A Scar is Born

Goodbye for now,

I'm loosing my grip as tomorrow sinks in our lost love's contaminated quicksand.

Transparent skies and innocent eyes fate failed to allow,

Pleading with the corrupted clocks to cease the vexatious tick tocks in my mind and to amputate their Herculean hands.

We thought that our emotional wounds over time would heal, but we kept picking at the sensitive scars,

You tore my heart open, hoping to find a shiny silver key, but we still remain locked behind unbreakable prison bars.

We dodged most of the bullets and bombs, but one must have managed to hit its projected target,

Spending so much time planning our poisoned our vibrant future we can unfortunately forget.

Operation Opaque Omega succeeded according to plan, shooting out the streetlamps and blindfolding us with the white flag we waived so there's no hope to see the livid light,

As I dig our relationship's grotesque grave, wipe the toxic tear from my arid eye and give me one last kiss "goodnight".

Crack my ribs open like a fortune cookie and repair this hand grenade heart,

Whispering this chorus of commitment has only ended up drifting us further apart.

The wishbone breaks and the smaller half remains in my hand as my heartstrings come undone,

Hoping that our love will come full circle and start anew at square one.

Hello again,

I'm regaining confidence as we peacefully leave our footprints in yesterday's quixotic quicksand.

We both knew that we would eventually reunite, it was merely just a matter of when,

Seems like forever since I've caressed your angelic face and held your delicate hand.

Over time our battle wounds have healed, for we little troopers didn't give up without a majestic fight,

Now I can fall asleep with a smile on my face as I hold you close...gently kissing you on the cheek and whispering in your ear "goodnight".

We maneuvered around Cupid's golden bow, but one of his mesmerizing arrows must have hit its desired mark,

Just when we extinguished our love's infernal flame, the vivacious fire of our future once again began to spark.

Our ocean of tears has dried up and is now merely a pauper's puddle on the corner of the crowded street,

We look out to the horizon and wipe the tears of joy from each others' eyes, for the cycle is now complete.

We say "hello" to the effervescent sun and wave "farewell" to the tempestuous weather,

Singing these songs of solitude have ultimately made us come back together.

We dig up the casket of our dreams and release our relationship out of its corrupted cage,

We've been acting out this tragedy for so long, but now we can finally exit off of the disastrous stage and turn this profaned page.

...The storm clouds divide overhead as, on our once dark path, the sun begins to brilliantly shine,

Screaming these songs of separation, in due course, have managed to make our souls blissfully intertwine.

At times it was rather bumpy, but allow me to thank you for joining me on this unstable roller coaster ride,

Our love has come full circle and I can now start anew with my soul mate once again stitched to my side...

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Bravo Bravo
I give this
a passsing
score it is
one of my
to read
all ready :*) .
nice work on this Donnie :*) .