Boy Meets Love

Boy: What would you sacrifice in return for a love so true?

Girl: I'd sacrifice my all to have true love with you.


Boy: How would you show me, if that were the case?

Girl: I'd be there for all of the things that you face.


Boy: What if I mess up and make a mistake?

Girl: I'd tell you you're human...and show you our love's not fake.


Boy: What if you were hated for loving a guy like me?

Girl: I'd be facing that love is something others don't always see.


Boy: What if they saw it, and spat in your face? What if they mocked it, and our love was erased?

Girl: Why, I'd have to accept that our love is for us, and I'd build on the good things we share...respect and trust.


Boy: If I were sick, would you nurse me to health?

Girl: I'd reach for the bottle that says "love" on the shelf.


Boy: Would you face every hardship, if I acted a fool?

Girl: Yes I would, my love, always, but I'd also lay down new rules...;-)






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