Soul Connect

Make me love you.

Make me feel the way I know you do.

Allow me the pleasure of your touch.

Allow me to feel what I love so much.

Keep me from what scares me the most.

Keep me from your hand's ghost.

Nothing can keep me away from love.

Nothing will take me to heaven above.

Bring me to the moon with your kiss.

Bring me to my knees with your fingertips.

Take me the way that you know I will be.

Take me home with you, with me.

Share your bed with my cold body.

Share your life with my heart beat.

Forget another who has damaged your need.

Forget that for you I would bleed.

Never think about what lies around the bend.

Never ever let this be our end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

killing me softly with his words... killing me softly.... with his song.... and its the only death I want.

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