, pointed

it skyward, shooting forth a dazzling 

array of rainbow hued lightning

that split the black and displayed the 

hidden stars.


A tiny flask emerged from her robe.

She uncorked it, waiting and 

watching intently as the night 

returned and reigned once more.


Faintly, in the distance a feeble single 

strike of lightning flickered. She called to it 

and a tiny fragment settled in the bottle.

She smiled and returned to the castle.


Met by a trusted handmaiden,

she prepared for her bath.

"Well? Was his heart there?"



"Will he return?"

"Perhaps. For now he is gone 

but he has not forgotten. 

He cannot return as long 

as fear paralyzes. For he is only, 

after all, a mortal man."


"Then why does he reply?"

"Because the love is always."


She poured the contents 

of the bottle into the hot bath.

She dropped her robe,

slipped into the scented water

and sank into love's oblivion.


d.s. hill ©

A Scent of Roses

Love Poems

Petals of the rose you sent and more, 
perfume and passion mixed,
the scent of ambrosia's mist.

I breathed deeply of you,
filled my senses 

Answering to yearnings
I touched the petal to my lips,
sipped the merest essence,

filled my desire…
… you.

My eyes went green to emerald
Placing the rose upon my tongue,
I closed my eyes, opened my mind,

filled my love…
… you.

Filled me….
… you.


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Love letter

Dear love 

words are not enough to express how special you are to me 

you bring to my life full sweet dreams, health and quite breathing 

true love is like a ghost which everybody talks about and 

few have seen, in which am among the luckiest one 

you have been through dismal and stern 

i just want you to know that behind you there will always be me 

i will cherish you and adore you for the rest of my life 

because you bring and offer me the zestful life am living now

i love you for everything you are to me 

my sweet heart and my companion 

i love you for the caring and joy you share that as no end 

it you and you alone for the rest of my life 

my love keeps growing stronger for you 

with each passing day by day 

and i promise i will never give up on this ecstasy love 

and endless gleefully i found in you.

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Speed of Light

Running at the speed of light (You're the One for Me) 
Awaiting you call, I walked and carried along 
As If I were invincible: Doing all that is possible 
Through God: Our faith in him bonds us together 

Just take me home (take me home) 
'Cause I'm always there for you (always there for you) 
Through many trails and tribulations, you break (break and fall apart) 
Won't you take me home at the speed of light? (At the speed of light) 

'Cause I can fix you (fix you) 
Call me: I'm there for you (there for you) 
At the speed of light (at the speed of light) 
Just take me home (take me home) 

All the lights and sounds that I'm chasing (that I'm chasing) 
Turning to take a step, we wished upon a shooting star (wished upon a shooting star) 

Make your wish, I'll make mine's (I'll make mine's) 
I am calling, waiting, and holding onto our platinum bond (our platinum bond) 
Suddenly, I began to hear your voice calling out my name (calling out my name) 
Ships and stars await us at the speed of light (at the speed of light)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014 inspired by "Everlasting Scene" by OCEANLANE (they're now disbanded since 2012).

Better Together

Can it be that we have an inseparable bond like platinum? 
Could not have mistaken if we're better together (for you or for me?) 
For us, time holds and has no boundaries (the sky is boundless) 
Fly me away into your dreams (free my soul) 

Shine on me someday to just be the light 
The one that frees me soul, my all, my ender 
Ender's game, they say: better pray now 
'Cause we're better than ever (we're better together) 

I'll pick up the pieces and build a popsicile stick house 
Our sacred dream home: if things go wrong, I'll build a new one 
Our love saves us: eternally your's, I'll always be 
Our hearts are eternally in the afterglow. Our hearts set a fire. 

I don't have to be the one who completes you. 
I may not be your better half after all. 
Maybe, it's true that we're better together 
But I may not be the one for you if you're still hurting... 

Still, I see through you, your pain, suffering, and denial 
The tears are evident in your face... 
Maybe, I'm just not the one for you after all...this time... 
Could you still say we're better together?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014.