The Meaning of Life

Just a thought!

                          The Meaning of Life                
The times of youth have come and gone
so you cherish all your days.
The things we took for granted
are now viewed in special ways.
A blooming flower or budding tree
will often bring a smile...
It's those simple things in life now
that amuse us for a while.
The Geese overhead or some squirrels at play
will tend to catch our eye
These things we see now everyday...
does it make you wonder why?
From the day you are born , It's The Meaning of Life,
You seek throughout your years.
In your search for truth and knowledge
came more questions, laughter and tears.
Your emotions ran wild and your need for discovery
took you to far away places
But, The Meaning of Life, is what they all seek...
All these friends in New Lands with new faces.
The answers you'll find, are not Worlds away or
hiding in Far away Lands
The "Meaning of Life" is a simple thing
Right there in the palm of your hands.
"All the Beauty God chose to create for us
And the things we were all Blest to do"...
That's "The Meaning of Life", and You see it now...
"All These Things God Created For You!"

     by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem started with the title"Youthful Days"
and took it's own path,
Guess I started thinking
where I am now instead of where I was then!

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bishu's picture

Meaning of life ??? Worthy wise write Mr Deep

The Question which

never has been answered & never will be answered Frown

Too much searching may leave us cornered.....

Into the Poacher's Traps which we all fall into

WE just have to no choice we have we're too ignorant

Too foolish to realize what is it we really want !!!!


Thanks for your PM Best wishes my friend from Kolkata (1:38 p.m. hot hot hot !!!)