Brief Moments

they may have been very few
the days I thought the world
was made for only us two
sitting in the darkness
looking to the sky anew
there was nothing that
couldn't be broken through
that was something I never knew
how I felt in those brief moments
where the only dream I dreamed was you
intoxicated my mind,
made me believe this was all so true
will be resting my bones next to you
I miss the short and sweet images that i drew
right before the unforeseen hits without a clue
that instant where everything is shattered blue
time stops, I decompose, there's nothing left
slowly fade away and hold on to those ideals
the day my footprints were laid in stone
never forget who you were, what we were
where the sun gleamed onto our horizon
we were only ourselves, in infinite glory
safe for a lifetime of this extraordinary story


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*Vol 3 Brief Poems 1117

 Saiom Shriver 1117 Brief Poems, Some Revised

1117 The sound of Tibetan cymbals, gongs, or bells puts her into a trance and transports her to realms of the great cosmic dance.
1116 To us the sea ever waves as toward us roll her waves. Many are harnessing their shakti from climate extremes earth to save.
1115 Some seeds are 2-winged with tiny ties to trees, ribbons which can't til untied from the parent, open the gift, the seed, that world be more treed
1114 Modern and ancient Caesars, themselves deifying killing or harming those who've been them defying
1113 Only the desireless carry away the spiritual wealth of India, Only the lightest can carry the infinite weight.

1112 The little lambs of lambda pi. God keep them safe and out of people's pies.
1111 Catch a fire in the sky with water. Catch father sun in lake daughters. Water is not the foe of fire. Together rainbows they do sire.
1110 God said to the river "End ever your endeavors. God will flow through you to the sea."
1109 Much of the bridge disappears in fog.. as if it is a bridge to nowhere... as some atheists, confronted by the mist of the future, reject life after death. When the fog of unknowing clears, the other side appears.
1108 The murdered mammals of Fast food: No vitamin C in their Carrion Cadavers Corpses Carcass Cruelty

1107 Only the envious call the master photographer lilylivered because she spends time photographing the lilyliveried.
1106 Be that as it may.... still will come... the bees in May
1105 Our world cruel stratifier To monasteries Franciscan friars and to remorseless fire go innocents labeled fryers
1104 On snowfall quiet shines stars' silent light The wind is still in the silent night.
1103 Against the teachings of Jesus is cruel Amish shunning. Like Jesus the everloving sun keeps on universally sunning

1102 Out of brown mud and blue space willow trees weave the visible grace of limehued lace.

1101 When a whippoorwill alights in a willow does he become a whippoorwillow?

1100 Always giving amnesty, acquittal, absolution is Abba, the All Merciful Absolute

1099 In Nepal, 90 feet high are some rhododendrons. How strong must be their delving roots, their unheralded tendons.

1098 We have nothing to offer you, say the cows of their gravy, but our blood sweat and tears.

1097 Rainforest river always rivering, refilled no matter how much it gives away pouring itself into the bay. So
giving souls are candles.They other candles ignite, whilekeeping entire their own light.

1096 Gemini is of the mind, ever ramifying, Sagittarius akin to the focused tree trunk

1095 His tide pool eyes filled with what Spirit overspilled

1094 As fearsome as the bite of a snapdragon is the anger of a saint.

1093 Ever nonviolent is ultraviolet. Its waves purple the grapes and paint the violets.

1092 Clouds by contrast make sunbeams, those giving visitors from a distant star, more visible, as darkness proves the sacredness of light

1091 The sun does not resist the evil of the night. He merely shines and fills entire the skybowl with his light.

1090 Around peacemakers angels revolve, giving aid and guidance to their resolve.

1089 We needn't bring up the stones of past karma. We are rivers, meant to flow over them to the sea.

1088 After the land sleeps, rivers still catch the light holding onto the sun longer in the receding twilight

1087 Neither love nor lust can be compelled.

1086 May the Statue of Liberty, Mercy, always conquer the statue of scales, justice. Fairness in the courts is illusory. while God is Love.

1085 Only God can connect the dots of the stars in the sky
1084 Forgive me animals for my unconsciousness regarding your suffering in the first quarter century of my life.

1083 Stealing the milk of cows from baby calves made them lean before their murder and human children fat.

1082 God's blueprints become eve's purpleprints.

1081 Moonlit sea's silver slivers wavekissed, quietly quiver

1080 Baby cows baptized and baked in their own blood murdered into veal

1079 Brittania used to rule the waves. India ever reigns oer the quiet deeps.

1078 Virgo makes analytical pieces of the sea's pisces peace

1077 Trailing pink ribbons comes the dawn present. Her rising bands will frame the coming Sun's Presence.

1076 Of each wave's goal in every harbor Of each leaf's place in any arbor God is theFirst and Final Arbiter

1075 Every chop or steak is a grave mistake causing terror and disease, heart attacks and heartbreak

1074 Krishna left his conch behind that its seasound call the ready to meditation

1073 The raingrace of clouds has in jade moss clad the Cinderella clay clod

1072 On the shores of the Seychelles after the receding tide upswell he wrote with bright seashells a marriage proposal which with great love he did spell

1071 The whisp of a thought and then the spoken whisper Next come angels' aid in materializing the wish

1070 Fish, moving shadows in the waving shallows Those who harm them not do their Creator hallow

1069 To the cherry blossom has befallen the gift of a traveling bee's pollen

1068 Camels after lifetimes of drudgery and forced labor... are murdered for meat. That is most camels' lot. The slaughterhouse auction at the camel lot is never for these mammals a Camelot

1067 A bridal veil of light falls on the cataract of ice. Soon it will marry water to the sun.

1066 Rivers more than earth reflect God's light. Moving waters better catch moonrays in midflight.

1065 Rain plays music around the belltower and running down quickens the blue bellfowers

1064 The tulip, oak and cherry tree The birch, maple and pine all in a sharing circle, their roots intertwine

1063 One cannot tell the Wind to be disciplined He blows only when and where God directs.

1062 The fruit need not ask for dew from the roots nor does a child of any age need to ask for aid from a loving parent.

1061 An Amazon named Dynamighty feared power loss if she took off her nightie It was love which changed her, and not Aphrodite.

1060 A melting snowflake's loss of leg is not a tragedy but a sign he is on the path of merger with God's waters.

1059 A heavy downpour was splattering Boys in fieldspumpkins shattering their many seeds widely scattering

  Next year, pumpkins everywhere from spirit mattering

1058 The wind rustles dead leaves as it and the living tree say hello. So do those who've their bodies shed
try to tell us their souls aren't dead.

1057 As rain gently from eaves drops and quietly veil of purple eve drops he no longer on his faithful wife eavesdrops

1056  Each cloudgift of rain droplet sparked into a sweet drupelet

1055 At 5am slaughterhouse cue, mammals poked into queues. Of impending murder, shrieks give them many clues.
1054 Of each wave in every harbor  Of each leaf placement in any arbor
 God is the First and Final Arbiter
1053 N and M make verbs from nouns as in enjoy and in embark. Love too moves verbs from frozen nouns giving the rooted the wings of the lark
1052 The inner fountain of atma joy in each he had tapped into and was immersed always in ecstasy
1051 Those opposing murder by bombs in illegal wars or murder by judges with racist needles are voting Libertarian, Green or other 3rd party
1050 Ohio GOP judges schedule 3 more executions, the only northern state murdering prisoners in racist death chambers.  otse dot org
1049 Infinite magic wands of the sun in touching bring miracles to everyone
1048 Cloud wisps don't even whisper as beneath them in the trees the wind whistles
1047 The sign of the restaurant serving dead animals was missing the g in angus, highlighting the colon bacteria ecoli in all cadavers
1046 Does Love see only Love Does the Sun see only Light   Do only sinners see sin in others?   Nonexistent is the night.
1045 The sea from inside and out calls. The conch climbs down from a rack in a shack and back to the ocean he crawls (C Marshall witnessed)
1044 Walking on a Hawaiian mountain we came across a feast of avocados laid at our feet by a giving tree
1043 Fruitarians are the only humans who don't eat murdered or stolen food from animals birds fishes or plants.
1042 If we are all One, is eating mammals birds and fishes autophagous?
1041 Does NPR's Ira Flatow think animals have any more rights than plaudough? (His show promotes animal torture in labs).
1040 Some violence incite   Some transmit insight   Some our minds excite. Some our souls ignite.
1039 The more innocent people put in jail by prison privateers, prison pirateers   the more money they make on prisoners and on their bail
1038 Queen Mary Univ. beeharmers join Bayer & other killers of bees.   From these vivisectors who will set them free? (bees attacked by lab)
1037 AL udge Roy Moore loves the 10 Commandments which include Thou Shalt Not Kill, except when it comes to black men Them he often kills.
1036 The enslaved black horse escaped first at night.   The enslaved white horse waited til snow obscured his white.
1035 A policeman's warning whistle can't stop a drone missile. Publicly oppose war on talk shows and in epistles.
1034 Denmark murdered billions of pigs. It's not the coast of Walesbut in Denmark's Faroe Islands that occur savage slaughter of 250 whales
1033 Wikileaks says Hillary armed ISIS. The nation's chief henhawk has caused wars and violent crises.   .thepoliticalinsider dot com
1032 As a flower attracts a bee   and squirrels come to pecan trees as the river drawn by sea   do we magnetize to Thee
1031 The advent of destiny  the sacred time appointed   each will find him or herself   with all love and power   by God anointed
1030 In the pepper bell tower  hang silent little chimes    not ringing on the hour but   bursting at appointed time
1029 Lavender aqua pink & gold, sunset over the Caribbean, reminding of the radiant colors of ornate sleeves Korean (to K Hichull family)
1028 Sunset fire is mirrored in the lake but its waters never quench the flames.
1027 Stirring the heart of the sea... oars lift deeper water to the light
1026 Animal casualties of war They die freezing, blown apart, drowned, unfamed, these helpless victims, silent and unnamed.
1025 Animal casualties of war: They are the devoured, the blinded, the maimed the dis-armed, the trampled, the lamed.
1024 Founders of Salvation Army treated alcoholism with vegetarian diet & had great success for alcohol is highly yin &animal flesh highly yang
1023 Some capricorns are like coconuts..   hard exterior shells guarding   inner seas of compassion
1022 Not that 1928 slogan  'a chicken for every pot'   but pot for every   suffering chicken. (8 states will vote on pot legalization)
1021 When he wore quartz of rose love in his heart arose.
1020 Drone bombs are much more violent than euthanasia as warmongers kill elders in Africa and youths in Asia
1019 The Decalogue, so many 'thou shalt not''s, plant seeds of 'thou shalt'.  akin to saying 'don't think of  a white elephant'?
1018 Butterflies gently flap their flags, new from cocoons unfurled, flags not imprinted with any parochial colors. but the hues of all the world
1017 Within the conch   the mantra of the avatar   the wave sound   of the peace of omkar  (omkar: repetition of Om)
1016   Dumb animals are   animals who can't   our languages speak.
   They have their own   whether they moo,   cry, squawk or squeak.
1015  Illusion to think the starfire  imprisoned in the sapphire...
   How beautiful the amethyst sun-formed in private tryst
1014 Wherever she trod in the dell flowertrails to Mother Earth befell ..
daffodils, larkspur, bluebells daisies, trilliums & cockleshells
1013 The sun arrays the skies in rose as He arises and rouses the rose
1012 In war animals are seized to be slaughtered and eaten. By scalp-happy warmonger Bonapartes they are blown apart. garyjohnso2016 dot com
1011 In war, animals are burned to death, bombed, crushed by tanks, abandoned, shot forever out of breath garyjohnson2016 dot com
1010  All dead chickens are rotting. They should be buried, not eaten (Tyson chicken recall of 132,000 lbs)  pcrm dot org
1009 How can dead flesh ever be fresh?
1008 My hero has a very big halo.
1007 Gary Johnson's oped article in the NYT today  Check NYT dot com ... The Clinton-Trump duopoly are linked to war profiteers & banksters
1006 Ch 19 Cleveland WUAB was instructing people in how to vacuum and drown'stink' bugs. They only stink up those who murder them
1005 Their fellow chickens found out they'd been murdered, salted and battered, and sued in class action for assault and battery.
1004 As angelic muses' inspiration descends, it becomes wrapped in words.
1003 The sun's lifting laugh becomes the new life of each leaf
1002 Aided is the sun in his chariot by rain and cherubim as he fills with swelling cheer each orange and crimson cherry
1001  Bees randomly ambulate  through the blooms' amber gates
1000 The most massive movements, peace and animal rights, are the
two most neglected by the Clinton-Trump duopoly in their election fight
999 Joy surrounds focus as apple blooms a tree trunk,a cloud, forked lightning, music immerses a baton or the receiving sea hides the river
998 Blue sky a gentle wind clouds float merrily inviting us to come along
997 Hearken! Hearken  In the woods the winged ones are larking
996 Simon of Cyrene helped heal Irene of the cancer caused by styrofoam's styrene
995 All beings he loves. All he wishes well. His heart has become    a wishing well.
994   The sea covers  shoals and shale  and seashells   from Atlantic shores  to the Seychelles
993 Vegan bones re Human carnivore bones femoral are less ephemeral.   Nor is it humorous   when cancer's in a carnivore's humerus.
992 Please tell NASA astrology didn't begin 3000 years ago in Babylon.
991 The vedas, with astrological texts, predate the 20,000 year old  Ramayana991 When water falls water does not fail In the low places feelings are higher
990  Did Van Gogh become a writer n his next life,finding the pen  cheaper, faster, and   more easily copied than the brush?
989 The peach was by the sun painted purplepink flowing into  pink.then yellow into gold a he worked copying his best sunrise
988   Dan Aykroyd   genius unalloyed   just to see him   makes people laugh..   suddenly we all   feel joyed
987   Pine trees ...   big green umbrellas   sheltering little ones    in November rain's   softfalling refrain
986   Sleeping beauty filbert   slumbering for decades...   one day awakened    by a sun kiss   and rain's gentle touch
985 Some feed the birds, with 3 chambered hearts, and shoo away the more evolved squirrels, mammals with 4 chambered hearts
994 As a river gives back to the sea meditation reconnects to divinity
983 How did winter's sad and barren branch burst into wand of bloomed blanche?  By kiss of sun's most casual glance and love of rain's most loving dance.

982 Since May 1, 2013, 2935 of us have been killed by US police
each one's life lease scotched by an officer of the 'peace'
981 Some bees sting Some flies bite More mosquitos needle
but cockroaches are gentle creatures of the night
980 Pennsyl. grocery chain runs an ad saying farmers 'raise beef'. It's oxymoronic palaver to claim to raise a murdered mammal's cadaver.
979 For some police, all year hunting season. Racist murders happen to the unarmed, the deaf, the black , hatred the reason.
978 Self realized masters.for them all easily flows.They end forever striving, endeavor Flow flow flow your boat 'gently down the stream'
977 Bowed moon crescent bathed in dawn rhodescent melts away in sun's gathering luminescence
976 Diffused pastels of spring Bright focused colors of fall. Diffused moonlight. Focused stars.
975 Tidal waves fractured fullmoonbeams nto silver slivers while dewdrops slippery gathered in blooming ladies' slippers
974 Each fall pecans from trees fall, for all, a windfall
973 Where the apple had a fall precipitous an apple tree grew, its fall fruit propitious.
972 Beyond the dome of the Capitol, the roof of the White House, stretches the real and infinite power of the universe
971 The full moon dawned, for moons too dawn across from a rainbow
.. like a ball moving toward a homerun bat.
970 Dandelion down snowing... a snowdown... Everywhere gold dandelions of truth pop up... from Edward Snowden
969 A message from the Divine he was divining. No more grape trellises should he be de-vining.
968 Dead chicken restaurant opening. Watched 10,000 little coffins delivered, to be unboxed for bird eaters kfccruelty dot com
967 The ad says "Hillary stands up for children's health." while bombs she argued for fall down on children elsewhere.
966 The sea believes the seacrets she holds are not hers to tell
965 Neither love nor lust can be compelled
964 The allgiving sun passes light through persimmon tree filters filling their fruit with lovepotion juice, Godgiven sweet philters
963 Rain drops fall and bubbles rise Some tides ebb Some inflow Some wend to Some wend fro Each with his own way to go
962 In an azure sky the translucent cloud feathers of the rainbird begin to gather together
961 New Zealand butchers sheep Saudi Arabia snuffs camels rway butchers whales All countries murder mammals ivu dot org
960 Tibet unsafe for yaks Russia traps the sable
Vietnam puts dead cats on the dinner table.
959 UK still crucifies fox France de-legs countless frogs
Germany forcefeeds gees Korea still eats dogs
958 US tortures primates Japan knifes the porpoise Nepal savages goats
Galapagos slays the tortoise
957 Australia murders kangaroos Mexico abuses donkeys
Canada sadistic to seals Zaire eats most monkeys alv dot
956 S Africa most brutal to lions China worst to sows Spain serial killer of bulls Brazil murders most cows
955 Santa has given freedom to his reindeer He's lost so much weight
his belly's not a sphere. About heavy weights he no longer need fear.
954 The mystery that one feels complete with someone not yet a master more than with someone who is a self realized master
953 The mystery of attraction..Which seeds will root in the garden of your heart?
952 Love makes the marriage yoke lighter than feathers... as light as the ethers
951 Gone is dead poet Rilke's body frame. Gone from the shell the spirit flame.Mystically the light in the air remains
950 Hid from poachers the baboon in an old high stand of bamboo. To him a bamboon
949 How does love compel poets to pick up that magic wand, a pen?
948 Because the judge's demeanor that day was not meaner he changed the felony to a kinder misdemeanor
947 Because the dragon that day was draggin the dragoon could drag him behind a wagon
946 The blazing light rays of the sun, chief spinster are muted upon entering stained glass of Westminster.
945 While the river roves seaward, her rippling ribbons kiss the willows.
944 4H Clubs teach children to nurture and love animals, then give them up to be murdered. 4H: hellish, heinous harmful, hateful
943 Does an omnivore eat omni's. Does an egalitarian eat eagles?
942 As a church to a bordello is pure food to Jello, made from the ground up bones of murdered animals, some with Mad Cow or Mad Pig
941 The ball was hit. The deed was done. Vegetarian Hank Aaron's 715th homerun had Babe Ruth's longtime score outdone.
940 'Oh say can you see' by the bombs' early light the agony, the despair
when blind men fight
939 J Bezos' greenbacks buy trees' green blood for ink red with the blood of innocents killed thru the help of his chief warmonger Fred Hiatt
938 That night the moon, that inconstancy, seemed not to rise oer the sea.. Billions of stars incandescent awed by their own luminescence938 That night the moon, that inconstancy, seemed not to rise oer the sea.. Billions of stars incandescent
awed by their own luminescence
937 Fruit is best for powerful abs Phones by Apple are best for aps.
936 It is more likely that Mary, Jesus' mother, looked like Bea Arthur, than like an expressionless barbie doll from a mold of thousands
935 Those who see auras have seen drab green envy, red rage, grey depression, yellow thought, blue peace, violet compassion, gold spirit
934 Each morning the sun's presence gives of himself as presents
wrapped most days in streaming pink ribbons of light & delight
933 Wish thoughts attract tiny particles, gathering mass, until finally they condense in manifestation
932 Desires God in hearts implants are the wishes that God's Love does grant God,
The genie in the bottle waits to be summoned at our command
931 When nurse feels hysteria about all the listeria all the pfiesteria he sits near wisteria, calmed by her ways mysterious
930 Abe Lincoln ordained A day of Thanksgiving but hundreds of billions of turkeys by the axe have stopped living. For them no emancipation
929 Many presidents have pardoned each just 1 turkey annually... yet what was the innocent bird's crime?
928 Left behind the leafy shade as the wind's laughter lifts milkweed seeds aloft.
927 The snow which made the avalanche and the volcano's child, the lavalanche, in time gave fruit through guava branch.
926 It's only the megarich, bloated by stolen wealth, who decry 'class warfare'. The poor, seeking pennies for busfare, approve it.
925 Because of her appetite she found her habit tight
924 The sun pinks peaches, purples grapes, goldens pears, browns acorn pairs. He is the king of all coats of many colors
923 How like fish hooks are Cupid's arrows which when pulled out harm the flesh down to bone marrow
922 Is it possible for Snowden or anyone else to steal from thieves, such as the NSA, the world's biggest data thieves?
921 Perhaps if speaking of current grave robbers one should say skulldiggery rather than skulduggery
920 Dandelion decapitators'ride on mowers turn goldstarred jade meadows into monochrome green. Dandelion goldilocks will never turn gray
919 Shirley took the suffering sturgeon to a kind and talented surgeon ...then released her into the sea when moontide waters surging.
918 Sturgeon killer Jack the Ripper didn't care that the sturgeon had no zipper.
917 Outside factories packing dead crickets are many more protesting pickets Don't choke on their carapace. Killing is wrong Silence no song
916 Annual dove hunts Annual pigeon shoots How casually Senator Inhofe God's lives uproots sharkonline dot org/index.php/oklahoma
915 Dear moon, let the chalice be unporous from which your light you pour us
914 To smell the sea To smell the Sea wakes a blissful reverie To see the sea To see the Sea! rings an ancient ecstasy!
913 No, no hot dogs made of guts or eyes or pigs' uteri. No abalone No baloney He's making animal respecting vegan macaroni
912 o the king of fall, summer need no longer give slow surrender in warming September.
911 A jury's verdict... Is it jurder in those 6 states of 50 in which prisoners can still by juries be murdered?
910 AETA protects billionaire butchers of assets violent and criminalizes videographers of their torture nonviolent
909 How many Audubon birdwatchers afterward gather together to eat more common birds of a feather?
908 Do the tractors of John Deere destroy the trees and homes of many deer? Does Caterpillar harm zillions of bees and caterpillars?
907 Heroism and righteousness are not necessarily synonyms.
906 Oliver Stone: Inside the olive is an eternal stone, the stone which sparks infinite olive orchards of truth. (Snowden movie in theaters
905 A civil war within the US government... the EPA charged to protect the earth.. while US bombs create of trees a dearth
904 Dolphins being jurdered in waters off Taiji. Needed are defenders skilled in Tai Chi please contact Japanese embassy embjapan dot org
903 Keystone, Dakota Access, Nexus.. new oil infrastructure planned in violation of the treaty the US signed in Paris to reduce carbon 28%
902 Women police, officers of peace, less likely to use excessive force.. more of them are needed on every police force
901 Good to distinguish between the soldiers sent into harm's way & the greedy
war profiteers & racist and religious haters who send them
900 God abhors laboratory animal experiments, and the cutting of leaves of peppermint and spearmint.
899 Many parents and every tree are statues of nonliberty .. rooted
by nurturing love, unable to be free
898 He would not rape people's ears with loud noises, nor their noses with animal fixative perfumes.
897 A cloud passes over the sunny heart of God when someone asks for money for a spiritual service
896 He placed no fence of pickets round his growing almond thicket He gave as freely as the sun.. his almonds required no purchased ticket
895 Like falling rain oer lilyleaf tripped & pure moon into bright cloud slipped Like setting sun into calm sea dipped did Jesus come to Mary
894 A startled mobile of sparrows fly up from heir favorite dumpster perch.
Their presence purifies the garbage.
893 The walnut tree ekes out his life in a 12' by 4' dirtpatch between 2 concrete parking lots, grabbing at every dewdrop, every mist shred
892 To the CDC: Eating chickens is the prime cause of salmonella
say Mary and Tony and Sam and Ella. The flesh of chickens sickens
891 In that blue beautiful leg of the sea, the ocean left sparkling shells and a seaweed legacy.
890 Possessions full of dust which block light and air and have become sedimental... perhaps it's time to let go of the merely sentimental
889 Wells Fargo's CEO John Stumpf axed the tree of trust, ripping off millions
turning honesty into a dead stump.
888 Why is NPR pushing gefilte fish. To eat suffocated rotting fish bodies is a most dangerous dish.
887 Weight Watcher ads for the dead flesh of pigs and chickens iare a sin. Most know that isocaloric studies prove vegans are the most thin
886 It was the people of France & not our colonial master monarchists
who won our Revolutionary War and with a gift of democracy us kissed
885 Leopards rarely change their spots external, but neither leopards nor human beings are our bodies
884 I saw today seven dandelions on one stem.. a candelabra lit by God
883 To eat animals is not yet unlawful but stomachs think it awful to eat such offal veganchristianity.blogspot dot com
882 Carnivores' preferences astronomical create medical bills quite astronomical pcrm dot org
881 Cleveland Indians pitchers are the kindest in baseball.
Less than any other do injuries their battters befall.
880 Bethesda's ancient healing pool is now the site of tNIH in MD, a place of torture agonizingly cruel allcreatures dot org/saen
879 The gathering crescendo as millions of voices each hour
to the world's choir of peace add their unique notes and power
878 For their fur coats men murdered ermine A little mouse born German
whose parents named Herman they cruelly taunted calling him vermin.
877 It is dormancy and not hypocrisy to eat cows and object to hippophagy.
876 Flags of fog do not flap but float above the kingdom of Neptune
875 Frequently healed are those who live on or by the sea by her empty blue canvas, gull music, salt smells, rhythms, and frequency
874 Vote Rob Portman out. He needs a retread. Elect to the Senate Governor Ted instead. tedstrickland dot com
873 Hunters sneak & stalk animals, murderi them by means of stealth. Eating their slain corpses harms hunters' as well as animals' health
872 Ironic that washing away crime scene blood 'contaminates' the scene, as forgiveness foils prosecutors' tries for ore belt scalps.
871b Kangaroos, sheep, cows, horses and other mammalia have like trees never failed well in ranchers' Australia
870 It is healing to gaze upon the blue of sky and marine from blue violet and indigo to azure and aquamarine
869 Their disagreement melted away when she realized he'd said "Londonderry Airs" and not "London derrieres"
868 In OH An EPA worker sinks neck deep into quicksand like chicken waste at a factory farm, her life saved as she grabs onto pipes overhead
867 In OH 1/2 million chickens went 9 days without food or water, & were then bulldozed alive into graves after a tornado destroyed their shed.
866 In Arkansas, a million chickens die as the electricity goes out and the metal sheds become 140 degree ovens upc-online dot org
865 In CA 30,000 baby chicks are sent alive through a Ward Egg Farm chipper by workers too tired to continue individual strangling.
864 In CT, Michael Ross who strangled 8 women was murdered by the state. As a boy he was forced on dad's poultry farm to strangle baby chicks
863 Love trumps truth. Love is the highest truth.Truth without love is unsheathed cruel sword. ruthless not ruth.
862 LeBron & Stephen Alighting from space, they touched down in the same place but it would be many moons before they met face to face
861 There is silence within the ashram walls though beyond its bounds \birdsong calls & in the distance roar waterfalls.sathyasai dot org
860 Bluejays are never arrested for jaywalking or jayfling (to those gifted by Jay and Freya)
859 Leo stars gift macroscopic vision, Virgo stars microscopic. Does the sphinx with woman's head and lion's body give both?
858 The Torah says to feed ones animals before oneself.They are voiceless and need help in bringing food down from the shelf.
857 Leviticus may lay forth rules on how to murder mammals but not how to levitate a leviathan jewishveg dot com/schwartz
856 Birds sit watching from the theatre's brick parapets waiting for me to finish the popcorn and feed them the rest
855 February has failed. Fields have foaled. Mother Earth's flowers have many bright folds.
854 Sherlock said "Watson it' s quite elementary The cure for cancer is quite alimentary." veganstreet dot org
853 No ship is ever shipshape which holds captive sheep on the way to bloodshedding goveg dot com
852 Nevermore shall Jack Frost freeze flowers as fal leaves drop and gently shroud them
851 842 McCain to Aussie mining company sold Apache land Time to vote him out in November as planned
850 many thousands in Madrid gather to end bullfights to stop inflicting pain and fright The world joins in the fight
849 For the bloodletting of Alexander the Great Butcher how much was the fault of Aristotle? how much caused by father, ego or bottle?
848 True Buddhists have no addiction to acquisition or addition, daily less is the burden of possessions and desires, releasing soullovefire.
847 Ina, a captive cow in Ohio, slipped in mud. Her legs split, the 2 right ones going right, the 2 left going left. She lay 3 days alone.
846 Stonybrook's rocky road for primates for years kept underground in a cage no sunlight nor fresh air. no freedom the world's enraged
845 Lily pads Frog boats podiums on which frogs croak from out of their throats
844 Universal are Buddhist prayer flags with no parochial or partisan colors as in the wind they wave offering their holy wishes to Spirit
843 Prayer flags are A sacred clothesline the wind through them flapping mantras in the wind's own time
842 Many many Dalai Lamas.. have eaten no pig or flesh of fish or cow or llama (O Anna Niemus: a pen name of Saiom Shriver)
841 What is trilling? Is it birds singing or is it spending trillions on killing?
840 Elephants' graveyard, the bones & ivory are covered now with living ivy. Suffering done. Souljoy remains. yearoftheelephant dot org
839 Still today unexploded American bombs in Laos remove lives, eyes, legs, hands. How many who drop bombs know what they planned?
838 Carnivores and cannibals eat corpses carrion, carcasses, cadavers, all names for the remains of the putrefying dead bodies
837 God give us the grace to receive the rays of your everpresent grace
836 How delicately she shreds spearmint leaves. In what a feminine way she vivisects feeling peppermint's green weave
835 Do tobbaco plants have the right not to go up in smoke in order to give lung cancer to some poor bloke?
834 Stadium hot dogs attract many moths, bees, flies, flies in batters' eyes turning line drives into popup flies.
833 No phone ring No doorbell to announce his uninvited presence. Through the window he slides in The Sun with all His blazing presents.
832 The sun makes gold the pear, blackens the berries browns acorn pairs paints crimson the cherries
831 The sun pinks trees of peach and purples the grapes as he pumps and plumps the orange pumpkin vine
830 Dair milk crates are imprinted with "Thou shalt not steal", while every dairy steals milk from mothers & their babies. notmilk dot com
829 Reed Hastings' anger at pricegouging of Blockbuster was transmuted into the founding of Netflix luster.
828 Ohio GOP Congressman Jim Renacci promotes war. Part of his fortune's gold is from nursing home fraud, exploiting the old.
827 Some only wish and their prayers are answered. Others must make a tiny effort, as in rubbing Aladdin's lamp.
826 Flu shots,,latest version of CIA Jim Jones' Kool Aid, with programming in self destruction, sheep lined up in queues for needle killing
825 Since a CIA black op began Afghan War, it's been 15 years, millions of casualties, untold trillions of dollars, billions of tears.
824 Effortlessly the tide is pulled out by the deep blue sea. Wars can end just as easily.
823 The moon is not inconstant, not a changeling. Infidelity is projected onto her by unseeing earthlings.
822 That our nerves don't fire in all directions is God's grace... so that linear action is possible some day we'll spiral touching all
821 The sea splashes the boardwalk with her sprays Beneath gray skies her hello of salty grace
820 Indian revolutionaries were strapped to cannons and blown apart, by British invaders worse than Napoleon Bonaparte. antiwar dot com
819 They are barely out of their little cribs, before baby piglets are murdered for babyback ribs pigs
818 Gary Johnson:In VA,12 points, in CO 15, In FL and NC 9 Candidates opposing war are blessed by powers divine. garyjohnson2016 dot com
817 Was it the Koch brothers who made the 5.6 earthquake? Did their world-harming policies make the ground shake?
816b The kind golfer did pivet to protect the cricket from his divet
815b Everyone is a saint, some in the making. All are already by God canonized. Some have been martyred, some cannonized.
814 When he was 5, teacher out of room, he led his kindergarten class out the window down the fire escape to Central Park... was he in WW2?
813 It wasn't Operation Enduring Freedom nor was it Desert Storm nor Desert Shield. It was the illegal immoral Iraq War,
812 veterinarians who eats animals, chaplains telling soldiers God wants them to kill, prison MD's treatng death row men. Inconsistent?
811 To Gene Wilder Dear Gene, Thank you for now being a guardian angel for all beings
810 Bamboo trees, our favorite woodwinds as through the wood, winds the wind
809 May China now Liu Xiaobo release. The worker for democracy is in jail. For his work he deserved his 2010 Nobel prize for peace ..
808 All day long Kenyan mother bakes bread. All day long her little girl sells the chapati. No school because wages stolen from Daddy.
807 In Florida by insecticides have been killed millions of bees because zika has been grossly exaggerated by the CDC
806 Collateral damage. Pawn sacrifice. Children dead from sky bombs' polycide and earth bombers' suicide
805 Nonviolent paper from cotton, rice, banana peels corn husks, straw, nutshells cow manure, elephant dung, durian rinds, fallen leaves.
804 The National Football League the NFL muzzles peace protest and promotes war hell
803 The US blocks citizenshp often because of ethnicity or faith. The EU often bars those without skills or degrees.. God does neither
802 Prof Higgins:Aint is shorter than isn't Wit as in 'wit you' shorter than with. Ampshire faster than Hampshire Saying H takes time from kith
801 Don't follow setting sun's image in the skyscraper tho radiant with light for the Sun's path of perfection lies opposite its reflection
800 Her voice was as soft as a seabreeze, his like rumbling thunder.
799 Made complete was the poet oracle by others' eyes, by others' auricles
798 She took the direction, number and species of birds in skyflight as guiding messages, script from angels written in winglight
797 In the top of an upright pinecone, the stem of a falling leaf stuck.. an orange flag on a fallen castle
796 The orange full moon rose by violet night foiled ascending the pier scale to higher octaves hour by hour
795 He looked down into the wishing well..mirrored stars upon which to wish were glowing there in the well's upswell
794 Pigs' loins they purloin renaming them 'pork loins'. Cow joints they unjoin.killing for appetite killing for coin
793 The bee's buzzing til lost in guzzling Now violet velvet rosepetals are him muzzling as he's lost in bloombliss
792 Digesting flesh (meat) takes blood from the brain. After killing, lions sleep 3 days in the Serengheti plains
791 Murdered for human appetities, animal bodies buried bite by hideous bite
790 The pig lard candle, made of screams of resistance, innocent blood, yet when it burns the flame of SPIRIT is always pure ...
789 From the phalanxed flock of flamingos courageous souls rise and go
788 In Flanders fields of floral flocks unfurl flaming peaceflags of phlox
787 Flash in the pan fires of passion Gone so quickly leaving embers ashen.
786 Dawn orange sun strikes the fogshroud of the bay distinguishing gray sea from gray sky
785 The sign read fresh fish. He understand in a flash that cadavers of flesh from killing sweet fish can never be called fresh
784 A playing boy's discarded stick became father heron's beakborn gift the rejected stumbling nest shrine cornerstone he lifts
783 Separated once by apartheid Now one in together tide
782 Buddha, Isaiah, Krishna & Jesus abhor exploitation of animals for meat eggs or cheeses. (202 513 2000 NPR dump 200 mil of McD stock)
781 His doctors told Lloyd the chief cause of his Alzheimer's was the plaque called amyloid
780 In his last life he was a Siberian tiger... in this life his frugiphobia was gradually leaving.
779 Senator McCain was shot down when bombing women in a lightbulb factory. Some pilots are polycidal bombers, their actions malefactory
778b Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley to save chicken butchers money reclassified baby chick males as commercial mail.
777b Baby chick males sent alive into crushers come out paste, expendable in a world in which ethics is trumped by cruel taste
776 He observed that the smaller acorns drop thin nonagenarian men
775 Barbs, briars and thorns Antlers stingers and horns given by God for protection against human weapon projections
774 Gottlieb Gott Lieb God is free Whoever, whatever is of God is free
773b Shanti trumps sani. Divine peace trumps saturn rings.
772 The statue of Buddha Compassionate whose ahimsa is as subtle as ethers is buried in Thailand's millions of murdered chickens' feathers
771 US chickens not US beans are bathed in carcinogenic baths of chlorine. after being kept in factory farms which smell like latrines
770b Depart from all bodies now, oh pain, as into the sea flows river-gathered rain
769 From CIA black ops one was much more likely to contract anthrax than from riding on environment protecting Amtrak.
768 Mother Earth wove a fall grass basket. In it lie unstolen acorns, nonviolent eggs yielding millennial woods of oak with knitted jade cloaks
767 Neath clouds scudding cows are cudding cubs are cuddling blooms are budding The entire cosmos Love is flooding.
766 The Copenhagen Zoo killed a sweet giraffe to feed to lions by halves. Next it killed 4 lions, 2 were cubs Was it done with guns or clubs
765 His gemini cerebral plays in mind's cathedral but his leo planets kneel in the sacred shrines of Love
764 Every Cull is a miracull. Every Cull is a miracle.
763 To say we're zoophagous is so preposterous said the erudite rhinoceros. And that we're carnivorous is ridiculous said the hippopotamus
762 Behind me in dawn light I saw flashing lights.. yipes a peace officer I thought but it was the sun breaking from below to flash hello
761 When comes eternal noon? When soul turns around each no... to on.
760 Prema Marge Premarga Premargeshwara Marge is one with the Lord of the Lane of Love to Love
759 Why do we read often of nonagenarians and seldom of the more populated rank: quadragenarian?
758 Light everywhere contains remembrance of Van Gogh and of Rembrandt
757 The sailstarred, shellshored, streamswelled sandsifting, seaweedscripted sibilant Sea secedes silently
756 The raccoon is able to climb to the highest branches of the tree The bird who can fly cares not for tree hierarchy.
755 Manger swaddling. Jesus' divided garments. The Shroud of Turin. Juan Diego's cloak. Veronica's veil. Matter too is sacred
754 After God drank the flood He sent ribboned rainbow to say No More. Neelakanta drank earth's poison He sent a rainbowl: a sky of liquid ore!
753 When plants are killed or eaten they feel pain, whether greens or carrots or sugar cane.
752 Will the new Samson be the sea... the inundation of seacave temples its destiny?
751 A wand with 9 circles twirls...bubbles blown everywhere
750 The sun is not at all wet though into the sea he dips. The moon arises out of the bay and yet she does not drip
749 Because the mirror has no rejection of our light projection he mirrors our reflection
748 God who indwells each being now in all ignite l Your goodness Your might Your light
747 Removed from the altar God and God's manna replaced by capitalism's warring thieving mammon
746 Portman warmonger hunter oil pawn voted against women's rights time to put out his senate office lights
745 They eat no birds frogs or mammals, no fishes bugs nor camels
744 As rain falls down from sky blue space only Mother Earth for the trees has a big enough vase
743 The dawn sun climbs beyond the range of skylark His light ever pouring into vale's chalice dark
742 Fingerprints are great clues in fictional murder mysteries but inaccurate and misused are fingerprints in history
741 A mystery that in clouds the waters of life and the lightning bolts of fire coexist .. the clouds born of trees' evaporation mist
740 Because the entire world's congregation was in contemplation of communion consecration there was no condemnation nor resultant conflagration
739 Fish shiver in the shadowing wings of egrets but guinea pigs have more time to hide from nonvegan eaglets
738 She is betrothed to Love,the highest Truth for she is kind She is Ruth.
737 The sea holds on to nothing.sending broken ships to her earthy floor sweeping driftwood to her shore..and lifting her own waters to the sun
736 The mystery of attraction...Which seeds will root in the garden of your heart?
735 Sometimes Capricorn mountains are cloudclad .. cloud capped .. hiding to those below their monumental achievements of will
734 As effortlessly as a river unrolling his blue carpet can each life quietly gather the streams of love and power.
733 The silent heart was moved by Whitney's voice to speak gratitude through clapping hands
732 It's time they follow Twitter's example, Google and Firefox and off of Indybay to remove censorship locks
731 Not all at once but by degrees did he become Simon Legree But all at once by God's decree can be transformed Simon Legree
730 They would not have been kidnapped the hunters Qatari had they not been on a murderous safari
729 Wish becomes will becomes action becomes reality as dreams touch down ..6 points for all
728 What we together think manifests as words in ink .. and builds to critical mass .. more lasting than the sphinx
727 What her omnipotent heart ordained her obedient will quickly obtained. Around her granite resolve worlds began to revolve!
726 Seawaves lave in love Tree leaves weave in love Parents live to love before they leave for a higher love
725 When to seed grew the milkweed shoots .. they showed how to pack a parachute
724 With drones or planes or by human alone to bomb any nation is the worst abomination
723 Is life arranged by God....from the playgrounds of Ipa Nima to the battlegrounds of Iwo Jima?
722 God Have Mercy No water in drying rivers Fish gasp for air... aquiver. Drought is killing many mammals even in some cases camels.
721 Flowering grass spire, dew-wanded, green exclamation point! Inverted birthday candle
720 Sweet Juice for the frondframed fruit rises from coconut palm's hidden roots as water like grace turns into leaf la
719b Those carving up living animals: zootomists.Those turning humans into vegetables: lobotomists. (E. Moniz given Nobel for lobotomies)0 retweets 1 like
718 There is no illegitimate person. All are fathered by God in a way which trumps any earthly law.
717 Retired to bed, the moon, pale crescent. Now sun rising incandescent is airily dressed in clouds canescent
716 In Vietnam droppid from the sky not merciful water but burning fire turning trees into burning gyres.
715 Coconuts & date freely given alms of earth pillar trees of frond fringed palm ere the trees were set aflame by deforesing weapon of napalm
714 The sunset whose light seems drowned by the sea is flashing hello elsewhere.So with death's illusion as souls sail into joy's eternity
713 Separating blue sea from blue skies,, the sun of gold dawn rises
712 Eating fish is fishy. Eating fish stinks
711 As icicles in the sun begin dripping, seeping... so cold anger sometimes elevates to weeping
710 Was it watching ants faithfully & with great effort remove the fallen from fields of action that the first military were inspired
709 The queen of diamonds, the hearts' deuce...can no longer him seduce
708 Butterflies alight in ways as slight as silent light
707 Joy soars away. It is pain which remains as memory's refrain. Brain wiring I must retrain & negative thoughts restrain joy to retain
706 Ice cracks its crystal chrysalis.. revealing butterflying drops of water
705 Wasp papery nest gopher tunnel spider web nest of birdweaver honeycomb of bee woodpecker carved hole the termite hill dam of beaver
704 Horses with powerful motion gallop through waves to shore from ocean. Out of suffering sea of World War 2 are reborn free souls in 1942
703 October's falling leaves were free windfall tickets to the free sunset concert of frog, bird and cricket
702 Anne Morrow Lindbergh Her soul is the typewriter whose carriage can return to former times through prayer to whiteout certain lines.
701 Many sisters have left the nunnery to witness for peace near nukes and gunneries.
700 A vision of a grown man.... in a mansize crib..some of the slats were gone..he could easily have left but was imprisoned by fear
699 The hummingbird's beak might harm a bud but not a fullblown bloom the sun had opened into bliss
698 In meditation he watched black pentacles melt in the third eye's cobalt blue and knew someone's past negative karma was being erased
697 Like a river he changes every second. Some of him has emptied into the sea of God. Some is being renewed in headwaters of grace.
696 God does dance in each beetle all ants every rat and mouse each weed all plants.
695 Will I ever be like the peony which responds to storms heavensent by giving to all her sacred scent
694 The butterfly looks not back to the cocoon of caterpillar. She does not want to be a Lot's wife...a bitter salt pillar
693 Does God love old cloths more than moths Does God love stored rice more than mice?
692 The driveby dump truck slapped the pear tree in the face releasing a shower of her forgiving sweet fruit grace.
691 Caged the yellow winged cockatiel. Crushed for redcoat dye the guiltless cochineal.
690 Was he a suicide bomber bee.. protecting his drones from the heavy tread of human boots and the polycidal insecticide drones?
689 Mother Earth set daisy tables that upon them bees might sup.. Mother Earth set buttercups that from them bees sip sunup
688b Is any Creature by the Creator Created unsacred? Only the Holy can proceed from the Holy
687 Love forges the keys to every heart and magnetizes the heart to draw all keys
686 "The Star of India is within you" said Yogananda to her in medittion.
685 The sun with her came out to play but shy night could not stand his light and she ran quite away
684 The forces of night.. their vanishing might .. melt away in delight.. at dawn's vanquishing light
683 Dawn drawn dandelions sun-summoned... spread gold parasols ... soon brings another sundown.. a diaspora of dandelion down
682 The sun does not narrowcast, but occasionally sends miracle beams into dark places
681 Did anyone knit doublets for Oliver Octopus' tentacled octuplets Or write odes and couplets for Oliver's sweet octuplets
680 Can one tell from the zygote if the being will be a Capricorn goat?
679 Once there was a papal bull excommunicating priests who blessed bullfights and matadors who harmed bulls catholicveg.blogspot dot com
678 His enduring nonjudgental listening for her was into Love a silent christening
677 The divine rainbow paintbrush sent to give dark earth a rosy flush
676 The rainbow His signature written in light
675 In 1970 preparing eggs for family unaware they'd been fertilized I cracked the shell.
Beak blood claws &feathers into the skillet. Last eggs forever I promised
674 Every day my mouthbrakes fail
673b She gives a laugh with pics of the murdered giraffe.There's still time re her future delete 'she was of human being only a half'
672 The Egyptian was sentenced to 20 yrs for being in a peaceful sitin
671 Lambs were drawn and quartered after put on the rack so that appetite-driven beings could get disease eating a lambrack
670 God will release Simon Wiesenthal from the desire for revenge which did him entrall
669 Why break glass bottles in ship christening, sending sharp shards into the sea.
668 Pesticide, a human chauvinist term for the insecticidal poisons which kill wee creatures and accumulating kill human beings.
667 The cricket's song stopped when the human approached... but realizing he was unharmed he resumed his cheerful chirping.
666 Jesus' fig tree He belittled you but He'll bebig you. In spring he'll resprig you & with leaves rewig you. & In fall with sweets refig you.
665 Quixote now dreams the possible dream He now fights the beatable foe He no longer bears with sorrow. Others follow where this brave one goes
664 Miracles are often a surprise.. but Godplanned as the sunrise With their constant supplies beyond mathematical surmise.
663 Like a river gathering mass as it moves to the sea, the animal rights movement gathers daily more victories.
662 Shade give trees & air conditioning free & mp cpst nuts and fruits and flood preventing roots They invoke rain & animal homes contain.
661b Murders are hidden Slaughterhouses concealed Ivy League animal torture labs underground Prisoners beaten by night avoiding the light
660 All paths are sacred. All rivers lead to the sea.
659 One was a gifted playwright Another performed priestly rites A 3rdt strove for workers rights A 4th did letters to prisoners write.
658 Wife of Moses, Zippora, as holy as Aurora, as gentle as spring flora
657 The antechamber of the chambered nautilus is the sea. The antechamber of the mystic is Divinity.
656 A sudden February freeze arrested the raindrops on the branch and like a snapshot stopped them in their flow
655 She let go of the thoughts of the longago rape. Spirit fields then did ignite with rapeseed gold light.
654 Bowhunters pierce marrow,shooting arrows into wee sparrows while French hunters for 1 meatball ortolan's blood spill & her song still
653 He left the scythes and sickles to guard beesucked honeysuckle whose branches have Godsewn buckles whose leaves are knit from sunchuckles
652 Will they exclude the ballerina and her tutu because of her most colorful tattoo?
651 Is it wise to fight the enemy of ones enemy? or to have any enemies? There are 1.2 billion Muslims, and a very powerful Russia
650 The Star of Bethlehem was a conjunction of jupiter and saturn in pisces, known by the Magi to be the glow under which Jesus was born.
649b Aristocracy means in Greek 'rule by the best'. Unfortunately 'aristocrats' are often those who feather only their own nests.
648 When Henry 8 lived, it was rare for any other than kings to afford enough animal flesh to contract uric acid based gout. pcrm dot org
647 "Feed the hungry" is not footnoted to say "This includes only human beings."
646 It's time that the FCC the CBC and the BBC ban ads causing obesity from, e.g., KFC
645 He chose the path of pacifist, not that of a brass knuckl packed fist
644 bees never sting the flowers on whom in the wind they swing
643 Not being concerned with a date's sexual history can be mattresside...Contracting STD's a form of matricide
642 On ancient Greek heights the fortified acropolis. Beyond city walls the unmarked necropolis
641 The lethal tricks of the dominatrix can lead men to the river Styx.
640 As a film waits to be etched by patterns of light did I wait for you
639 God's designates for roadkill removal, buzzards.... do not buzz... but silently downswoop their carrion to scoop.
638 Tree-sway, grasstango, pine soughing, beetle carved reed songs... all orchestrated by the conductor wind
637 The rod of her will always opens up the fountains of joy ever surging and bubbling within her
636 To damn or demean demons can be a way of demanding their presence. I must learn to avoid road potholes & cosmic black holes
635 Phoenix' body's ashes in the ceramic urn began with life to ignite and churn
634 He could not break his first love's heart though his soul was entwined with another's
633 Quieter than mangos weaving orangegold strands Softer than thru hourglass slide silky sands do Jupiter's starbeams as thoughts in mind land
632 All are born under both mars and venus Some women prefer mars' menus. Some men prefer venus' venues.
631 Nursed by snowmelt chrysalis a caucus of crocuses proclaims all creation's spring from Croatia to the Caucausus
630 Much of the nation's communications is controlled by the profiteering, the privateering, the pirateering
629 When one projects his shadow self onto others' light, it is his own self he unconsciously indicts.
628 At butcherman's cue sheep lined up in queues, terrified & bleating, then knifed & bleeding to give cancer to those who eat cow flesh stew
627 Walking through dawn woods drinking the air, cooled by night and trillions of little air conditioner green leaves
626 Plant rights trump archeological rites
625 Sails are the flags of the nation Sea Freedom
624 Raped the cloisters of innocent oysters .. a sign their souls have gone to God is the glowing luster bathing their shellclusters
623 If I had asked my teacher 'Who am I/" He would have answered "Who are you not?"
622 Every thought word or verse is either a benediction or a curse.
621 Paganini's violin did maelstroms ferment in souls' firmament and strike clouds causing tearfalls.
620 The meadowlark cannot withdraw her song. It now to the whole world belongs
619 Is it crime to pour acid on garden saplings, to critique art, to smash others' dreams?
618 A trespassing bear's snow pawprints at a beehive's storehouse.... a forgiving sun melted away the evidence
617 At times the iceberg goes drip drip drip slowly letting go, at other times a sudden silent cataclysm.. as a whole icesheet crashes into flow
616 There's lifeless symmetry in cemetery gates and in the teeth gates to a carnivore's stomach cemetery.
615 Rulers decreed that dawn ight & river water.take 1 step at a time down the waterfall. Both ignored the law. They downspilled,& downpoured.
614 Rising waters in a quarry fill every niche and nave.. So do Spirit's rising waters grant each desire dwelling in secret heart caves.
613 Some pull out the fortune anxious to eat the cookie shards Some care more for the message & abandon the shell Some make their own luck.
612 All red lights to green go Fixed ice melts to water flows Yes is wanded from all no's. Now allies are all former foes
611 Raise hell..raise it to heaven... use to lift it aloft... love's airy leaven
610 We are all in front of eight balls, not behind. We act with God's power Evil vanishes from our presence as shards of night in dawn light
609 Pain is a clement stone, a hard seed in soft fruit. Shine on it with sunlove Rain mercy on it. Green fire tongues forklaugh out of it.
608 A spider web dew bejeweled.shining in the sun Exterior beauty is sometimes a trap for innocent sons
607 Texas billionaires in tuxes pay smaller % of taxes... tha's not what ticks us (More US tax dollars go for past and present illegal wars)
606 Why worry if the fleas bite us. They reduce cholesterol and heal our phlebitis.
605 Steel bridge girders are no barrier to fog, nor earth will to spirit
604 When the mosquito tried to needle the elephant's trunk, the wee creature's proboscis turned into a spiral
603 In private prisons there's more viiolence by guards, in the cells, bathrooms, closets and yards.
602 Chanel Number 5 included fixatives from 41 animals including sperm whales, Abyssinian cats, musk oxen & Canadian beavers. Was it Chanel 41?
601 Animal larded brown and gray gravy lead to earlier graves. * Vegan recipes at veganstreet dot org
600 For living beyond the judgers' realm, once was fired was A Dupre. He had given all of his students an A
599 Oer the hill's Eastern ridge of a sudden came sunlight's dawnbridge distilling into matter, becoming a light ladder taking them where wished
598 They turn each positive maybe and every verb 'may' into that of be as surely as in May .. to bloom come the bees
597 She prays & into inviolate ethers suddenly come ultraviolet feathers delicate gossamer wings of thought turning to real all maybes & oughts
596 Catch a fire in the sky with water. Catch sun father with pond daughter. Water is not the foe of fire. Together rainbows they do sire.
595 It is not le coeur de la mer but les coeurs de la mer for the sea has hearts beating everywhere
594 All finite form must be transcended to achieve infinite eternal joy.
593 Each gray cloud contains many green thumb actualizers.
592 Nuts brown avocados green peaches pink pumpkins orange zucchini noodles yellow squash of gold raspberries red are fruitarian communion bread
591 Not yet is there respect by do robot vacuums for ants, bees, and beetles in the room
590 The world's militaries train in how to kill... but later train little in living in peace warresisters dot org
589 The Stampede of Calgary... for powerless animals a Calvary veganchristianity.wordpress dot com
588 Lightning can strike from the sky, from the ground, even laterally. God has sent bolts to each of us to set fire to our hearts.
587 Green leaves, yellow blooms, orange and red tomatoes... all at the same time...rainbow blessings from the vine
586 In the chalice of the buttercup helicopter dragonflies sip dawn communion dew before away they fly
585 Animal lard shortening many lives is shortening * ivu dot org slash recipes
584 Callous as Caesar thumbing down a request for mercy from a gladiator are those who enjoy torturing cows and joking 'we're glad we ate her'
583 Rodeo roping is rodeo raping, more heinous because the victims have no voice. sharkonline dot org ' rodeo cruelty' search
582 Jesus writes His followers' sins in sand, while etching their virtues in stone
581 As an actor he wears many a disguise but none can hide the lovepower in his eyes
580 Do art forgers multiply the beauty in the world? Do they bring down the obscene prices paid by collectors?
579 The Maker of Manna does not send mango gifts all at once. Each day a new mangofall leaves presents in the grass.
578 For his hive the bee is busily buzzing while the silent butterflies tango near blossoms tangerine
577 Oer all sea and sand ..each seaweed strand.... ...each palm tree stand the rainbow spanned
576 May no illegitimate leader's illegal wars hasten any 'til death us do part'
575 Moving cloud maya makes the sun appear to wink. But his love is constant, not on and off. 100 retweeted to add omitted word
574 The sea assails the small schiff sails but by God's grace the boat prevails
573 Though a seeming physical impossibility, the ark of each heart contains every creature. Some do not yet know it.
572 He shed his bachelor's buttons and her queen anne's lace in order to confer upon her his special grace
571 Past life lessons became whispers which turned to buttons keeping my clothes on me.
570 Grace rain follows dry river bed hollows.Soon are new shallows.. then deeps do all hallow
569 Into the stream fell a samara shower, a flotilla of lifeboats in time to save the struggling bug (samara: maple tree seed)
568 Arun arose awash in rose.. spreading His rays oer Aaron Rosen and all other beings, also His chosen
567 To parched peach tree roots unbidden come underground silent streams.. hidden
566 Raindrops slide down the lily leaves, taking none of the jade from their green sleeves
565 In earth theatre, waiting in the wings. he slowly sheds his angel's wings. A great soul..becomes a lovechild, to God us to bring
564 River roared thru the granite chute, falling onto 7 granite bowls,7 pools below 7 falls..Shakti flows into the crown and then to all chakras
563 Snow silent skydown softly sifts.... and turns cloud gifts... into earthblanket drifts.
562 Cattails weave escape ladders for drowning bugs while a friend's safety net of words.was enough to catch a falling star
561 Each soul is of God a ray Each with light He arrays Never a single soul forever goes astray.
560 June 21st: .. night's requiem is warbled by the robin's reveille
559 A Dragonfly on daffodil alights.. having donned a more dazzling dress as well as the gift of flight
558 Dracula was free to think God's gladiolas gaudy.. and to dislike the morning luster.. of a seabubble cluster.
557 Spring melts snowflakes. Joy pops balloons. Roots burst the vase. Love breaks the cage.
556 Helping raindrop beads spark seeds into weeds..was his creed.. He rejected the weedkilling othersr had decreed
555 Herr heron no longer the freed herring is hearing
554 They thought the feminine moon needed cloudwing help to fly but the next night they saw her soar alone in the sky.
553 Feared lightning became the silver lining backlighting the raincloud rescue boats
552 Curvenecked clover lamps hang oer a London sidewalk's cobbles shedding purple light in their wee world
551 Laundry dances in the wind on the clothesline... empty scarecrows...of whom no bird is frightened
550 The touchdown points of the rainbow are obscured by grey fog, but as blue and sun appear, the fog has been absorbed into new figs.
549 Around the corner from the flesh food coroners, August fields' coronation of a cornucopia of corn
548 The morning birds' melodies.. the woodpecker counterpoints. How is his ceaseless drill.. does not annoy but brings peace
547 The sight of him! long needles of light knit.. of a sudden weaving wings for my heart!
546 They've learned to fly from Pegasus, have pig and his sis. Now they are sweet Pigasis.
545 The turtle was titled but not therefore entitled. 545
544 No living animals allowed in the diner Only dead animals whom people eat Only innocents killed into dinner Only cadavers people call meat
543 Mother Earth mints boundless money daily, as she drops free fruits she weaves with the help of green leaves.
542 The sun reaches down his great long arms to lift the morning dew
541 Never needed the tree of beech or the palm on the beach or the orchard's fragrant peach for his light the sun to beseech
540 Every raindrop is a crystal ball foretelling thoughts of perfect rainfall.
539 The mosquito tried to be more like the bee who avoided all blood including A or B positive as he buzzed around being useful and positive
538 When children are cremated by bombing their bodies' ashes require no enbalming
537 They called the weathervane a scattered birdbrain because the Wind Of Spirit moved her in His train 537
536 Nimbo knocked on our door, this stranger from Miami..He said God had told him to give us half of his savings. He handed us $900.
535 The mathematics of masters is that they need no mammon no medium of money to manifest their multiplying magnifying miracles.
534 The raindrop is temporarily separate, but the seabubble is part of the sea.
533 Most countries have thrown out their monarchs. It's time for Americans to elect their nonarchs (the rule of the unelected 9 on the Supreme Court)
532 They don't want to mow They want plants to grow and more rain to flow and more fireflies to glow.
531 My teacher in a dream named the red, the green, and the green becoming red enzymes in a tomato. He told me to eat more of the third.
530 Scientists' studies gave them the conviction that meat was a stronger-than-caffeine addiction.
529 The sky's bottom 3rd was hidden by a gray cloudbank. Sticking out of the top of it, a little white cloud, stuffing of the gray blanket
528 Through the night, miracles all did sea. Icebergs of resistance slipped into the sea
527 The birds have retired for the evening but on goes the frog chorus played tirelessly for us and when they tire the crickets play on
526 The enraptured woodpecker raps his rhapsodies, in the apple trees and not the bush of raspberries 526
525 The ornithologist described the lark's 'plain appearance'. It was not the fickle eyes but the ears of all... waiting for her song.
524 Like bells on a sleigh harness are pepper seeds strung in the inner chambers of the belltower.
523 Before the rumbling thunder comes the crash of lightning... with light the sky whitening as it is cloudburden lightening
522 Many writers are hypergraphic...the pen releases our minds' traffic.
521 Lust, the false love, handed her a hemlockian cuplet which her heart distilled into a couplet.
520 Begins to emerge the bubble From the bubble blowing spear Not til it leaves.. without fear will it be a perfect sphere
519 the sun leaves no residue when in rising he melts the dew
518 When raindrops slowly slide off of the rose they take with them her fragrant ambrosia.
517 Cure of Ars with ears like the sea's.. listening hour after hour to the filth the rivers bring him purifying them by listening
516 Why did thie macho man worship the Infinite as the cloaked Prague Infant? He was abused as a child by a man & found Spirit in powerlessness
515 Do plants have feelings? said one and the other replied: Wallflowers must have broken hearts.
514 Ben Franklin wrote In his own words not those of Tennyson that he lapsed from a higher road when in Paris he ate venison
513 Flounder: did the verb come from the humans watched flopping suffocating agonized fishes?
512 Neath mower Crickets make final peeps. Fireflies' lanterns snuffed . Bees' pollination scotched. Caterpillars won't be butterflies
511 Was she a promiscuous tree that the initials of so many lovers are cruelly carved into her bark
510 Animals love vegetarians and vegans. Plants love fruitarians.
509 It seemed the vine a clinger and stake upright and stable. But it was the tomato vine not the tomato stake which put the food on the table
508 Froggie croaks on his rock dais encircled by dizzy daisies all the day long. The wind makes them wave in applause.
507 Ominous night has silenced the mourning dove but not the nightingale
506 It was not a shark fin but the triangular sail of a toy boat.
505 The torch never diminishes its own fire.. when enkindling other torches through giving entire
504 Homeless shelter workers.. so patient.. for they know that elephants in folding their tents..take a little longer
503 The maple seed grew wings just long enough to fly and his soulmate to spy. He floated down by her side and began to grow the roots of love
502 She is a projected table rock in a waterfall.. always pouring out what she receives
501 Kudzu, unthanked, hangs her tapestries..on every telephone pole and happy tree, her leaves releasing oxygen for the earth's better destiny
500 Oh Clara T.. a mind of perfect clarity.. heartfont of pouring charity as in the woods of Cherokee.. grows allfruit giving cherry tree
499 Eleven point maple leaves fall, and then 6 pointed flakes of snow.., , , , but coming in a few moons.. the unpointed anointed raindrops of spring.
498 Past Monday morns as the moon melted into day, he went to a job he hated. Now he is his own master and less likely to have a heart attack
497 The maple tree donned the orange of October sannyas, but in the spring returned to green.
496 The blueberries have become the bear.
495 Fast weaving privacy screens, bamboo curtains .when alive.make the world beautiful.. it is certain
494 The world's most beautiful places are its emptiest spaces.
493 Archivists are wavecounters.
492 Birds are happy with the branches of a dead tree on which to rest...dead sticks with which to build a nest.
491 Redwoods: faithful silent sentries.. standing for millennia, not centuries
490 From your infinite eyes we drink Stars within skies of blackest ink Don't eclipse us when you wink.. but hold us in your eyes, Black Sphinx
489 As one honking horn disturbs hundreds of ears, so one angry word shatters peace into pieces.
488 Basho taught us the pond has no sound no refrain.. until violated by a frog, a stone, or fingers of the rain
487 Pinocchio's nose, we are told, grows longer with each lie.but it also grows sideways for hypocrisy and upward for cruelty
486 Vivisectors took a vow not to harm, oath Hippocratic Are they hypocrites? dissecting hippos into hippo bits
485 With little or no water and no sewage disposal, the boats which to their slaughter ship terrorized sheep are seldom shipshape.
484 Lies like Icarus have waning wings of wax. In the sun they do not wax.
483 Sometimes before the dandelions' gold tents can be unrolled the black umbrella tents must unfold
482 To all beings manifests The mango tree... her manna gently and gradually... Some rest as gifts in high grass baskets.
481 Mother bird, why worry. Don't scurry. Don't hurry. No flurry. Your babies... they are safe.
480 He'd once been a cuthappy lust-er but entranced by tiger lilies' lustre he began to leave alone God's surprising little clusters
479 The apple tree's blooms spun by sun looms dropped for fruit to make room.. were swept away by wind broom
478 The powerful animal rights worker had been in her previous life a British official ridiculing Indian vegetarianism and reducing ahimsa
477 The conductor must sometimes choose between the proferred bouquet of past laurels or the baton, between the past and the future.
476 A white heron flock flies across the jade cypress swamp canvas. A script of winged words triumphant
475 A champion racehorse at the winning line, unattached, eating the blooms of his victory wreath (but horseracing is cruel)
474 Younger souls project darkness onto what old souls do as waters reflect in darker hues, the aqua of skyblue
473 A wee teardrop reflects a star. The tears dry.. the stars remain
472 Into the sea the icebergs melted.. and now reflect the sunrise molten
471 Resoldered metal is stronger than when forged, So the resurrected are paradoxically more perfect than the Godcreated original
470 In the empty chalice of the rivercarved grand canyon dawn has drawn with pinkgoldorange light crayons.
469 A clock with no hands can register time as the sun plays across its face, So Spirit needs no body in order to manifest its power.
468 A perfect circle frames the base of the birdfeeder pole, the lace trace of squirrels as they ate the seeds which had a propitious fall
467 God the Divine Genie is waiting in the bottles of all hearts to answer wishes.
466 Because the bee the grape blooms did rape.. now there are more sweet violet grapes
465 Out of the pain of hell so low.. was born of goodbye the sweetest hello
464 When glass shatters..multiplied is sunfire.. each shard reflecting his orb entire
463 Oh Julie.. God's sun is shining She is grapevining and the grove tree now she's lining
462 a deep pool at every waterfall base .. postcrisis waters of God's resting grace Shakti has become shanti Power has become peace
461 He was alive because on that day in Niigata the skies were gray It was therefore Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombed entirely away
460 From the Bubble Blower, the moon rises and floats
459 Can one brake the break of day? Can one brook the coming dawn?
458 A single silent green light moved a line of awesome truck might. A single band of pink dawning light pushed all the grey blanket of night.
457 I will change my ways and no longer toss acorns in the woods til after first frost.
456 Within a wavelaved rock fissure, God hid the fish from the kingfisher.
455 In order that sand not soon turn the beachfence into driftwood the artist designed metal seats.
454 Those who stop eating dead pigs or cows or squab don't ingest adrenalin Reduced is their squabbling.
453 The Lord of Love laves his lilies and lilacs in light.. and leaves all dandelions alone to live
452 Bethesda's waters healed because they never rejected any sent to them by God.
451 Lust says the whole is not as great as the part but Love flows whole from its temple in the heart.
450 Suddenly out of the green, pops a trilliumSuddenly out of the blue, the ship on the horizon Suddenly out of the purple, love is rising.
449 I want to go to God on the road of you.
448 Phone wires pinker glow as love reconnecting flows
447 Within the shrine of his soul, I kneel before the infinite heart of my beloved.
446 Unbidden to the buttercups come the bloombibbing bees.
445 The ruts made by dragracers in the park have left pools in which butterflies sip.....
444 Ashes contain phoenix birds
443 Into the chasms of pain in the heart quietly drift snowflake particles of time .. slowly sealing .. softly healing annealing
442 Susie calls my poetry schizophrenic Janet says it's drivel Tony says its irrelevant Don that it's trivial. How fortunate only my opinion counts
441 She came across a mirror crying & asked him why.. He said the warrior called him violent The floozie a slut and the overweight hates his gut
440 God has said to revile none.. rather to revel in He Love indwelling and revealing the divinity in all
439 Over an oil painting off the crucifixion, a choice-made hell. a leader brushes large swaths of Easter pastels.
438 A pastel rainbow spans the Grand Canyon. Emptiness attracts light.
437 A butterfly floating between cars in Times Square.... God speed
436 On a photography African safari they saw that Mother Nature had by Lord Hari been showered with several brand new jade saris
435 Cool full moon light it is certain will shine through living bamboo curtains
434 Diamond river cut swords through the whiteblanketed greensward
433 The full moon has spilled her silver paint cans onto the seastage. Some has splattered onto the cloud curtains
432 The greenleaved grapevine does a tightroping straight line... along the windstirred clothesline
431 The goddess of the sun retires for the night through clouds spreading her fan of the rays of light
430 The fragrance wafting from a rose does enthrall every Rao, Smith Wong, Kim, Ali and Rosenthal
429 Beneath sunfire in the aqua sky, secret springs, many aquifers. help knit new needles for the aqua firs
428 Mist lies in parallel layers under the clouds as satin sheets lie under cotton blankets
427 It takes many puddles to make a pool and many Liverpuddlians to make a Liverpool.
426 Our land is the land of the Cheyenne, Shoshone and Shawnee.. Cherokee and Seminole, in valleys of the Shenandoah and Swanee
425 Wherever walks Ambrose.. up spring amber roses.. pouring forth fragrance and deathless ambrosia.
424 Faster than God answers when God's Name is invoked are His/Her responses to cries of agony whether silent or sounded.
423 Rivers slowly deposit their sands in the sea..suddenly there's a new sandbar.. Angels stream slowly into our minds.. and a vision appears
422 Santa may have one sleigh, but Abba's sleighs are infinite.. Endless is the pouring of their gifts.
421 Look! how the lovely lilacs have grown because the roof does leak
420 As fog fragments and imagination's figments swell trees and new figs mint, so every good wish is answered by God...
419 Because the water trough has several leaks the apples on the tree nearby have rosier cheeks
418 Bright sunwands as they unfurl cause the chrysanthemum to uncurl
417 Rotting fruit contains living seeds which shelter infinite orchards.
416 Ending unjust wars. red his peaceward passion. Workings to end all suffering, blue his deep compassion. Serentiy his white dispassion
415 In the Party Green welcome are all shades of Green except for the green in the burger's gangrene
414 Alighting and taking off from the tiger lilies, phlox & lilacs are hummingbirds, butterflies & bees, with no air controllers, no accidents.
413 As a shaft of light sweeps down a sootfilled chimney is God's delight available to all.
412 He once hit the waters of the Pacific with his fist.. wisdom then made him a pacifist.
411 Spring willow streamers... the tree cheerleads the birds in branch bleachers
410 Is it easier for meditaters to focus on a form than on the void? How can one pinpoint infinity?
409 A willow grows by living waters but a lotus lily is by them surrounded. The yogi and saint are more immersed in God
408 The dawn is dewing. The awakened, doing. The bee is beeing. The yogi, being. 407 The Poornavatar said to me "Not in the morning (mourning) pond does the lion wash his blood
407 Trees of January like Job continue to lift their arms in prayer though they are powerless, unable to speak or move, their leaves stolen.
406 The steeples of blue spruce spires... in enduring fidelity point to blue star fire
405 The daybreak sun in a state of ever-rest faster than any mountain climber has scaled Everest
404 Only a tiny line of blue says the sea is on the horizon. Only a tiny line of pink says the sun is about to be rising
403 Birds chirp and cheep above the school chapel, for Chips no longer serves chops to the chaps.
402 The kind golfer did pivet to protect the cricket from his divet
401 Sun rays weave out of eternal ethers..into purple heather .as tiny thought feathers... become love's tethers.. melding two together
400 All are chambered nautili.. in each new life in more spacious chambers we lie.. until we return to God... by and by

399 Into shards the nightmares have shattered.. the pain in the dream... has not mattered.

398 Cave carver sea River sculptor canyon Woodpecker chiseled home Heartdrilling mantra Om
397 Peapicking, pecan pecking, plum plucking, pear pickpocketing squirrel packs his loot in his cheeks
396 We can reshuffle the deck of fate anytime and multiply infinitely the aces we are given..
395 The wind lullabies the lilac looms and fireflies
394 Neath morning star arrive arrayed in gold dawnbeams...Though their swordshafts seem each other to pierce, they are made of light & merge
393 Those who tried to colonize Vietnam have written upon water.
392 What a wonder to see.. on the very same tree.. fresh blooms of youth and wise sweet fruit
391 We too can turn water into unfermented purple wine by watering often our allgiving grape vines.
390 With the sun's grace and of mist just a trace the spruce ravels green lace out of pure aqua space
389 The lightning only seemed to bisect the rainbow..instead his foil magnified her beauty
388 The odds are 1 in 64 to have 6 boys and nary a girl, but if God ordains otherwise, the odds are 1 in 1 to have 6 boys and nary a girl.
387 Fickle Cupid whose eternal loves are most fluid.. is he the most prolific of all muses?
386 It is each heart-mind which decides how strong or nonexistent are the rings of saturn.
385 Feared lightning became the silver lining of the cloud of merciful rain
384 October ...each leaf a stained glass aperture in the cathedrol of autumnal light
383 Spring rains raise the wells Every one does upwell. merging as they overspill! A new joy river they do swell.
382 It is good luck to feed birds in flight that they need not slow down, need not alight
381 Rainblessed, afoot! is a root.. the ailanthus has grown a foot!
380 He had an MBA degree and degree by degree overcome by greed he had become Legree'd. Yet one sudden day he saw.... that he and God were We'd.
379 The limehued silk of the corn.. each strand wand catches the dew of the morn.
378 The low guru river from afar is invisible but its green line of disciple willows is visible
377 If you now your heart unlock I promise in the future I will knock
376 Capricorns are antiquarians while Aries' breakouts seem antiantiquarian Friendly to both are God and kind aquarians.
375 While the painter's portrait is concentrated and Virgo specific his abstract paintsmeared smock is pastel light-full and Pisces pacific
374 The painter's smock is daubed with the pastels of his palate. He has become one with his painting.
373 He thought it better to have canneries for cranberries than canneries for canaries
372 The rainbow's end touchdowns in the waving sea. Though she pours her pastels endlessly, deep blue remains the sea
371 Surfers delight in the motion of the angry waves of the ocean as neptune, king of the sea, delights in their mars.
370 Shadows of fishes play in the shallows above varying shades of abandoned shells.
369 Gentler than land's are the seasons of the seas.
368 Held by love, the busy yellow jacket sups within the petals' brackets
367 Hurricane Kate forced proud palms to padnamasakar the holy ocean Since she the sea everywhere has feet it's easy for them to show devotion
366 Rocks gird a tidal pool... Silver setting for sapphire jewel... Rigid bones guard liquid soul eyes.. Body is frame for Spirit Nigh
365 The sun wears no dark glasses. He has nothing to hide and is not threatened by his own light.
364 The bee does not fly with honey on his wings. Matter is irrelevant where the spirit rings
363 Birds sing the anthems of Spring as the faithful wind flaps the flower flags.
362 God has in mercy clipped a scene from His written starscript.
361 Legal statutes are frozen statues.. not the liquid law of love
360 As mater births son, so all matter eventually yields the Spirit within
359 Brambles, briars and wide brooks are to some barristers a barrier but his Spirit beyond all bounds is always victory's carrier (DPB)
358 Every evening in the eaves birds are singing songs of Eve
357 Magpies to starlings opine in the woods of pine. No matter their politics...their joy is divine
356 The sun is always overjoyed. Only Draculas his rays avoid. Only demons his rays annoyed as with light he fills night's void
355 The ice sculpture fish has melted into his waters of completion. 355
354 Near the sea the Mississippi' is lowly. He flows with power.. he flows slowly. His way is holy. He is ready to give to God the Sea...wholly
353 He is not a Luciferian pastor who prefers to be the boss and master. He cares not for domination nor for denomination as he removes demons
352 Sine nomine....with no signature does the apple tree freely give away all her fruit.... only a unique constellation of seeds her seal
351 He wished no induction into the House of Lords, but only to return home to the Home of the Lord.
350 Every River Styx is a River Phoenix, the soul either touching down into a new and better form or returning forever to the realm of ecstasy.
349 As bells chime when someone exits a bookstore so Spirit sometimes makes music when souls leave the body cage.
348 Angels threw an etheric butterfly net over him. Reverse lepidopterists, they from body's cocoon & earth rooms set his butterfly soul free
347 First Lady Sally Hemings, your liquid monument is the reflecting waters encircling the Jefferson Memorial.. They never responded to cruelty.
346 In a famous life Paul Robeson arrived on earth with black robes on. In previous lives he came into view arrayed in bodies of different hues.
345 n the meadows pink lupins. In the forest, green Lew pines....For a much longer time, last the fir shrines.
344 Into the cradling crevice, the breach.. near the rocky beach... the seed of birch the seed of beech and the hardstoned seed of peach
343 As the wind whistles ripe seeds of thistle send forth their epistles.. to be scattered by the wind, enkindled by rain lifted by the sun
342 Infinite drops of rain gathered by river trains, now remain in the bowl of sea main
341 How do you do? said the rose to the bee. On her dewclad clothes said the bee to the rose I would rather do than to be
340 I fell alseep with the tv on as Lebron James was in the news. Then in a dream he said "Skip unnecessary steps".
339 Some cherrypick. Some plumpluck but Newton was given a gift of windfall, an unexpected applefall
338 With early stars have fireflies asterisked the evening skies
337 The sun paintbrush dapples the woods into apples
336 The south wind paddled the puddles, puffed the lily padded ponds, and played the pea'd pods and pansies pied.
335 Rigid judgmental opinions can block descent of Spirit's pinions
334 Do Muslims think Christians infidels. Do Christians think Muslims are going to hell. Do Jews think you're only chosen if a Cohen or a Rosen.
333 How many have been frozen gored starved or blown apart by Hitler, LBJ, Genghis Khan, Churchill, or Bonaparte?
332 Those working for plant rights don't parse parsley nor bomb poppies nor purchase antipeople papers. They plant papayas,peppers. and pears.
331 A clover veil..violets the vale neith skies cloudclad or when ultraviolet sun prevails.
330 We have nothing to offer you.. say the cows of their purloined gravy.. but our blood, sweat, and tears.
329 He needn't reach the stars.. stars' light reaches him.. He needn't climb to God. Inside him ..Elohim
328 Violent can be sound and light in waking us from sleep of night. Gently comes the dawn's twilight Each step taken oh so slight
327 In each of the legs of the sea, she has left cooling waters and nonviolent bright shelled legacies
326 Those focusing on shock of shards as phoenix bird burst from shell nearly missed the sight of his soaring flight as he soared out of sight.
325 The sea hears confessions of all rivers Those who truly know the sea know she calls no thing heresy.
324 The olive tree is the altar of Allah. On it Allah has placed olives free for all. May Allah allow none to alter His altars.
323 Whether her hue is violet or rose Whether she grows in freedom or rows ever to God in waves arose love perfume from
the heart of the rose.
322 Those who might send us from the stage of life into the theatre wings of forever may look like foes but are Love in different clothes
321 War profiteers & warwagers are called The U.S. by corrupt media. From Sacramento to Schenectady Americans reject such synecdoches.
320 The great Lord can behind him twirl..vast universe' gyrating swirl..that his rebellious insurrection become his glorious resurrection
319 From starstir comes larkspur. From starstir come lark spurs
318 A daisy cutter bomb... how many daisies, dogs, and deer does it cut
317 Why has God his dew morngift sent? For cider, butterfly drinks, for lilac and jasmine scent
316 Artists love blooms for their hues, perfumers for their smells. Bees others of their nectar tell. Lady Bird loves cowslips for themselves
315 By miracle our collective neuroses are by love wanded into the heart's new roses
314 The fen way becomes a fern way, a finely traced jadefan way.... waving in the wind.
313 Love surrounds hate as the sea surrounds cebergs. Hate is frozen Love. God is Love. Sooner or later all frozen love melts.
312 His heart bell struck every time he caught sight of her or heard her voice
311 For those in need, his empathic heart is always giving command performances
310 He no longer harms daisies or their petals shreds.. to ask if her love for him has been shed
309 Ribbon sunbeams wrap the present of the Sun's blazing Presence
308 Did the Creator give rats and snakes and bugs and weeds life and then not give them feelings?
307 Queen Anne's Lace, Sun's crystallized grace, Her roots go much deeper... to the waters of God..She is able to weave.pure lace out of sod
306 In this life renowned Aphrodite is clothed in a beauteous body of Afro nightie
305 She was not forced to walk the plank into the ocean of her Self... she was ready to jump
304 Deity winds blow into the lungs, the temples of Breath
303 Pens' chisels carve tunnels out of feelings' mine caveins
302 From all eyes shines God's light, from every human, bird, fish and mite
301 In the mountains God has massed divine thunder. Belief hastens cloud power's breaking asunder
300 Every mature tree from twig to root yearns to be home for flocks of birdfruit
299 Because God is infinite, universal, unconditional, perfect Love, all beings are written into The Book of Life
298 As rainarrows are released before the rain bow appears, thoughts precede action
297 Catalyst of love, Valentine helped couples vow "I'll be thine". A Christian by Claudius slain he now dwells in realms divine
296 Some look at the sun when on the horizon before his rising and falsely project onto his blazing sunfire that he has earthly desire
295 That day the grey gulls over the grey gulf were invisible as the gloaming was covered in grey
294 The sirens could not keep Odysseus from his odyssey with the sea
293 Dirt clods have vined into sweet pea pods and hardened sod has burst into goldenrod
292 Breeze made blooms their assent nod as Assisi's God whispered 'walk unshod'
291 I must be about my Father's business' said the sun on the horizon he in half the earth was raising the grapes into raisins
290 The animal limbs God has joined together let noone cleave asunder The tree branches God has joined together let no one cleave asunder.
289 What is destiny? The will of God. Since God is imprisoned in the hearts of all beings, destiny is ones nonharming desires
288 One by one breaking through the ice of fear.cups of crocuses.stand up in caucuses..from Kerala to the Caucusus saying 'we believe in spring'.
287 'I hid behind the wall but my more courageous shadow... showed herself.. and walked up the ladder.
286 Within husk are bright seeds holding future gold fields of corn. Just so God grows joy's bright kernels inside husks of cruel scorn
285 Nyctitropic plants toward the darkness curl as in pain the soul toward inward God unfurls
284 The seamoon's whitewash did bleach the gold sands of the beach and did on highland blanche the crimson petaled branch
283 The sun left for Chicago last night, said no goodbye. We felt alone. This morning he was here again just flown in from Spain! We are warm
282 The hunter said he winged the bird. He didn't mean he was helping her to fly.
281 The full moon poured pitcher after pitcher of coconut milk into the sea .
and the sea silvered it all.
280 Those who dronebomb soldiers, civilians, cows birds bees & trees see fields of dead rivals merely as the rubble of rebel rabble
279 John's great laugh carried weak jokes on high. His great laugh lifted heartships with lovetide.
278 Thinking on Him becomes my watery gate to sleep through which I leave body waves for His soul's ocean deeps
277 Filbert pearls fall from forests unpurloined. Nut trees give all to all. Who can steal what is free?
276 Ice has insular walls. Water though gives to all
275 While the woodpecker wooed the woods with his whittling tap tap and sculpted niches, the she carved caves.
274 Sad was the sea of Being that she was not a river of doing and so God gave her currents.
273 Silent lakes reflect double more than running brooks with bubbles. Silent listeners help others heal and see as does the hearing sea
272 Is God Love? Are we the Creator's creations? Are we each made of Love by the God of Love?
271 It is the nature of Spirit Wind when talking with wind chimes.that He doesn't strike on the hour..and seldom at the exact time
270 The moon crescent..begins her descent and melts away in dawn hodescent
269 No pig has spare ribs. No pig has ribs to spare
268 The package wrapped in ribbons contains a murdered innocent pig's' ribs
267 All acts of violence in war are war crimes
266 Each enslaved farm animal being fattened up for the kill is a Hansel or Gretel
265 Water spider..silent slider..master glider..river rider
264 Blue herons alight...landing in high nests...air rescue planes
bringing food to needy
263 One day soon the crown jewel pears lying on wood's moss velvet
will be ignited by rainrods and sunbeam sceptres
262 ''One day soon the crown jewel pears lying on wood's moss velvet will be ignited by rainrods and sunbeam sceptres
261 Snowflakes drop.... melting to raindrops... seeping into earth they become... blooms called snowdrops
260 Glowing flame within lightbulb... yellow feathers of imprisoned bird
259 Receives no light from the sun, the other side of the moon... but she is awash in starlight and garbed in the rays of Neptune
258 Cupid fell so deeply in love he minded not others' projection of cupidity
257 She has taken infinite creek sips...has the mighty Mississip'
256 We need build nothing. If we create space, they will come.
255 Sweeter than rose red smell pink saffron and gold rose. Their hues ignite no lust or anger. They spread more perfume as they grow
254 A war profiteer luncheon Ice sculpture eagle drips water from melting beak. 1-pointed frozen form becomes all form. Waters of peace flow
253 Candle liberation: Orpheus' lovefire lifts Eurydice from hell...burns confining wax entire
252 Reborn, Sappho wears monks' saffron
251 Mums outlast lilies. Silence outlasts speech
250 Because of Nita the world will sooner bring.. a world of no more suffering.. where none are swallowing a chicken's or a swallow's wing
249 When the pond was smashed by his clenched became a cradle rocking for little fish. Anger is the ore for lovegold
248 Embezzled heart, can you forgive the guzzling bee who has taken all your nectar? 'He knew not what he did', young little bee
247 Like myriad snowflakes entering a tropical sea are the attacks of temporary foes upon all beings' royalty
246 The pine in fire warms those who have slain her. The cow gives calories, albeit poisonous, to those who have murdered her
245 Does God look upon a broken vow as on a river not clinging to bankside tree bough?
244 The tide sent into the cleft of rock Neptune's polyfingered hand of welcome
243 61died that day in the 1st Vietnam.. two rows of body bags.. the fruit of war...drying in the sun.
242 The chalice is ephemeral, Jesus' blood eternal
241 Buddhists kill no creatures in Birmingham or in Budapest.. for to Buddha no creature is ever a pest
240 God's lightning cleaved the heaven's asunder.. Out of them God spake in thunder. There is no such thing as a Jewish hunter!
239 Great clouds sift...Silent and swift... their flaky gifts...into fluffy snowdrifts
238 Seabubbles were struck by a seacrane ray and turned then into bubblespray. Seabubbles by a fish were kissed and transmuted into bubblemist.
237 Neither love nor lust can be compelled
236 They chainsawed down a row of septuagenarian pines... birds'nests, now empty, the watched eggs smashed, rolled toward us
235 Slave camels carry humans not to oasis Camelot but to auctions, camel lots. After years of service to be sold & eaten, that is the camel's lot.
234 The invisible vine of heaven... on it grow endless large brightberried stars
233 Flags of fog flap not but float above the kingdom of Neptune. They dance to the anthems of neeptide tunes.
232 The sun has new spirea spun Next he crocheted chrysanthemums
231 Said the wind to the rose, ' Barrie Bee is not a humbug, but a humming bug
230 Waves of the sea...become waves of peace...Ebbtides recede leaving seaseeds..but the Sea.. the Sea never secedes
229 The sea honors the confessional seal... giving absolution to reformed fishermen who no longer harm fish, no longer club seals
228 Tony Randall was a master of his art... but he was more... a comic genius, a master of hearts
227 The sun, creating day wherever he goes, cannot find the night. Love seeing only the Lovable finds no fault in His projected light
226 Wherever he is.... is a one man quorum. Love is his light. Gold is his aurum
225 As a pure bright mirror transmits the morning sun we need not understand God but only pass God on
224 Sunwands turn rain droplets into blackberry drupelets as enkindled okra seeds acknowledge heliocracy
223 Two freedom loving tumbleweeds blown together...windwed they ever after wended as 1 thru life's winding ways
222 Icicle rows dripping in the light.. lines of exclamation points! ! ! ! ! translucent with sun joy!!
221 Queen Anne's Lace: A table where bees may sup. For them God has raveled out of space a table which merged with its cloth of lace
220 He is like the sea: on the surface bubbling with wave effervescence in the depths one with divine Everpresence
219 As seawaves slapped his sloop he slipped down a sweet slope into needed sleep
218 The lightning rod The dousing wand Will's aligned spine Conductor's baton They invoke lightning, find water, attract music & summon angels
217 Does he say novenas for those with no venus
216 It is not the sweet nuthatch but the sun hatching the nuts of nut trees, excluding none
215 Holds the sun's cheer... every purple cherry.. and each seed chariot of blooming new trees of cherry
214 As seas receive red hot lava transmuting it into green glass jewels, she with listening ear turns anger into love.with every word she hears
213 As he walked along, he saw a dandelion with grey locks Bending down he blew the down that there be fluffy flower flocks
212 Swans, floating mounds of white, glide along on the blue lake.. silent icebergs harming none... melting not they rise above the water

211 Because Howard Zinn is one with God, he is one with all zinnias growing untrod.
210 Can only the wind harmlessly surf the seas of grass
209 Nightzies too are the daisies though we can't see their glow as the sun is elsewhere shining they continue gold to grow
208 She picked up only vacant seashells on the Seychelles shores, for chambered nautili hollow were minnow castles in the shallows
207 The rowboat's wake intersected the path of the morning sun upon the water... effort was squared to light
206 God has put a 'do not disturb' sign over the green shelled limpets cozily nesting in lime waters limpid
205 In a canoe paddled by her love she trailed her fingers in the lake.. wherever she broke its blue mirror she painted the water sunset gold
204 Clouds, gray galleons, in slow massive procession move.. ready on thirsty animals and plants gently to let go of many thousand gallons
203 Caterpillars eat themselves comatose & then sleep as God weaves their wings Infinite are the ways God back to God all of us brings
202 The fruit tree oer the brook drops her free food into waters dappled... the fish bob for apples
201 It's May and Mother Earth has gone under cover hiding herself beneath fields of daisy and clover
200 Crosswinds quilt the Connecticut River ever so slightly but still the waters flow to the sea.
199 The funeral's current of grief is lightning bolts which strike even strangers causing them for no explained reason to release rain tears
198 'Death is the release of the bird of the heart from the ribcage of time
197 Without equal, each wave sequel. Land is for eagles. The sea is for seagulls
196 Flowering grass spire, dew-wanded, a green exclamation point!
195 Only the shoemaker can make the shoes Only the wear can tell if they fit.' These are the timeless words of brilliant socialist David Spitz
194 As two negatives multiplied a positive make.. former foes who forgive cause miracles forth to break
193 Shortly before his birth, she was given a vision of a soaring eagle suddenly swooping down and voluntarily entering a boat's bamboo cage
192 An opalescent clamshell holds the seaswell.. Reflected in tidal pools.. Jupiter's light dwells.
191 The sea mirror was framed by lobster traps..until she rose and smashed them
190 When he heard the rates of the therapist, very pissed off was Count Nikolai Pistoff. Afterward he always spelled 'therapist'...'the rapist'
189 A match does not an iceberg ignite nor does a waterdrop survive in a forest fire. We are influenced by the company we keep
188 At dawn the emperor sun breaks forth from mars' lair but in the evening he disappears behind cloud curtains to the chamber of venus
187 It is the leela of the Lord to unscroll lilies lilacs and violets in divine light.
186 Dawn rhodescent, jeweled by moon crescent. Both will melt away when the sun is present
185 As artists long for blank canvases, as sealovers crave the blue space of skysea, the Spirit longs to be uncluttered
184 Does anyone yearn for sunset more than a Ramadan faster? Does anyone yearn for dawn more than a night watchman?
183 Those depressing stormclouds grey... wand the world to green
182 Steve Jobs: What are the jobs of appletrees? To breathe and to be.. while apples come automatically
181 The God indwelt Japanese beetle sanctifies the holy rose
180 Pearls are orbed articles, mucusy sand particles 'untimely ripped' from coprophagous oysters, themselves torn from their gentle cloisters
179 Message in sea bottles. Tidings in the tides. Time's rivers to the timeless sea glide. Every being will with God abide
178 That God is Universal Love.. is it a license to be promiscuous, polyamorous, polygamous, polyandrous?
177 Dawn's breaking quiet begets the bees' buzzing riot
176 Ice does not in pain scream when in the sun he melts in the stream nor does he in pain scream when he higher climbs as spiraling steam
175 The clarified waters of Snowdrop Lake are made of melted hexagonal snowflakes
174 Most can from the apple tree pick spies. But only God can pluck blazing stars from the skies
173 There are only newfallen laurel leaves in Richard Wilbur's laureate wreaths for he takes only what Mother Earth gently bequeaths
172 The river tarries not over the stones of karma. To seaward joyfully running is her destiny's dharma
171 Weeding, whispered the Great plant racism
170 April is aproned with apricot blooms
169 Dawndrawn, dandelions, summoned by the sun, spread gold parasols
168 How awesome How sublime That out of muck and mud and slime....God makes lemons and God makes limes
167 The cloud balloons have been pierced by church steeples.. Soon they'll be ready to drop their grace on the people
166 Delilah's lilac'd fields Lilliputian the Lord of Love has many lilies put in
165 Enpine the cone! Enoak acorn! Enpear the seed that inner sun be freed!
164 Night outs the stars.. they fall in love with their own light, realizing they need no other.
163 Ships in bottles cannot sail, but messages unsealed from bottles do. Their words are sometimes meant most for those who find the script
162 'Receives all arrows the universal quiver as the sea receives all lonely rivers
161 Buddha was a Hindu. Jesus was a Jew. Getting caged in labels blocks the God in me and you
160 In the realm of democratic elms none is asked to take the helm
159 As tiny clouds veil sunlight, so lapses hide inner light, yet no 'sin' is mortal All reside in Lasting All live in Love immortal
158 Can one snuff the stars or shoot the sun? Can one kill God? the universally indwelling Sun?
157 'No fishing allowed' said the fish outloud
156 Not in chaotic shards do dandelion seeds burst from their ball. Each part as perfect as the whole. Each each contains the all
155 Noah was saved on the ark from the quandary of accepting sharks. They could swim in the seas and not harm those in the barque
154 The sun does not kill and tell.. but how can the tree hide her new peaches in the dell
153 The sun wears no dark glasses. He has nothing to hide and is not threatened by his own light
152 As longfingered sun touches a cloistered trillium & lakes tremble in the light of stars so poets' wordrainbows play heartstrings from afar
151 Once I wrote "Love not force rides the horse" but now write "Love granting freedom rides no horse".
150 The trees of life randomly grow but the graves of Arlington are set in rows
149 He has changed. He has grown No longer bud but Love fullblown
148 Bursting blooms of bluebonnet to the sun sing silent sonnets.. A beetlebored bamboo flute.. Yonder wind plays upon it
147 Oh a cockroach is better luck than a cricket upon the hearth for he magnetizes to your home those who love every heart.
146 In the sea, each sweet sponge, a zillion strong, singing his own lovesong
145 God, Your Your lilies and amarylis with delight do fill us.' God replied "'I made them for My Beloved Phyllis"
144 Sometimes your voice was the thunder. sometimes the falling rain. Always it burst our hearts asunder & made them vibrate.empathic in pain
143 The incoming egalitarian tide melts the last ice of apartheid
142 As much as the stable shore does God hallow the waving sea's shellshod shallows
141 The Allgiving sun passes light... through persimmon tree leaf filters.. filling her fruit with lovepotion juice...paradisical philters
140 Like a treebranch gently touching a nested egg he knocked on her heartdoor. To let him in required unlocking defensive walls of her past
139 The heart's love has surrounded the mind's critical knife sheathing it with silence.
138 She was baptized in water by her brother's rare tears.. baptized in fire by her mother's unshed tears
137 She is my beloved sister...of all who come her way the loving assister
136 Roses are pink. Violets are violet. Our love for you is forever inviolate
135 Compass needles are magnetized to the north but compassion unencompassed in all directions pours.
134 From the looks up to the sanddune grass..10,000 green brushes trying where they laid to paint the blue sky jade
133 Living shrimp in a bucket jailed looked up at us with their penetrating sweet black eyes on stalks. Voiceless, they pleaded for mercy
132 As a tide floats all boats..As great music lifts all lyrics do love's spirit pinions..give wings to all opinions.
131 The South Wind has for the evening donned jasmine scent
130 They did the little boy turkey named Art choke and then served his dead body with artichokes.
129 Japanese beetles, unheralded seamstresses, sew eyelets in the rose and stitch lilacs to lilace
128 How do the words of the Peaceful Master become the tirades of warmonger pastors?
127 You are the nectar, the hummingbird, the clover. You are the bloom, the bee, the OerHoverer. You are the Love, the Beloved, the Lover.
126 To the lowlying sea.river waters to her most humble point descending.. are then by the sun's lovelight waters are ascending
125 The peony sphere has no perfume.. until she opens the petals of her heart
124 Thank God that tides, breaking beams of light, cleansing winds, nursing rains..rush in where angels, it is falsely said,fear to tread.
123 Dust caked plant confined within house walls..stares out wistfully as cleansing raindrops make loveslides down free leaves
122 Your heart is a blazing star.. sending forth infinite rays in all directions.
121 For each God is rearranging the stars into a special script. a secret message, a puzzle solution, a fortune cookie joy strip
120 Pansies fringe the rusting panzers
119 O Lord to You we give thanks that in time Polish horses ... defeat Nazi tanks.
118 When attacks come to auras spherical .they boomerang upon the senders. This is spiritual physics, of the laws of miracles
117 God's highlighted synchronicities.....often come in threes..... trinities of simplicity
116 In God her taproot is rooted.With love for all she does upwell..and so each of her heart's desire fruits...on her soultree in satiety swells
115 From the Maker's majesty manifest myriad mangoes
114 The bee named Hector... needs no visible lector read him the sector where blooms of great nectar...pour forth fragrant vectors
113 On the desk a book open, windblown to a different page with his airy finger underlining a message from the angels
112 How can one give aid and comfort to the enemy if one has no enemies, if one lives as peacefully as a rose or anemone.
111 Over the stones the river skips Between large rocks the river slips. Down the falls the river trips, Into peaceful pools where deer sip
110 They call the wind lackadaisical, but because she in freedom blows, the world will never lack for daisies
109 Little petstore goldfishes.. suffocating in the tiny plastic bag.. God set you free..into fresh water rivers which lead to the sea.
109 Today in their palate of many hues the sky and sea have 9000 shades of blue
108 The rock temple to Poseidon will in some millenium show crumbling, but the wavy sea will remain... as ever the ocean main.
107 With the lilac bush the sun has kept his appointed tryst. In her his blaze glows as stained glass or anointed amethyst
106 We gave him a pitcher. He gave us the sea
105 Rain at sea... redundancy
104 Every morn...the sea reborn smoke and mirrors..... fog and reflection.
103 Wavecarved caves near the seagirt rock.. wavesculpted into a seagulled rookery..
102 He aspired to be a Venutian rather than a martyr.. to follow the path of venus' love rather than sometimes angry mars.
101 For love the model forsook the runway. From shallow worlds she did run away. Her love awaited at airport Monday. They taxi'd down the runway
1O0 womanizer or manizer most polygamous...only the sun can be nonviolently milligamous
99 morning wands with a dewdrop each grass spire, so little acts of kindness are by God given great power
98 The sun craves no limelight as he grows limes in his light.
97 The boy's chubby little hand gently cups the puppy's head. A magic little cup this hand.. which holds the liquid of love though upside down.
96 Your heart is a blazing star.. sending forth infinite rays in all directions.
95 We came to a crossroads and what did we see? All directions pointing.. to his heart's infinity
94 Knowing that froggie fear was endangered by horsie hooves, Pegasus grew wings and then he arose framed by a sky of orange pink and rose.
93 Love was the priest who married them.
92 Love limited, love circumscribed, love lukewarm is by God decried.
91 Love is a purifier more sacred than pure fire.
90 Estate sale. Family photo album. Priceless to the one who has passed on. Unsold
89 Tara is the emptiness through which flute music pours. Tara is desireless.. the zeros which multiply other numbers.
88 Down drip stalactites...crystallizing into stalagmites..the hourglass growing Angelic visions heaven born on our earth take form
87 As cranes mind not the rain, detached yogis are beyond both pleasure and pain.
86 While Scrooge siphons off all the banks are minting God continues appling, spearminting, sapling and pepperminting
85 Machines cut innocent calves into bloody halves, machines in which their livers are sliced into slivers. Cadaver flesh is never fresh.
84 There are more prunes where humans who know plants have feelings don't violently prune.
83 According to the scripture of Christians and Jews, Cain was not the first killer. It was Abel. Human chauvinists think animals don't count.
82 Dawn pastels stirring round quiet star-rings.. each day's birth ever sun-starring,, .. with quiet ways He's startling no sparrow or starling
81 Bumblebees bloombibbing...Beansoup bubbling.. Bambinos babbling Apples bobbing.. And his beloved ...ever Bobbing
80 Young souls are hard sour and green fruit. Old souls are soft and sweet with rainbow hues.
79 His heart was a mansion with infinite free chambers. His heart was a hotel open 24 hours.
78 Cannibals eating human brains contract kuru. Carnivores eating animal brains get Mad Cow, say health gurus.
77 Tears of pain.. in anger's heat... turned to steam, the fuel of her soul train
76 Evicted from their home cloisters ...trillions of innocent oysters give hepatitis & anaphylactic shock when deprived of their sea moisture
75 We came upon that sacred silent place which holy deer make sleeping space
74 Long before their minds merged, their 2 hearts melded, beating faithfully as one drum
73 Whatever anyone's petition God brings to fruition .. All will forever be reconciled, reunited, reborn, requited
72 James Bond bee zigzags ambling among roses rambling.. .. but when his sacks are laden straight is his faithful way home to his queen
71 ecause each loves the other unconditionally, the ball is always in each's court, the first move always an imperative for both.
70 Chicago cattle futures.. oxymoron? Do butchers and coweaters give them a future?
69 Calling a zoo housing kidnapped dolphins a dolphinarium is like naming solitary confinement cells in maximum security prisons humanariums
68 Said the devil To me you sold your soul for gold! but vows are legal only when made with GOD Those made under duress are buried neath sod
67 Do all members of the vice squad see GOD in the unclad Godiva?
66 To ridicule with a mention a sad man's dimensions.. retards ones own soul's quicker ascension.
65 There is less iniquity where there's no propinquity.
64 Beneath the spires of Naples and Constantinople lies the sea shimmering in sun's iridescent opals.
63 The sea charges the shore...and withdraws charge some more.
62 Bubbles & breakers have rent the surface of the Sea She forgives and receives them them ...back into her serene deeps
61 Birds have oerleapt the sea oarcleft. But she has not been harmed Bee has the petals of clover cloven but she has not been harmed
60 Some accused his muse of being on and off in inspiring Rachmaninoff. For his music he needed no muse. Always on... was Rachmaninoff.
59 Raindrops softly warble as they enter the river. Do their circles lengthen as she flows?
58 Thunder drumroll heralding the symphony of the rain
57 From dreams' reverie and night's revelry .... summoned by dawn's birdchoir reveille
56 Falling sunbeam took home as he kissed... tendrils of rising mornmist
55 Daybreak ray the stream broken ..rippling... as if goldfish bread are nibbling
54 The snowman fell in love with the sun queen Around her he changed into a puddle.
53 The Lord of Luminescence gives to each fruit a dewy essence and with light each lemon limns and with love each lime lines.
52 The sun's lightning beams have my dreamstage curtains rent... dissolving actors and scenes have been away sent
51 Today the sun is giving plenary indulgences to all.. blessing each with light from his blazing huge ball
50 He thought it just another water mirage but twas sea mirror of the rising sun .. in her reflection making miracles of his light projections
49 Mother Earth has knitted strong knots in the faithful blue forget me nots.
48 One need not fish, not be an angler to cause suffering and suffocation or be a strangler
47 The sound of the raptor wings of the kestrel is not to other birds music orchestral
46 Croquet balls near wickets, golf balls in thickets, are seldom respecters of the rights of crickets
45 Light ribbons from the Buddha's full moon do his holy shrine festoon. His Spirit moves the bamboo grove... by the cool and blue lagoon.
44 A feathergowned crane flies through the forest like Cinderella fleeing the ball.....but now the Prince of Peace comes into the hall
43 The naturalist defined plants as wild edibles The plants shunned him and his lies incredible
42 Some like earthworms eat dirt and die. Others like caterpillars become butterflies.
41 A tree stormbent horizontal.. had 7 parallel branches growing straight up... like a parent who sacrificed for her children
40 Flowers don't chase bees. It is to the safe meditator at the treebase and not to the hunter that the shy deer comes.
39 Raise the blind .. room flooded by light Plug in lamps.. gone is night. Light cotton.. it's gone in fire. God's mercy fills every desire
38 As angels' inspiration descends it becomes clad in words.
37 Do rain arrows come from the rain bow?
36 'Consider the lilies of the field.. they toil not nor spin'. for it is the sun which had them spun.
35 The woodpecker was able to make ia tree nave.. but only the sea's waves can carve sea caves
34 Ivy and violets vy not with the violent.
33 Why is the rose encircled by thorns? That she not be plucked
32 Bursting blooms of bluebonnet to the sun sing silent sonnets A beetlebored bamboo flute.. Yonder wind plays upon it
31 Hawaiian breadfruit... shed the Joseph's coat of many colors.. the 1000 panes of stained glass mosaic.. amd become 10,000 breadfruit trees
30 Oh what a blessed relief Aprillife does the trees re-leaf! A windbussed Noreaster fragrant with Easter lifts away the last ice-ling of grief
29 Several lamps make a shack lovely.. more than a dark palace... as the light of the holy makes any face beautiful
28 Now the Red Sea of clover is harmlessly bee-cloven But back to Queen Lover will fly bee Beethoven
27 He was so loved by all creatures that when it rained a cloud served as his umbrella.
26 The break of day! The crack of dawn! Look not at night's shellshards but at the newbird sun!
25 A gentle cow reading Leviticus found that cloven hoofed animals are forbidden for food. And so she cleaved each of her four.
24 The bees' buzz omkar to blooming little flower stars
23 Cavecarver tide.. a patient sculptor who abides
22 "Straighten up fly right" said his dad His son heard 'fly rights' He sallied forth to organize the world's untouchble maggots
21 The way of water, yielding water.... flowing.. being never preaching ... the teaching of the I Ching
20 Only God is God fullblown. The rest are God in bud.
19 The sun with diamonds stipples the sea's waving ripples.
18 The bee's favorite couplet: a sunup-brimming buttercuplet
17 His dogs and cats cannot read.. save the script of his soul They cannot write..except on his heart
16 The moon when full can seawaves pull but only the sun can lift water drops out of the sea.
15 God who freed from fruit the seed can pick a pear from a baby tree. God who sired the hallowed fig can harvest fruit from a barren sprig.
14 Four Flowers...: The Sun in Morning Glory arose wiith His Goldenrod wanding Violet to Rose
13 Little Tree, Little Tree, I wonder where you are to thank you for the sweet pink fruit you did weave from distant star.
12 A dog is so cheaply bought.. He sells his heart for all eternity for a handful of popcorn
11 The tide is afoot! in the 10 million fingers of the sea!
10 Out of the sea the sun aborning with his awesome light of morning Not adorned but all adorning says to you "Come! My Mavoorning!"
9 It snows at sea Quiet falls in flakes Melting designs leave form for All
8 Each night the tree of nut out of naught knits neat nuts
7 When God's green grows it's rarely in rows.... awry the rye rises... unruly the rose.
6 Faster than a stylus squiggling writes the sun in water wiggling But when sea is totally still it seems it was water
which held the quill.
5 Rocking cradle of the world. Sunset stairway to the stars. Only by great masters trod. Only written on by God
4 My love for you a yearling became... many eons ago.
3 The wind has decanted the lilac bush,, spraying her with her own sweet perfume.
2 Guides warned wee creatures that mowers could shred nematodes, that tots could be de-toed and cats and treetoads and sloths threetoed
1 The tree in alchemy finds a route through receiving roots with love to transmute rain into fruit





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