Oil Spill at the Conservatory

Sun-baked oil slick, foisted on two legs;

tell me this is commonplace for you.

Unfit to wander, yet wandering through

blooming meadows bereft of their shade --

aiding the process of putrefaction

by virtue of your crude, creeping splay.

And when you're stalled and coagulated;

making puddles with deceptive depths,

you'll be stepped on by the amiable

and oblivious tulips in turn.

You could cling by your teeth to their laces;

force them to stumble - plant in your bed,

but there's little for which to be taken

from a seed that shuns daylight, instead

of growing where it knew it would prosper.





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I feel alike to hosts of boils,
fevers and an alkaline rash.
A viscous scrub with bristle brush
can't rid me of this filthy sway.
A scream unclean as I draw nearer
to the town and county squares and posts;
fled away from, maybe spat on,
and left so wary of heels-a-patter.
I'll shield myself beneath the cover
of many hoods all different colors,
and hope that none may catch a glimpse
of me beneath in a festering cloud.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Boo hoo woe is me blah blah.

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"When Rainbows Cry"

When Rainbows Cry
The Colors Run
Across The Path
Of Storms Undone…

Into The Sea
Blue Teardrops Fall
As Yellow Rays
Sing Their Song

The Birth Of Sun
Rekindles Hope
As Many Fly
New Flags To Cope

The Gift Of God
The Right To Dream
The Definite
And Not So Seen

Set So Free
When Gentle Strokes
Of Paint We See…

A Canvas
Where Expressions Dwell
The Flip Side Of
Some Hidden Hell…

But Rainbows Cry
That says It All
We’re Still Alive
Smile BIG, Walk TALL

Author's Notes/Comments: 

“When Rainbows Cry” was inspired by Phylis Barfoot’s monoprint entitled “Moody Blues“--
Her colorful creation on paper provided a thought provoking investigation into how art appreciation through personal interpretation can trigger unique mental images which beg for further exploration…

Various colors of oozing ink blending together vertically raining down the artist’s original work,
much like how the power of gravity influences an object to travel it’s natural course,
showed up for me as colorful tears of sadness, as well as joy, reminiscent of a rainbow running it’s course, giving way to a rejuvenated sunny sky.

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