Substance Abuse

No Longer In Denial

Fading quickly away right before our eyes-
Drowning in a life of pain hidden under my disguise-
This wasted life has become nothing but a blur-
Left now with only memories of who you once were-
Find yourself reminiscing back to the days that you were clean-
Now just find myself waiting for someone to intervene-
Slipping away from reality as the poison attacks-
Damaged arms hold evidence of affliction just follow the tracks-
In my painful solitude I watch my blood mix with sin-
Now fusing together as I draw back on the syringe-
My addiction pulls me further in as I pull the plunger back-
Emptiness running thru my veins, feelings are what I lack-
I used to be happy in life, always thought I'd come out on top-
Which is why I'm so confused and I question “why cant I just fucking stop?!”-
But now the drug has taken over, my life is gone, I have no control-
Nothing left to numb my pain, nothing strong enough to fill this hole-
So continue to act like my life is together but how long can we really pretend-
Have to face the truth and realize that I'm gone and this is the end-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a very hard poem to write. It's my heart and soul on paper. I exposed myself to the world.