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Love's Death Sentence

Death seems to have subdued Love
Love fought so hard
for the one he belonged to
but when she takes
his existence for granted his strength goes
Death meets him then
as Death always wanted
"What is your purpose for existence if no one cares that you are here?"
I ask him
but Love remains silent
seemingly muted by the
lack of appreciation from the girl
he had been born for and fought for
"You should die then"
Logic states
"Die and never come back"
I affirm; this is my wish, Love
die and never return to my soul
I dont want to feel the pain
you cause ever again

The End Where I Begin

2010-2012 Poems

Look beyond
What your eyes can see...
Beyond what you think
You've already understood.
Listen with your heart...
Start to feel...
And you'll see-the 'silent' truth,
Screaming in its vulnerability
And struggling with courage...
Right in front of you all the while...

The spark has been there,
But it shall never glow...
Will never set fire.
No...not here, not now, not ever.
Not with you...
But in a perfect world...
Somewhere in the universe,
We could have been stellar.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-jerlin 29Oct11

When You Cant Believe in Love

Quick to love slow to believe in it
That’s just the way my heart works
So tired having no one
Then someone shows up
Then images of my past
Come up
And corrupts my vision of
Whose standing before me
I cant see who you are anymore
All I see are the ones that i abhor
The ones from times back then
Back when
I believed in love and it was a part of my being
Now its just something you ll find me fleeing
what do you expect?
What would you do?
If Everytime you loved someone
They turned you into a fool?
How would you react
If everyone you loved stabbed you in the back?
You say you’re different not like the rest
But I don’t know what kind of heart
Lies within your chest
I just go off evidence false or true
That’s what you do
When your convinced no one can love you
You probably don’t get it
Probably don’t understand it
Cant expect you too
When you have so many people who love you
But picture this
You got no friends
Those people from high school
They all rejected you
You got your fam
But they cant relate to whats goin on
Religion and sets them apart
You got your drinkin buddies
But they’re only there when you run into them at the bar
What do you got asides from that?
Just you and your thoughts
Wonderin why you’re all alone
Wonderin why you get no love
Wonderin why you get no attention
Physical or emotional
One the other or both
Its fine as long you don’t hear the commotion
Inside your mind
Tryin to sift through the lies
Constantly tryin to analyze
And always come to the conclusion
That its your own damn fault
That no one likes you
No one cares about you
Nobody wants you
Debate with a voice that screams that every godamn day
And with good reason
I am on the border of insanity
I got no one to comfort me
But me an myself
Fight myself day in and day out
So I wont take myself out
Do you know what that’s like?
Can you see
The misery
That plagues me
This is my pain
I doubt you ever felt it before
Don’t act like you understand
Don’t tell me its ok
I m stuck here all alone
With all demons in my soul
Tormenting me
And I get no relief
No outstretched hand that can save me
I ll be consumed in this hate torment and pain
So unless you can convince me that love is real
This is my destiny
This is my fate
to be consumed with this hate

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