Ugonna Wachuku    


Nothing else but you moves
my soul through life and
clouds of beauty and joy.


When the story of my life
is told, let your hand of
the spirit remember my
yearning soul.


Let your song of the spirit
build torches of hope and
kindness to light the path
which others like me will


Let your beauty and love
awaken hidden gifts and
treasures in my life.   


And when all the sheaves
are brought in, let humanity
know that the greatest gift
you gave me was, is and will
ever be the awakening of my
deepest soul for the march
through heaven's gate. All
the way to calvary, you
awakened eternity for my


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Chelsea N.'s picture

Alls I can find to say is
Great job I loved it
It is written in a very intricate way

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

beautiful love poem to your beloved

Ozjan Yeshar's picture

Awakening is a very spiritual elegant poem. Cheers.

Judy Costea's picture

What a beautiful inspiring poem. Isn't it so wonderful to be able to look forward to going thru Heavens Gates. The love and peace we will recieve from our Father. There is no better place to be and no better love to recieve than comming from God our father.
Thank you for such a Beautiful soothing poem.

patriciajj's picture

I was at your site some months ago enjoying your glorious work, and now that I'm a postpoems member I thought I'd drop in on you again. What can I say about this work of art? I felt my soul catch on fire as I read this . . . Heaven opened . . . it was that beautiful. Pat

minnetta's picture

i am so touched by your relationship with god...the peace you carry with you... it is something i long for... your words seem so filled wiht it...
thank you for sharing

Deborah Russell's picture

I have read this before Ugonna, after doing the interview with you, I wanted to say that this poem is most reflective of your spirit and continuity. Thank you for posting such inspiring poems.

ladydp2000's picture

Very beautiful poem ....enjoyed reading it and thank you for sharing it with me....Love and hugs, always your poet friend, Dorian

Angela Albee's picture

that was excellent...

Helen Schmidt's picture

Ugonna, What a beautiful, spiritual poem. Full of hope and joy and anticipation of heaven's rewards. It speaks of the need to nourish the soul during mortal life and also of the hope of partaking of heaven's offering. I enjoyed this poem very much! Regards, Helen

William M. Sowman's picture

The Spirit of God's Love moves throughout this poem. It is beautiful and inspirational. I read your Bio and I admire your accomplishments. May you quickly reach whatever is the ultimate goal in your life. I know you are headed in the right direction to reach the Lamb of God and bathe in His light. Good luck in everything you do. In Friendship, Bill

ladydp2000's picture

Very nice poem Ugonna..i enjoyed it a lot my poet friend, Love and peace to you... Dorian

Linda M.'s picture

Ugonna, First, I want to thank you for visiting my site and commenting on my work. I now want to tell you that you have a wonderful gift, indeed, to make a person "see" into the spirit of your soul. This poem is a shining example of how we should all embrace the awakening of our souls to heavens' gates. A beautiful piece of work, Ugonna. Do keep up your wonderful poetry. I shall be back to visit and read more of these. Thanks again for visiting my halls of poetry....Your friend in poetry....Linda

Angela Albee's picture

Absolutely beautiful...

kitty's picture

What an interesting way of drawing someone into the flow of your words.... this is a poem I could "feel"...and those are the best kind! Thank you for taking the time to critique my poems.... I look forward to reading more of yours..... ـ

hawksquaw99's picture

what an excellent piece of work.... the message is stong and weaved in such a mysterious fashion... well done

D.Russell @ Postpoems's picture

Wonderful work...! Bravo... deborah

Melvin Lee's picture

Hi....welcome to postpoems~! Hope u will enjoy your stay here. THis is a very lovely piece....full of sweet romanticism and hopefulness. Smilesz. Such awakening, indeed. Seeya around~ and do check out my poems, Ugonna. :)

Adele Smith's picture

This poem let me think of the time when I never thought that I can write poetry and short-stories. But I never gave up hope to find my own artistic voice and it is due to this kind of poetry that I thrife on. Poetry like this gave me the courage to stand up for myself and write more than I want to.