Galactic Love

My Everything

The weight of your eyes

Are upon me.

I cant help but be transparent. 

You undress me 

Without my clothes ever falling

You discover bits of me

Like Im all the stars in your galaxy

Day after day 

Our universe grows larger

I am the black hole

Bringing you in and never letting go

Taking you places

That dreams never dared


"Risk to dream, it seems to me you
are lost in your sleep. Risk to change,
don't stay the same, time is not to
blame. Risk to love, cry like a dove,
for pain without love is just pain.
Risk to live with a free spirit, and an
open mind, give water to your life
tree and find your sanctuary

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take a risk!!

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Who Dares To Write The Truth

Who dares to write the truth,
Who dares to write without fear,
To write what we need to hear
Not what we want to,
Who writes what's real,
What the world really is,
Who dares to criticize
What no one speaks up against,
Who writes,
Who really writes 
For the world?

Will you write the truth,
Will you speak up,
Be the rebel,
Ignore the consequences,
Lead the people,
Demand your say,
Your own opinion,
Condemn the drones,
Programed in dull,
Dreary schools,
The ones with minds like mush,
Fed lies upon lies.
Don't ever trust everyone.

Will you speak up
When called upon,
Are you the brave one,
The only brave one,
The one one who speaks their own mind,
Who's thoughts are their own,
Who fights the drones,
Who leads the vigilantes,
The rebels,
The ones who are able to think,
Will you lead them out of pointless war,
Lead them to stand,
Wind at their backs,
The majority all around.
Will you lead them to stand,
To stand up against
The feeders of lies,
The drones and the cons,
They will claim to help.
Don't listen.
There is no good or bad in war.

Will you be your own person,
Live in your own mind?
Will you stand all alone
If no one will fight?
Will you lift your voice up,
Let yourself be heard?
Will you soar like an eagle,
A strong-willed bird?

Is this your own life
Or are they living it for you?
Are those your own thoughts,
Or are they programed in?
Have you seen with your heart
And not your blinded eyes?
Have you heard the voices,
Those shrieking cries?

Do you dare to write the truth,
What others have strayed from,
What may leak from your mind,
Will it spill on the paper?
Do you dare to speak up,
Support the minority,
I'm not the majority,
I refuse to stop thinking,
I refuse to stop fighting.
Write the truth.

When the gunshots cry out
And the flags wave high,
We will unite,
The minority we are,
We will fight
But draw no blood,
We will win,
Because we know the truth,
We dare to go against,
We will let our voices be heard,
We will be heard!

We are the minority,
We will fight,
We will win,
We shall not draw blood,
No one shall die in our hands,
But we will fight
But not with the others,
We will stand,
We will not move.

Who dares to write the truth?
Who dares to speak up?
Who dares to voice their thoughts?
Who dares to lead the march,
To let their voice be heard,
Who dares?

We are the minority.
Let us be the truth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Who dares to write about the truth? Who dares to think for themselves?

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