break through

Brief Moments

they may have been very few
the days I thought the world
was made for only us two
sitting in the darkness
looking to the sky anew
there was nothing that
couldn't be broken through
that was something I never knew
how I felt in those brief moments
where the only dream I dreamed was you
intoxicated my mind,
made me believe this was all so true
will be resting my bones next to you
I miss the short and sweet images that i drew
right before the unforeseen hits without a clue
that instant where everything is shattered blue
time stops, I decompose, there's nothing left
slowly fade away and hold on to those ideals
the day my footprints were laid in stone
never forget who you were, what we were
where the sun gleamed onto our horizon
we were only ourselves, in infinite glory
safe for a lifetime of this extraordinary story


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