The Meaning of Life



right now,

I was asked,

What is the meaning of life? 

My answer would be simple:


Life has no meaning


I say this as,

without such things as love,

or heartache,

or fear,

or pride,

or hope,

or desire,

or woe,

Life would be without meaning. 


On its own,

Life is simply a four letter word,

without sense or meaning,

But it is such things as love 

which gives life signficance 

ultimately creating

The meaning of life. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeh so my interpretation on the meaning of life. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! 

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I Asked Life What It Meant

She shook her hair back off huge shoulders

and eyed me like I was a danger to humanity

then she pulled out lipstick and refreshed

her mouth in the event that Mr. Life

came by for a sip.


Who and what and how did not matter

it seemed as she pulled out this enormous

pearl handled comb and set to grooming

the world for her arrival. Like a star

a really big star, bigger than Sol, she

was brilliant acting like that.


I spoke soflty without awe or passiveness

to get a clue, but she polished her toes

with death tones and left the earth tones

for nature, her distant nephew. Still,

in her aspect was the glimmer of total

responses - I am what the Gods left

behind when they passed through here

the last time.


I figured that was it. Or something

close. Life is God's footsteps,

the scraps left behind after the

last meal, not even an after thought,

just a piece of dandruff lost

or a hair released by a different



~Lady A~








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Thats beautiful thank you for sharig it with me!