Dream Big


please, chase your fate
  and do be brave
as though it is
   the latest step
that you can take
   on here and there
because it's fair
   and you may dare...
the life is story of some soul
  and audacity of men
   who had once dared to
   chase their fate
 will speak for them
  and will inspire
 the other mate to hit the gate...
the gate is way to catch
  the light
which grant you wings
  and ease the strain
so that the life becomes
 your aim to feel the joy
to love your friends
  and day by day
    to chase your fate...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shumakho Kumykov.

Feel free to comment and criticize. 


I am not native, so don't be strict wink

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It's Metaphysical

Assorted Stuff

I’m not a two-cent ho or
Some stuck up bitch
Believe me sweetie
I wish I wasn’t born beautiful
Just filthy fucking rich

Do you know what its
Like to be pursued
Every day by
Some random dude

Nope that’s right
You’re ugly and fat
SO… you don’t have guys
Chasing you like that

Please excuse me if
I come across rude
But I don’t like
Your fucking attitude

I couldn’t help but
Notice as I walked by
You giving me a deadly dose
Of your venomous stink eye

Yes I know this
Dress is short
But calling me a whore?
Let me retort

I’m not just drop dead sexy
I have a good personality too
I’m not only magnificently hot
I’m also way cooler than you

You watched me walk by
Because you heard me coming
I know!! These heels are to die for
Aren’t they absolutely stunning?

You may have eye fucked
The shit out of me
But there are some things
The eyes simply can’t see

Things lay under the surface
You couldn’t possibly know
Like the fact that I
Graduated college with a 4.0

I know I’m in this club
All glittered and glam
So when you look at me you
Think this is all that I am

The dress is short the heels are high
And Yes, I strut my stuff as I stomp on by
Looking like a hot sex kitten
The boys all stare I’ve got them smitten

Another thing you cannot see
Simply by my physicality

I’m not proud
I’m defeated
I don’t feel hot
I feel cheated

The American dream
haha that’s wicked fucking funny
I’m a college graduate
Reduced to cocktailing to make money

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to live

to live

we change everything

to mix with everyone to live

we change themselves

make money to live life easy

spent it to live with funny

sometimes cheat someone

of welfare of ourselves

but to live with that burden

is not easy

walk every street

to get job

so that we can live free

without the fear our unemployment

so that people don't scorn us

to settle this life

and after that we can spent this life

spent this life freely

with family and friends

for this purpose of life

that we just want to live freely

we did everything we can

to live

far away from someone

far away from family

face the world

to live

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the killing fields

Through my eyes i see all the mayhem the world brings,

Through my eyes i see all the pain and mayhem i bring,

The  people that i love hurting to my doings,

Its almost as if I'm lost in a dream,

Dreaming of war and death waiting for it to me my turn,

Playing the waiting game trying to stay alive,

This war is one i started and one i have to finish,

Destroying anyone that gets in my way i make my way home,

The mangled bodies of those who stood before me lay on the ground,

Some my family and friends, some I've never meet,

But still they lay at my feet,

I don't even stand a chance, 

I'm killing myself slowly and liking it,

This is my home, where i belong,

This is the killing fields

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not sure what this is suppose to be but i wanted to get it out

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What Lies Beyond


What lies beyond

The restricting walls

Of my home life?


What lies beyond

The binding walls

Of my relationship?


What lies beyond

The tight boundaries

Of schooling facilities?


What lies beyond

The boundaries of life?




Written on

May 15, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one as a result of my depression. I saw nothing, but being held back by everything.

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Thought Pattern

Thought Pattern

Welcome to my intricacy,
I hope you find who I'm supposed to be,
Because it's been a while since I was who you see
I stopped living for you, now I'm living for me.

And the beat in my chest is too fast to step to,
Step three, I rip the cage and step through.
No, fool, I'm not the best but I'll best you
It's not that tough after what I've been through.

Talk shit on your own time,
This is my dime
And to listen is a thought crime
Rewind, let me see if I can still rhyme

I jump hurdles in the crop circles of your mind
Twist up thoughts until I've got you in a bind
I could swear last time you looked you were blind
Check again. Oh you got this one? You're too kind

I spent my life paying for your mistakes, ignoring mine.
I think it's time that I finally decline.
Go wallow in your life, I'm gonna go shine
Cuz I'm the star of this game, and there is no next line.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the people who abused my kindness, back when I allowed it to be abused.

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distance -we make it

the distance we make it

distance is not far as we thought

you can feel,the movement of your walk

i remind,everytime

that time always came in my mind

when we shake hands,hanging out and

quarrel over such a petty matter

it takes me back,back on my my those memories

of my life,of my life distance


things which multiples us,multiples our joys

are not too far

those distance are not far away

i'm tired,sick,act so differently

to remember my movements of life


i'm frighten to think whats going on

thats why i raise question

is the distance is far enough to approach?

theres not much time to be left to reach

i think you recognize what you thought to be

trying to face different face of problem


a feeling of will of my desting

will of the wind which flow in the ocean

helps to face our distance of our life

this is my distance of life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is all about my life which i feel in my life and i want to share it

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life is beautiful

life is beautiful

if we see it like that

to think positive not negative

to think about the well person in your heart

theres evil thought in everyonce mind

but to think what is there at the side

the heart of a person

where we can see the emotion of person

where we can see our blindness

life is beautiful

when we see it

it is  beautiful

to think about past

to think about memories

which people give to us

which our friends give it to us

don't care about it is a bad or good

think about those memories if they are bad

then we find the fact behind that bad memories

we can't called life without friends

we called life with friends

life is beautiful

if we see it as it it  a beautiful

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes we make wrong opinion in our mind when something bad happen with us . we think that it is a bad life , we don't like but we forget we make our eyes to see the truth behind it that it is a beautiful life

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speed of life

searching for the speed of life

we raise such a question everyday

when this boring day finish

when tomorrow come

when my birthday come

everyday we think about

think about our past

why those days gone

why they never come back


is anytime we sit

and think about the speed of life

the speed of life

of present is normal

of past is fast

and of future is slow


i'm still remember

my chilhood days

and think about it

searching for same speed of life as my childhood days

but i never get


speed of life

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