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A row of comma shaped clouds
above the breezewaved ocean
… they are the sails of the
sea itself…
proof of the miracle of
evaporating liberation


-saiom shriver-



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Reflected stellar
lights in the
lake of the quarry
waters moonglowing
radiant and starry


-saiom shriver-

wasn’t able to find the picture I wanted but this one is beautiful imho

Life Your Dream

Live the dream

And sleep in peace,

Or touching the dream,

You awaken, to cease,

The love that calls you,

Is not in sleep,

And this is why,

My cherished dear,

You cannot conquer your inner fear,

And from your eyes,

Your dreams,

They weep.


8:20 PM 6/30/2013





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is the dream... don't spend your whole life asleep in it. The universe is the dream, and we are the dreamweavers. Our choice we must make is to weave the dreams into our reality, or sleep forever within the dream. We all dream...whether we remember them or not does not change the roads we will travel, but can change how we travel the roads. It is a choice only we can make.

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Death Row

I asked my neighbor where is your son
She said she let him free
To roam and play, enjoy the day, to be who he can be.

I cannot keep him home she said- because he is a child
After all he is a little boy and that means he will play wild.

That was 5 years ago and now that young boy’s tamed
To limited space, a sad-angry face
And a number that’s his name…

He no longer has his freedom to roam – or even enjoy the day
But instead is directed by the guard who tells him what time he has to play….

He is now awaiting for the day he will be laid to rest
The time and month when the electrical cords will be strapped upon his chest…

He spends every night asking God to forgive him of his sins
For killing mom, dad and poor Annie- Lynn

That little boy she let astray now sleeps alone
And calls a place named “Death Row” as his last and final home…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is a powerful piece describing the lack of discipline, guidance and control of our young children. A perfect metaphor of the path walked by many of our uncontrolled children of today. A powerful piece for anyone connected to children.

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A Row Rowed to Row

Beach was having a long row of people, so,
Some people sat in the row.
Since, it was a fourth day in a row, they stood.
Who knows how long a long 'Queue' exists!

Boatman was still rowing the boat.
Men were urgently waiting to row towards coast.
Some were eagerly waiting for a row on the sea.
Who knows he 'Propels' in the boat!

Boys now started rowing with each other.
It created a rowdy 'Quarrel' further.
Boatman reached, left his oars, stopped the row,
and rowed all people keeping an end to that eternal row.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'Row' has 3 different meanings and 2 different pronounciations.

Row- said as row means 'horizontal queue or line',
Row- said as row also menas 'crossing, move a boat',
Row- said as rou means 'fight'.

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