truth conquers all






days and nights meld into one,

the sun an moon spar for my attention,

9,10,11,12, they begin to merge and look the same,

life becomes deranged, monotonous,strange,

yet all needs miraculously see their place,

no race for me, a gentle hand guides my pace,

still time to smell the cool breezes that visit,

still joy that fills my heart with each smile so freely given,

a baby's breath upon my shoulder,

watching as all of life becomes one day older,

younger in newly inspired tones,

melodious sounds, like music roams

every cranny of space in my soul, 

rhythmic tides that flow in and out, 

like the bubbling caps of ocean foam,

encumbrances placed in my path 

become small, and me,

I become tall, 

and just have to smile inside at the fact

i have the strength to face it all.



3:26 PM 7/10/2013 ©

"Vincit omnia veritas"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired thinking about how when we live our truth, obstacles in our path may not dissapper, but they sure do get a whole lot smaller somehow.

my ode to principle, inspired by yesterdays cross BA court case

current affairs

Injustice or political correctness

Either makes no sense

One is not right at all

The others not common sense


Whos politics are correct?

The ones in the correctness

A body, personal politic

A structure or straight jacket


Wearing a cross maybe

Or refusal of your duty

Both a matter of principle

In your head or visible


Whatever the reason why

Controller wont let u fly

Principles are OK but

You choose your own luck


When u give your time

to your defending actions

this system all of the time

Especially if no satisfaction


One thing, think carefully

You need it for yourself

Be careful with your energy

Dont use it to defend


Your principles; portable walls

Prevent you walking tall

Funny thing, think you are

Principled, a higher bar


Dont think, feel your way

Your principles are given to you

Makes for brighter days

Do you have any clue?

You have formed every part of you

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