Jessica Diamond

Working where I do is crap
Almost think I'd be better off getting the strap
Both sting like hell and make me cry
Inside wishing that I could die

Hell has got to be better than this
Doubt I'll get my wedded bliss
Never doing anything right
Life is nothing but an unfair fight

Try my best in all I do
Yet all I do is sit there feeling blue
Nothing pleases them, now or then
Wishing I had more than one friend

Someone to lean on and cry with
Seems for me friendship is a myth
All on my own, quiet as can be
Wishing in life I could only see

The good that comes to those who wait
Sadly, that will never be my fate
Waiting around for all of time
Always feeling like I am blind

Can't see the good, only the bad
Perhaps that's why I'll always be sad
I've always felt so down
In my sorrows, forever I shall drown.

~ Jessica

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Shane Diamond

I feel so depressed.
I wish I knew what would make me feel better.
If my feelings were tears I wouldn't beable to get any wetter.
My life is so boring.
I have no friends.
My life revolves around internet,video games & movies.
I have a hard time making friends or keeping friends.

I feel like I'm under a constant rain cloud.
Getting rained on with constant depression.
I feel like I can't find happiness.
My life is going no where.
Nothing good is coming from it.
I'm going to be stuck in this basement forever.

The darkness is always around me.
I feel as if I'm in my grave already.
Dead at 29.
Feel like I won't even see my 30th birthday.

- Shane Diamond -

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Tired Mind (Feb 12 2011)


My mind is tired my body numb, sometimes I wonder just how far I've come.
Have I really made any difference at all, or should I rip up the foundation and let it fall.
These quiet dead mornings are murder on my mind, before the sun comes I look into my mind
What I see is a lot of nothing, empty actions and promises that never took wing.

The light of the lamp inside, causes reflections on all that is outside.
The world's still asleep yet I'm awake, left along with my thoughts to bake.
Slowly deeper into my mind I crawl, and higher still build this hardened wall.
Around my heart to keep all back, always expecting a sneak attack.

I do not have a clue where these thoughts will go, sometimes filled so much with woe.
The world awakes as the sun lifts up, time to get that morning cup.
Caffeine jolts upon the brain, and brings an end to this pain.
Once more to the world I blunder, smile upon my face yet heart asunder.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's never good when I have too much time to think...

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