The echoes of your whispers

Breathes a song into my soul

Which,for what seems forever

Was a token

Of past misguided memories

And unrequited anthems

Boldly written on the winds

But never spoken

There is truth within your lies

Hidden by the shadows

Obscured,yet always pristine

And unbroken

Just waiting for a chance

To give a second calling

Of long-forgotten dreams

Now awoken

Now you're free to chase those dreams

That have so long eluded

Always just within your reach

Around the bend

But unseen circumstances

Always seem to surface

To keep you from

The rainbow's golden end

And,as no hopes spring eternal

You find yourself partaking

From the outstretched offered arms

Of a friend

Just to nibble at the remnants

Of the unforgiving silence

Which seldoms yields

Discarded time to spend

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