60 Seconds Part 2

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:

Eyes wide, lips stopping

60 seconds is all I need

For this story.

I don't doubt

That you took me away.

You made me look for you.



Let me inside you

'Cause I know your story.

60 seconds is all I need.

I didn't hug you that day.

But you're a story

That's enough for me.


Verse 2:

I don't doubt it.

I saw your heart

Not so long ago.

You made my heart flutter.

My lips are at a loss for words.

So, I can only look at you

As you look for me

In your dreams.



60 seconds is all I need

For this story.

My two stories:

My hot and cold times,

Memories of which,

You gave me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on "60 Seconds" by Kim Sung Gyu (of INFINITE) and my own personal experiences with dream guy. I'm hopelessly in love.

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Long time

Been feeling pretty uninspired,

The irony my life has been spiraling,

Taking notes about my meditations and dreams,

Going back and forth with myself 'it isnt what it seems'

Even now, writing but not feeling the words,

'How do I feel, how do I feel'  no adjectives, no verbs, 

To describe my daily illusion, 

All the sick as fuck things ive been doing,

These thoughts and white bitches ive been consuming,

Jesus make me believe in you again,

I wanna believe my future could change if I could just see the light through you again,

These crystals around my neck are heavy but im not grounded,

Obsessing about all of the things around me,

Be mine, someone,

Ive lost my contentment,

If I dont feel another body against mine soon I might betray my commitments,

Light eyes give me hope,

I hope she never reads this,

Im an alien, on a terrace, just standing for what I believe in,

These silly words,

These silly words just giving you feeling,

I have none,

Empty but filled with so much expression,

The church would say your blessed and,

You are satan, for including your love for a woman within the same statement,

Im rambling now,

Lucifer the gardian angel of mine who wears a crown,

Send me down a blessing from the sky,

Perferrably a bitch with nice tits, pink lips, and a smile as sharp as a tooth pick,

Make her love me unconditionally even when im acting stupid,

Unconditionally even when im disillusioned...

Oh, and send me a bag of money.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because its been a while...

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That’s fucked up Liam.
Really England?
You dropped me to go see him?
Now you’re saying I didn’t give you any freedom?

Get the fuck up.
I don’t care if you’re strapped down.
I am tired of fucking around.
You wanted to cheat on me right?

You fucking whore
What’s real anymore?
Was that picture real?
Do you still want to Netflix and chill?

Fuck it. Im putting this entire situation on the grill
Open up this burger and drop a pill in it
Serve it to your ass. Call it nightlock
and shove you in the back of my truck

Cause you’re never going to wake up.  Tough luck
Now sit back and don’t make a cluck
You’re like a chicken. You can’t fly but you can pluck
Chuck out your feathers and shit but you tuck it. Kinda like Liam. You fucked it.

I don’t care about your feelings. I don’t give a fuck
Girl. Want to know the price of that flower bill?
Three hundred but it felt like a couple mil.
Hell. We were kids back then

Or we were until you climbed that hill
All the way up to lick Liams rich dick.
My dads name was Rick.
He doesn’t care about a fuckin chick

Should have taken a guitar pick and flicked
Guess I should have learned from my brother Nick
Smoke weed til I got sick
Flip out. Don’t even try to pout

I think we are on the same route
No one can hear you
Go ahead and shout.
I don’t doubt that you suck

If I was you I'd close my snout

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I like my life the way it is
I enjoy the perks of being single
I love the freedom it provides
The liberty to flirt, to date, to mingle

But there are these constant reminders
That flying solo is just a fleeting delight
I can only do so much to ward off these thoughts
That plague me when I’m lonely at night

Its when I’m cuddled underneath the blanket
And when I'm lying there alone in the dark
Its when these blasted holidays come and go
And when I see them kissing in the park


Its when I know I’m incomplete
Longing for that which makes me whole
Life is a journey
Sweeter than honey
But so much sweeter when not traveled alone


You will be my best friend 
We’ll laugh together at our idiosyncrasies
We’ll be a network of endless support for each other


We’ll go on road trips together
Be spontaneous and take risks we never dreamed of taking
Make love in the wildest of places


I want someone to take our picture
I want to hear your messages on my phone
I know you have got to be out there somewhere
My other half who yearns to no longer be alone

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The Mara

When I stare into her eyes, I see more than just glossy orbs of contrast and color. 

Something is contained deep inside her gaze,
Sometimes it speaks to me and whispers subtle hints of her life and I find myself moved in a profound way. 
Her mouth remains silent but I can always discern her mood. 
When she's passionate, they blaze and the intensity renders me all but helpless- the spell she casts without a single utterance is sheer terror, but god, I'm falling in love with the way she frays my nerves and lays waste to my heart. 
When the dark, thick cloak of tar black depression swallows her up- sometimes for months on end- her eyes become cold and distant. 
I can never see her clearly, as if a murky veil stands between myself and the pools of liquid soul I so long to dive deeply and drown in. 
What once was filled with clarity and bubbling effervescence becomes tepid standing water; when these times are upon her I find myself wondering if she'll ever come back to me as she was before.
Yet every damn time her resilience catches me by surprise, and soon I'm stranded in the middle of her island once again. 
I don't even call for help. I tear apart the raft that could bring me to shore and burn it just so I could write her name in smoke in the sky and scatter her beauty as a gift to the clouds. 
She's relentless, yet pursues in sheer silence. The pads on her feet mute her steps, but I swear I catch the low rumble of a growl as she watches my every move when I'm with her. 
I don't fear who she is, I fear the way she can make me feel utterly helpless under her curious gaze.
She has the power and crushing strength of a lioness, yet the nimble grace and innocence of a lamb bathed in the brightest white. 
I tremble with the lightest touch from her slender fingers. She could press bitter poison to my lips and I would willingly let it cascade in deathly rivers down my throat, should she only but ask it of me. 
Ever unsure if she's playing with her food before the kill, or if I'm leading a thing of docile and utter purity to the bloodstained butchers block, I hover between terror for the health of my heart, and trepidation that I'm slowly destroying something truly irreplaceable.
I cannot be sure, but this I know; she will taunt me in my dreams with her laugh twinkling like silver bells, resounding through my head- she stays my sanity better than any shrink or pill ever could, yet gives me over to another brand of mind shattering craziness. 
I've fallen in love with a siren, and I will follow her voice to the very edge of this sheer cliff, gladly throwing myself to the unknown below to the beckon of her haunting call. 

Make Affray (& Love Less)

She threw herself in focus;

adamant while so detached.

She knew me to be hopeless;

indulged in me in spite of that.

Culls what little interest

I could stand to spawn and rear,

and feigns herself indignant

when I try to catch her ear.

I know my poorer habits -

these tendencies to flee -

but in this sorry instance,

I think that might be best for me.

For what can be accomplished,

chasing she who turns to run.

I may be who's lonely, here --

I refuse to be the only one.

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The Dating Game

The beauty of comfort
Of humble confidence
And calmness within ones skin

It's an unknown oasis
A buried treasure
A myth in the beginning
(The real me)

As butterflies reign within
As nerves and expectations
Create images and fantasies
Compiling a persona
Believed to be desired,

What a tragedy
The absence of purity
What a charade
Fueled by society driven self-doubt

They can't love the real me
I barely understand myself
To ask that of others
Is just a game of chance
The charade equipped with a phantom dance

I'll be guarded
By shallow infatuation
Perhaps they'll stick around
I'll play my role
Till I'm tired

(And buried lonesome in the ground)

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Sitting in a smoke-filled tavern

Examing the rock glass of scotch in front of you

Watching how it looks in the mirror as you put it up to your mouth

And slowly sip the last of the golden poison in it

You meet your own eyes in the reflection and notice that

Your hair is quiet mussed

And your eyes are resting on darkened circles, looking tired

But, you smile a little seemingly enjoying your own image looking back at  you

The ice tumbles as you drain the glass of its warming contents and return it

To its paper coaster on the bar top

You spin around on your backless stool and spot the jukebox

The silver-oasis-of-melodies glistens in the dimness

A chaos of lights trace across its face enticing you to come closer

You search your trouser pockets for a quarter or two

Titles of favorite tunes flood your mind…so hard to choose which one

Your finger squeals as it moves down the glass-encased list of songs displayed before you

You pause at one that has caught your eye, smile, drop the coins in the slot

And press B4

The machine obeys and the coins fall into its belly

A moment later John Waite begins “Missing You“ and the sound replaces the low murmur in the place

You are surprised at yourself for the choice you made

You return to your drink at the bar and empty the glass

You shake it a bit in the air to get the attention of the barmaid

She nods as she pulls herself away from her chatty girlfriends seated at the other end

Of the long bar

She pours a fresh drink and replaces the old one with a swipe of her hand

She peels a 5 dollar bill from your reserve that sits under your cigarettes and Bic lighter

The cash register’s cha-ching clashes with the song you chose

She returns a dollar change and wipes the surface clean in front of you as she comments

On your song pick as being one of her favorites too

You smile without answering…she returns to her friends….they glance at you and giggle

They get it….they know you’ve been sitting there alone obviously having been stood up

Your face feels hot…wondering if you should just stay and get shit faced or spare yourself any further embarrassment by leaving right now

You gulp down the scotch….it burns your insides more that way

You repeat the bid for another one by jiggling the ice in the glass over your head

But this time the barmaid pretends to ignore you….they giggle again…this time louder

She finally pulls herself away and pours you another…from the bottle into the same glass and without moving it from its coaster

“This one’s on the house”, she said with a grin

B4 ends

“Thanks”, you reply without a grin

You wobble a little as you return to the jukebox for another selection

Searching both pockets simultaneously for a long moment you finally come up with enough change

This time you choose L9 “Figured You Out“ by Nickleback seemed appropriate

More giggles…louder… don’t bother to turn around...they know you know

You think about ordering a sandwich but the thought of being stared at while you eat took your appetite away

Finishing your complimentary drink in two gulps you light the last cigarette and crinkle the package and toss it onto the bar
Pissed,  you stuff the remaining money into your pocket

Leaving a tip for her is out of the question at this point…she giggled away any compensation for service

L9 continues to play on as you push the door open and step out into the shock of sunlight

You giggle keys in your hand as you walk toward your car

Feeling foolish and lame, you drive off leaving a little peel-out at the edge of the driveway

You imagine the barmaid is cursing you about now and her friends are still giggling like chickens in the yard

Oh well

As you pull into your garage you think about that left over Chinese food in the fridge

Hopefully that opened bottle of white wine is still on the shelf too

The garage door groans as it labors downward

You make your way up the concrete stairway to your apartment passing more giggling girls…Jezzzzuz! do they all think I’m hysterical to look at?,  you mutter to yourself

907 is the number assigned to your digs in this complex…you fumble to pick the right key on your key chain

a flapping scrape of white paper stuck to the door with chewing gum catches your attention

you read it as you unlock the door.......

“Where were you??!!  I waited at the dinner for hours and you didn’t show!!  p.s. Fuck You!  Don’t call me again…ever!!”



The End

Heads or tails?

Baggage but shes beautiful

is she a timebomb or a second chance

Any man would be a fool

writing this one off at first glance


Am I the victim or the saved here

is this a blessing or a curse

my life before boring year after year

I doubt it could get much worse


So I let down my defenses once more

knowing damn well I'll get hurt again

or mabe for once I'll beat the score

and shatter this fucking life trend

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