In between

I feel lost in this world that I do not understand / I do not know where I am or where I am going. / Where is this world going? / A feeling of emptiness and sadness / As I think of what's to come. / What is my purpose? / Do I have a purpose? / Am I meant to fade away? / I can see for miles and there is nothing / Such a desolate place. / Everything I know may end, / And after that what will I be? / I feel like I'm losing myself / And I'm sad to say goodbye. / My past is gone, and there is no future. / I'm stuck in this scary place in between

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You Ain't Alone

We are all lost in between - we work hard to define future, make future - motion by motion past, word by word now, step by fall whenever, error by truth sometimes - it all seems to work out and we ask the same questions you ask. Did it end and only I was left? So, what is reality? Am I dreaming or awake pretending to be dreaming? - Answer: To write is to be. Works for me. - Lady A