New Beginnings

i can see the future

I can see the future

By JFarrell


I can see the future;

Look up,

That cloud, there.

Not that one,

The one on the left.

Look, really look;

Can you see?

Wars; famines; disasters?

Weddings; parties; happiness?

Heartbreak; homelessness; despair?

Love, wealth, fulfillment?


How about the cloud on the left?

Look, imagine, dream, dare.

You can see the future too :)

Just dream and dare to dream.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

come and join in, seeing the future is easy

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it's time to start again

It’s time to start again

By JFarrell


Do your laces up; pull yourself together and get up,


It’s time to start again.

Don’t whine, don’t moan; shut up!


It’s time to start again.

Brush yourself down, shake the dust from your boots,


It’s time to start again.

Don’t worry about what’s lost, gone,


It’s time to start again.


I know you don’t like it,

But, look around you,

It’s all gone, nothing left but ashes.

I know, you wish it hadn’t come to this,

But, we are where we are,

And we have to move on.


So, take that frown off your face, smile,


It’s time to start again



Author's Notes/Comments: 

seems like it's always time to start again

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Hollow Ground

Hollow Ground

Like the effluent rose, failing to blossom,

I am stranded
With no defence I sit and wait for the inevitable storm that will strip me of all my colour
All my emotion
All my life
Rain cascades like tears down my withering body.
Battered by the elements as i stare at the ground, waiting for it to consume me
I am weak
I had faith once, i used to admire the ocean of blue above
My beauty is still ever present, but it’s invisible to most
I am invisible
The world that we live in is a picture of serenity, but the earth is filled with parasites
Preying on the weak as they make their way to the top
Forgetting all they once were
Staying true to yourself is a dying art
And not everything is how it appears before us
But even though i’m suffering,
I am still a rose
And I am still beautiful

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a very special girl who's soul has been turned to dust.
Taken in with the promise of light, then consumed by darkness.

Inside all of us is ourselves

We just need to come out once in a while

running with rabbits (day 39)

running with rabbits the wind cries don’t stop

running with rabbits grass is all i’ve got

running with rabbits so i‘m not alone

spring rushes through me so i know i’m home

running with rabbits when my fingers are numb

capture the air don’t forget to breathe some

wildflowers barely budded but here i’m awake

cause right now life is all give no take

i spend my days walking on a tightrope

i spend my nights pulling him up the slope

but i’d rather learn the world the rabbits’ way

the trees have no expectations that i’ll stay

running with rabbits till i’m out of time

he gives me words and draws every line

i need a mile or a minute or an open field

to catch my breath so i know i’m real

running with rabbits so i can renew

things that are justified like me without you

running with rabbits my heart smiles and then

brand new starts spring can watch me live again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/7/16


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My dear

From the heart

Beginnings are unlike anything.

They seem to change everything.

It's a giddy, weightless feeling.

One touch and my heart is reeling.

The air tastes sweeter than before,

It's like a new place to explore.

I can't seem to get enough.

I want the smooth. I want the rough.

I'll take all that I can.

You,my dear, are a special man.

I love the moment when I see you see me.

Your squinty-eyed smile makes jello of my knees.

Who knew I'd fall for you,

When so many others want your heart.

Who knew what I'd do;

Win your love 'cause I played it smart.

You, my darling, are one of a kind.

It is you, My dear, that I call mine. :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rainy days and polka dot paint :) lovely boy, you are incredible beyond words. I cannot believe I finally found you, Beautiful:)

The End Where I Begin

2010-2012 Poems

Look beyond
What your eyes can see...
Beyond what you think
You've already understood.
Listen with your heart...
Start to feel...
And you'll see-the 'silent' truth,
Screaming in its vulnerability
And struggling with courage...
Right in front of you all the while...

The spark has been there,
But it shall never glow...
Will never set fire.
No...not here, not now, not ever.
Not with you...
But in a perfect world...
Somewhere in the universe,
We could have been stellar.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-jerlin 29Oct11

"When Rainbows Cry"

When Rainbows Cry
The Colors Run
Across The Path
Of Storms Undone…

Into The Sea
Blue Teardrops Fall
As Yellow Rays
Sing Their Song

The Birth Of Sun
Rekindles Hope
As Many Fly
New Flags To Cope

The Gift Of God
The Right To Dream
The Definite
And Not So Seen

Set So Free
When Gentle Strokes
Of Paint We See…

A Canvas
Where Expressions Dwell
The Flip Side Of
Some Hidden Hell…

But Rainbows Cry
That says It All
We’re Still Alive
Smile BIG, Walk TALL

Author's Notes/Comments: 

“When Rainbows Cry” was inspired by Phylis Barfoot’s monoprint entitled “Moody Blues“--
Her colorful creation on paper provided a thought provoking investigation into how art appreciation through personal interpretation can trigger unique mental images which beg for further exploration…

Various colors of oozing ink blending together vertically raining down the artist’s original work,
much like how the power of gravity influences an object to travel it’s natural course,
showed up for me as colorful tears of sadness, as well as joy, reminiscent of a rainbow running it’s course, giving way to a rejuvenated sunny sky.

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