stalking animal terror

Fletching Weapons Against Mourning Doves

Animal Rights

With his initials
he carved his arrows
after them he did fletch
And then his slave
bird dog he sent
the murdered
bird to fetch.
It was a morning dove
for whose dead body
he was fletching.

He killed doves,
symbols of the Holy
Spirit and of peacemakers.
saiom shriver

Footnote: Unelected Republican Supreme Court Justice
Gorsuch, the only justice on the court or in many
decades to receive
fewer than 60 votes by senators, is a dove hunter
as is the billionaire Philip Anschutz who financed
the propaganda promotion of Gorsuch.
Gorsuch is one of the 5 males making up the pentocracy
of the antedeluvian court whose antidemocratic scotching
of the will of the vast majority of the US.


saiom shriver



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