Soul mates

We are Solemates (story)

One time long ago...there was a boy, aimlessly, he walked around...seemed like he was looking for something. But he didnt know what. he could sense something though. On, and on that boy walked..just thinking. until he got tired, then layed down and fell asleep. he got the same dreams every night...then during the day he wondered about them. One day  this girl walked up to him while he was lying in a deserted field, daydreaming. she said, "hello..what are you doing here?" he asked the same thing to her, she said "well, i had a dream, it was about i who was walking around a field, then saw somebody..seemed like i was looking for something, i suppose". he sat up..shocked.. i had the same dream...except i was laying down..then this girl came up to me, and told me that...(then all of a sudden both repeated) "we're sole mates..forever, you and me..i can sense it, feel it, breathe it..will you come with me? we can go on forever..." then bothed flinched..just looked at each other..then smiled..then the girl layed down with the boy, and for the rest of the day, they stared together, at the sky...and into the night they layed there until morning, when they walked off together...and forever they one.

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Star Boy, Star Child


Summertime. All gleamed joy

Sun warm. Flowers blowing

Soda, lime. Dancing Star Boy

Singing songs. Spinning growing.

Star Child. You belong to earth

Swimming, laughing. Entire, complete

Star Boy. Spiritual rebirth

Giving out love. Sugar sweet

Moving to music Always something new

Star Child. His happiness for free

Carefree. Unique angle of view

Star Boy.To an amazing degree

Show me love. Boy of Star

Tickle my heart. Give me peace

Lick an ear. Said he thus far

Capture me not. Just release

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you know who you are.

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To Roshana

It was long and tiring,

it seemed like i was travelling for a month, when not even a day went by,

her country was so much like mine,

the streets were crowded, the markets were noisy,

the people were so many, the roads were covered with dirt and dust,

the taxi moved as if it didn't know where to go,

it was at the mercy of the travellers,

as if waiting for permission to move,

and the minutes went by,

looking like hours.

Her town was a colour i never knew places could have,

it was pale orange, with a touch of red,

it was as if salmons swam by the houses, through the dirt , through the people ,

her house was at the end,

i rang the bell.

She was beautiful,

girls in her place cover their heads in front of men, and so did she,

she smiled at the same time i did,

we knew we were never far apart,

it always seemed like that every night when we talked,

my journey only told me that,

i then knew, i travelled so far only to get to my country,

since that is the way i felt,

i felt back to where i belong,

to those pale orange houses, and small dirty roads,

to that unknown town, but known very well known to me,

where i lived for so long.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I write this poem as a remake of the dream i had about visiting my sister, roshana, in her home town ,on paper.  

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My Eyes Only See For You...

My eyes only see for you,

You, my love of the ages,

The days we have together, are all too few,

As I write in these pages.

You, who can hold my attention,

Who cherishes me to no end,

And to whom I give all affection,

We both fancy, without will to bend.

For we refuse to change, but still love,

For we love each other the way we are,

As I see it, you are the dove,

Beautiful, elegant, graceful, that you are.

This and much more, you are to me,

As we cuddle there and lay,

I whisper in you ear, ”I truly love thee…”,

For you are my Valentine, on this lovely day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In dedication to my girlfriend.

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Forever friends,
I'll be to thee,
Forever truthful,
I've said no lies,
Forever faithful,
I'll be by your side,
Forever loving,
I'll hold you tonight,
Forever yours,
Husband of mine!

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We are connected, you and me

By distance, time and destiny

Everything you thought about

Everything you wrote about

The serendipity brought to me

Through never-dying eternity

As a mountain river for you my soul’s crystal clear

After looking inside you saw there my feelings sincere

You penetrated into the depths of my mind

There’s not a thought that I can hide

Though we are far apart

You hear every beat of my tender heart

I feel all depth of your emotions

They alternate like the calm with storm in the oceans

When in your soul starts the rain

In every fiber of my being I sense your pain

When from your horizon the clouds fly away

With joy in the heart I meet breaking of the new day

We are connected, you and me

Like day can’t live without night

And waits for her like a faithful knight

I wait for you and you for me

In our dreams and in reality

We are connected, you and me

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Sensory Perception

The look of you

The scent the sight

The sound

The feel the touch

The taste

And the waiting

Sensory touch

In spirit form

A glance

An inward breath

Speaks one thousand

Unspoken words

Time and space do not allow

Freedom to express

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We longed for someone, the right one,
They stood before our eyes like an angel,
Glowing like a burning flame in the dark,
Unsure if they are dreaming, or not.

Growing on the other, consuming their heart in love,
Eyes glistening under the starlight,
Hearts beating together and hands clasped in one another’s,
Hearts swimming with thoughts of eternal love.

One family understands, and the other doesn’t,
One tries to shatter their hearts to oblivion,
The other understands; try to make them happy,
The other, ice demons, trying to destroy love.

Trying to shatter their hearts like mirrors,
Only making their love grow stronger,
Hearts remain intact and whole,
Depressed, they still manage to love deeply.

Tears fall down their cheeks onto clothes,
Hearts and bodies aching for the other to hold them,
Wishing they could spend eternity together,
Hoping they can be together soon.

Their hearts bleeding for each other,
Arms feeling empty without the other in them,
Minds in a constant depression,
Bodies lonely and cold, missing the other.

Pains of everlasting love embedded in hearts,
Joys of love also embedded in heart and soul,
Tears of pain, sorrow, depression, flowing freely,
Aching souls wanting to be together.

Hearts shattering slowly from the ice demons,
Slowly killing us, eternally scaring,
The wounds on the outside healing, pain gone,
But internally open and bleeding forever, until together.

Eyes watering and tears falling once again,
Arms wrapped around each other,
Hearts healed, not bleeding, smiles on their faces,
The two people are together, and this time it’s forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Stuart, my loving boyfriend, i will love you forever and ever angel!

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Beyond each other

Hands linked together, joining together as one,

making two souls, one individual.

The light shines bright upon these souls

for they are fighting the against the odds and

yet shine so bright, they are envied by the stars.

Their love for each other; breaks barriers,

barriers others have come to and gone their own ways.

This love is true and will not be broken by anyone.

Find your true love..............                                  

            Live in happiness.................

                                            Defeat your odds.

Let your Love rain down on the people around you!

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