running with rabbits (day 39)

running with rabbits the wind cries don’t stop

running with rabbits grass is all i’ve got

running with rabbits so i‘m not alone

spring rushes through me so i know i’m home

running with rabbits when my fingers are numb

capture the air don’t forget to breathe some

wildflowers barely budded but here i’m awake

cause right now life is all give no take

i spend my days walking on a tightrope

i spend my nights pulling him up the slope

but i’d rather learn the world the rabbits’ way

the trees have no expectations that i’ll stay

running with rabbits till i’m out of time

he gives me words and draws every line

i need a mile or a minute or an open field

to catch my breath so i know i’m real

running with rabbits so i can renew

things that are justified like me without you

running with rabbits my heart smiles and then

brand new starts spring can watch me live again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/7/16


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