Decieved by the angel of death

you fall right into his trap;

many names, many disguises,

changing his colors often,

like a chameleon, the beast

hides where you least expect,


Thinking him to be god,

you worship him blindly as the father,

when he is really nothing but a murderer,


Led right into his slaughter house,

he delights in the shedding of blood

and the squealing of pigs,

truly sick, warping the minds of those

who are lost. 


In him you will not truth. 

but only lies,

because he is the father of all lies. 


He will not give

but only take;

the king of all thieves,

there is no end to his greed. 


Thinking yourself in control,

when you are nothing but his puppet

further digging into the occult,

you will always find him. 


at the top of every pyramid,

climbing the steps, thinking it is

a stairway to heaven when really

it is descension into hell,

you always find him staring down at you

from the tempests above,

heaving his lightning bolts

and cursing your existence







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoth, hermes, baal, bel,enki, yahweh, the bringer of storms aka Satan.





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