loss of freedom

Once Our Great land

A great land filled with crooks and tyrants where shall we go.  My great country once but now taken for everyone not their foes.   Born here and all that I know, Grabbing my kids and on we go.  Looking high and looking low for a place not so greedy and trying to not let the sadness show.  We all line up to vote to elect someone else better, but not realizing the one we gave vote was swinging a fake banner.     They promise a future for then and for now we wake up to realize that is was for their fat cow.  We beg for our share for them to care but they hear us not I’m just glad we have our cot.    

 Written by,   Rob Casteel

World History


One struggles neath the ever bearing hand of tyranny

One rises up in revolution, wanting to be free

One gives his life a soldier so the rest might live in peace

One celebrates in freedom as they cheer throughout the streets

One starts his life from nothing but is free to make his way

One has more than his father at the closing of the day

One worked for very little yet expected everything

One sold his vote to get it without ever wondering

One sat in idle apathy as tyrants raised the hand

One wonders how it all went wrong and doesn’t understand