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Evil, dark, demented always smart, always laying deep inside my head, making me wish I’m always dead. Tired and jaded feeling dejected, everyone I meet always makes me feel rejected. They pretend to be my friend and I’m glad I see into their faces, to know their real intent to send me into blazes. I stay to myself with very little clearance, my freedom gone with no last song. To be strong and belong brings me to a life to prolong.

Written by,   Rob Casteel 

Black Cloud Weeping

White clouds seeking direction, being tossed all around, soaking up the tears from all that they are aground. White too dark as they bring fear, thunder and slashes as they appear. Not meant to be alone, but that is their fate, as all the new ones, don’t want to share in its fate. Down comes the tears, as white clouds sneer.  As it weakens, all wish well, with not one weeping. Only thinking of themselves as they swell slowly never realizing they are also now growing.  

By Rob Casteel

These bedroom walls

I sit in darkness within these bedroom walls

Mainly because i dont want to go roam these empty halls

Because I see light

there might be truth in light

to save me from these empty lies

and as it slips away another part of me dies

as the light slips away i try to follow

but no matter what I do they follow


there is no escaping these bedroom walls

and even if i did what do i have other than empty halls?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just kinda wrote this for anyone who feels trapped inside of their own minds

Broken Smile

Is it funny?

How the girl that was always bright and sunny.

Can turn into this girl who won't talk to anyone?

Just because she changed schools?

How she was always smiling and having a good time,

And now she's forgotten how to smile?

Why can't she smile?

Why has everyone gone away?

Why won't they ask if I'm okay?

I guess no one cares anyway.

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