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Lust and the marriage game

I'll gladly show you were my dick is

It may not be as big as his

But unlike him, look at what mine did

We made a kid

He may be your current favorite chew toy

Or your dream muscled up boy

I'm all done playing coy

ultimately one day you'll clearly see

Meathead never had, anything on me

I don't know what he convinced you, he'd be

But you feel for it

Now facing irreversible eviction

not to mention, family rejection

You're a stupid shit

I stopped trying to figure out,

what the hell was she thinking

Which immediately helped me, control my drinking

Even years after experiencing my talented tongue

My praises will be sung

You'll be able to say without lying

I know a guy who made me cum so strongly 

I felt like I was dying

Yes, that was a sex based poem

Now here's part two

Our marriage came to an abrupt holt

According to you nothing was ever your fault

I didn't marry myself

For years, we had obvious problems

Alcohol, surely wasn't going to solve 'em

I didn't always go to the bar to watch the game

Sometimes, I went to hide

I worked so hard and focused on bills 

to keep us afloat

With your battle ready katana

You intentionally punctured our boat

You were picked up by what looked like a yacht 

But was really a dingy

Now you're without money and sinking,

Now, forced to deal with what you got

Even your dingy is starting to rot

Some problems you can't escape

Some wounds can't be healed

Ultimately, the truth always gets revealed

Some things can't be fixed with duct tape

For a Moment, Remember Me Again


I wish I knew what I want to say 

I wish I knew what to do

The truth is I've been at a loss

Since I lost you 


It's the gap, the absence, the lack 

The introspectively shaped hole 

On the right side of the bed 

That I realize tonight 


The truth is

I can't move on 

I don't even want to 

Each moment that goes by 

I'm starting to miss the days of my life

That I thought I was sad 


I don't just love you, I need you 

And I hate the fact that I want you 

When you've moved on

I don't want to haunt you 

But I miss your smile and your laugh


So for a moment

Please remember me again



Safe From A Riddle

Safe From A Riddle


climb up the ladder

burning safe away from fire

onto its burden desire

change the flat tire


lift high the plug to do

light a fixture to explain the gun for hire

shadow box we claim no more

teaching often learning


to share with a hero

begin the commercial

a twain but not forgottern

mixed in here.....

Rod Wave

Im never gonna doubt myself again,

Running blind ignoring my intuition,

I really convinced myself you would changed,

I ain't speak to you in three weeks,

Thought you'd give up the games,

But you still the same,

Still treat me like I'm second best,

when you know deep down I'm better than the rest,

I sit in this red chair, waiting for you to give me air,

Feeling like I can't breathe without you here,

But you leave me hanging, 

The same way you did when we were dating,

I know you seen my message,

You always got your phone,

You also been on Facebook 7 times since I sent it so I know,

You give your heart to these ungreatful bitches,

They take your energy and then they spend it, 

On another nigga or whatever TF they do with it,

All I know is they don't repay you for all the feelings,

you gave them, they never repay them,

Them long nights up waiting,

When will all this love and work I put in get repayed man,

All the lies and all the fake I love yous,

You really only loved yourself,

I promised I was gonna put myself first,

But I ended up still chasing you, while you chased someone else.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck love.

Sharp Rocks

Life is short

and i'm slowly wasting





losing my pigment,



I could escape into love

and fly away with the doves


A beachless island,

with jagged cliffs

and sharp rocks


No sanctuary,

no peace,

no love


No fruit,

No rain,

No hope









Druid Under Stubborn Skies

Druid Under Stubborn Skies




nature friend
such spells you weave
astonishing views
and bizarre life forms
can your anteaters
and your Appalachian mountains
halt construction
I fear it is nothing much
In the face of progress.


Upon the fields of Ulster,
the Druid Cathbad long had passed.
He left his knowledge to a few,,
and all but one, had long since passed.
The secrets of the land and nature,
secrets from those sacred souls.
Sewn, into fields of wonder,
then to rest with him alone.

Born under skies of roaring thunder.
A child that always walked alone.
Found his way to silence,
found a way to be at one..
Those days amongst the flowers,
the trees and all that breathes with truth.
T'was there he found a way to live,
somewhere to seek out the roots.
The knowledge that was planted,
bringing fruit to a hungry heart,
was where he met old Cathbad,
this is where it was to start.

And so the years of learning
followed like a growing wave.
The Alchemy and Healing,
wisdom from an ancient age.
The reasons why it's worth to try,
the light that lights the day.
Those teachings, some they came with grace,
and some they came with pain.
And then he was the only one,
the last one to remain.
A Druid under stubborn skies,
crying in the rain.

Not Enough

Im strong

Im weak

I fall to my knees

My love story had just you and me

but it wasen't meant to be

how could you do this to me

you were my everything 

you were the happiness i finally found

we were lovebound

but it just wasent meant to be

and now i see...


you left

The sound of the night reminds me of your voice

Silent and filled with mystery

And every night I hear you again…..vague and false

And every nightmare becomes a reality when wake up to my misery


You left and clearly said goodbye

And I stayed and waited for all those years

And all those years I wanted to die

And my face still burns for the million of tears


You are gone now and I only imagine you in mind

For hours and days I wait and wait sitting on our chair

And where were you with all of this I went through…. when I went out of my mind

For all those years I though of you. ……Alone and in despair


Where is the love you felt….did you forget or killed it in one day

With one word and one decision you rip me apart

And now I can’t face the mirror…..ashamed that I believed you would stay

But all was a fantasy I never faced….an act which you blissfully played your part……


You didn’t want to build, you wanted to destroy

How easy it seems to walk away

I couldn’t stop you, not even when as I showed you my bleeding heart

And you chose to leave me in pieces, and left me here to die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To deal with all these emotions is what makes us human, but also what can rip us apart inside.


Trusting in the silence is the path I’ve taken

My bleeding mind decays with every thought

I wonder if this is a phase or if I’ve been forsaken

Can’t stop wondering what If I would have never loved


Days pass without any change

I have a drink and it tastes the same

I give up into the purgatory of my life……times have changed

How deeply I’ve fallen, my world is made of clay


How I loved the silence

Now I live for the sound of a voice

I can’t hear it anymore, its all dead silence

I become numb by my own choice


Why am I fading away?

I can’t see my reflection anymore

I see the transparency of my pain

I face it everyday but it consumes me more and more…..


I don’t dream anymore, just visions of my grave

I can’t control a second of the day

The more I breathe the more I suffer everyday

When did everything become so gray


I’m tired of running, and so tired of falling

I am numb without having your love to heal me

Without anyone to hear me……..

I will remain quiet and broken

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all whom still walk around this earth in human form, broken inside, without able to mend, without able to talk.