meaning of life

A page in our philosophy...

the universe, existence first

is in your eyes, you own the earth

when your eyes shut, the story ends

as how with you it all begins

it's your responsibility

to live by the philosophy

within your reach are mouths to feed

and solely you must serve that need

influence public policy

to view the world the way you see

each single individual

provide for all entirety


with this new path, you view each day

as passing people on the way

they lift you up, you lift them too

still clinging to diligence due

from them but smiles, you have no need

they're just more empty mouths to feed

and you for them, for that's our way

we cry in pain to see this day

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The Meaning of Life



right now,

I was asked,

What is the meaning of life? 

My answer would be simple:


Life has no meaning


I say this as,

without such things as love,

or heartache,

or fear,

or pride,

or hope,

or desire,

or woe,

Life would be without meaning. 


On its own,

Life is simply a four letter word,

without sense or meaning,

But it is such things as love 

which gives life signficance 

ultimately creating

The meaning of life. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeh so my interpretation on the meaning of life. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! 

wondrous minds

The wondrous


mind of man

came to me in a slink,

suddenly appearing,

while firmly in place.


It is also temporary, very fragile, and, alas, meaningless. Go figure.

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How Did I Get Here?

How did I get Here,

Here in this Atmosphere,

Here on this Bed

Here under this Roof?


Did I arrive like the nursery rhyme said,

Dropped off by a bird? No that's just a ruse,

Because then I'd have big luscious angel wings

Besides, last time I flied I acquired a bruise.


Or if not a bird, then by car?

That can't be, I conclude no matter how I ponder,

For does a man-made vehicle keep me alive

Or give me this personality of which I call 'TSUNDERE'?


I was conceived from my mother's own womb,

At least that's what the clipboards say.

Even so, is that the explanation of why I am

Still here, in one piece, sound of heart and not yet gray?


Although this question of how I am here still puzzles and pricks,

I'll worry no longer, it's pointless to do so.

All I need to know is I am alive and useful

I am here, ready to grow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tsundere means to act tough and unlikeable on the outside but is actually very sweet and lovey dovey on the inside. :)

In between

I feel lost in this world that I do not understand / I do not know where I am or where I am going. / Where is this world going? / A feeling of emptiness and sadness / As I think of what's to come. / What is my purpose? / Do I have a purpose? / Am I meant to fade away? / I can see for miles and there is nothing / Such a desolate place. / Everything I know may end, / And after that what will I be? / I feel like I'm losing myself / And I'm sad to say goodbye. / My past is gone, and there is no future. / I'm stuck in this scary place in between

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Fluorescent smiles glide along the wall,
Sliding through the soft abyss,
they cackle like a wacko,
dying for his fix.
Tears explode from the ruptured face,
Not even human,
just a waste.
Time is money,
money is time.
It all seems endless,
What's the point of this rhyme?

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What’s Life?

What does life want us to set?
We are always agitated until we wish to let..
We need to think more to give than to get!!

When we see life from a broad look,
Life has so many ups and downs in our book.

Life can be really well lived with grace,
Be bold, be strong to face…

Every rocky situation with a solution guide,
Then the whole world will be at your side!!

Life is living to the fullest now!
Life is to thank god for this journey with a bow….

Life is to make your family proud!
With your achievements being heard loud!

Live today as if, it’s the last,
Forget the future and the past,

Give a smile to one and all,
Understand that humanity is life’s real call!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A wonderful meaning of "What's Life?"

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Have some pity


There’s a cloud over my head

Full of unfortunate luck

My soul is still soaked

Enough is enough

But whom do I stand up too?

Who has the authority?

To give me a break

And share with me some glory

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The Meaning of Life

Just a thought!

                          The Meaning of Life                
The times of youth have come and gone
so you cherish all your days.
The things we took for granted
are now viewed in special ways.
A blooming flower or budding tree
will often bring a smile...
It's those simple things in life now
that amuse us for a while.
The Geese overhead or some squirrels at play
will tend to catch our eye
These things we see now everyday...
does it make you wonder why?
From the day you are born , It's The Meaning of Life,
You seek throughout your years.
In your search for truth and knowledge
came more questions, laughter and tears.
Your emotions ran wild and your need for discovery
took you to far away places
But, The Meaning of Life, is what they all seek...
All these friends in New Lands with new faces.
The answers you'll find, are not Worlds away or
hiding in Far away Lands
The "Meaning of Life" is a simple thing
Right there in the palm of your hands.
"All the Beauty God chose to create for us
And the things we were all Blest to do"...
That's "The Meaning of Life", and You see it now...
"All These Things God Created For You!"

     by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem started with the title"Youthful Days"
and took it's own path,
Guess I started thinking
where I am now instead of where I was then!