Intro to Nostalgia

Can't let go of the past
can't help but think,
if I had turned right instead of left
what the outcome would be

I'm not learning, I'm yearning
for something that once was
for something that could have been
I messed up

Dwelling in my sorrow,
knowing that there's no tomorrow
I hate what I have become
totally undone

Can't get it right
no need to fight
thinking of what I might
time to turn out the light
can't get a bite
not even a fight
nothing seems bright

This pain,
is definitely not a gain
it hurts,
like I'm being eaten from the inside out

being numb
doesn't mean I have to be a bum
or better yet a scum

can't embrace, won't embrace
what's to become

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burn from inside

Smile come and go
faith come up and give up
soul release and seal
Anxiety, grief , disaster
make path of life

Not everyday i can get the part of happiness
Not everyday is a day of a big hunger
Not everyday i have to fight for my justice
But it burns me every time and
gives me different trace

Destiny makes me crazy
it burns me from inside
want to come outside
it feels like despair going to kill me
it come out with truth
With true feelings which burst out with flow of reality
true love came out with tears
everything will be alright
that's what we say, that's what we ask
we can build high building
we can make it structure perfect from outside
but it hard to get back that perfectly from inside
tough to make it earlier one
and that's we sense
recollect every piece of broken heart and
we forget the every ignorance
feels like burn from inside
but we the one who just forget
we the one who can show that never happen
So that,
feelings never gonna disappear

The meaning of everything
then we get it
Our anger of separation
Fear of vanish
Love behind every disagreement
But it burns very deeply

Smile come and go
faith come up and give up

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Untitled (Class Poem)

A man sits with letters and numbers at his feet
In deep contemplation of how to proceed.
Logic persistent, the written word escapes him.
Left with quantity and calculation.
He finds it exhausting and chooses to daydream,
Drawing funny lines in the sand - by hand.
Mouths filled with teeth and fiery intelligence
Orbit about and spout to him relevance;
But try as he may, he finds them so boring -
They continue spilling their values on to the ground.
He remembers as a child how they sounded so shrill,
Filling mind and body with their pressures and dread.
Intentions were noble, methods were flawed;
Still they cannot seem to reach him.
He'd rather craft the dirt than trade his time for theirs;
Such voices laced with fine contempt.
Admiring his work that now devours the Earth,
He doesn't see the sense in their chatter.

So they've borne another artist,
Doomed to filth and peddling scribe.
Dust beneath nails, colors in his hair;
Altering and fashioning and generating nothing.
Spawn of the moonshine, constantly tilted -
Swine of the herb vine, messy and stilted.
The making of bull shit will get you nowhere,
But maybe you're happy just being wasted.

A man sits so stoic, enjoying the air;
Indulgent in quiet, grateful for stillness.
A trifle bit hungry he reaches for something,
And finds he's yet to earn it.
He smiles, so sadly, and yet absolute,
Only to continue his scribbles.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this some time last year in the last college class I tried to make it through. I had forgotten about it until now.

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Life Goes On

heart in hand you'll never use my trust, times we spent because of lust
many memories to come, shattered all by times you run
distant future seems so close, never knew the thing you chose
to this day i wonder why, words we chose that made us cry
times we spent and times we lost, bond so strong our hearts were soft
rain came through and washed us down, erosion bitten to the ground
roots came out the days went by, time sent pain into the sky
Never knew the reason why, life goes on don't wonder why
faith shall conquer it never fails, you have a fate we can relate
Times of joy come to those, people wonder who it chose
All you need is faith in those, laughter's key to all those chose

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Everyday’s the same, working, working,..
wake up again…
I used to dream, I used to hope, I used to pray…
used to see clearly… all I see now is rain..

There was a smile that drifted away, pretty eyes
I looked into …hollow and empty, like a space in
an attic dark and blue….I laughed with happiness
happiness winked at me… was so happy… I couldn’t see…
all I see now is rain…

a hope, a dream, a prayer is there any difference…
..time passes away so does life …it passes like a river…
…like a river in the night… want to see a reflection in that river…
..a reflection that will shine… I used to dream, hope and pray.…
but now all I see is rain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pain in the rain...Rain of pain... Reign of pain...
or Pain Rains... I wrote this about life and how elusive happiness
can be..about pain and its different combinations, mixtures, sceanarios, and situations..
I wrote it Today...

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One: Heavens
The heavens I pray to are now draining of their glorious colours.
The washed out colours rain down me to drown the sins within me.


Two: Soul
The ravenous flames of inward hatred have bleached my soul of its blackened purity.
The life I had lived is at Lady Death's feet, and the rebirth child is within her embrace.
She spoons me closer to her bare breasts where I suckle new into my corrupted soul.


Three: Fire
The black flames like licking my impurity flesh.
The sins I sweat fuel the fire, burning all within its mouth.
Making bellowing clouds of ash to coat me and itself into the paleness of lost souls.


Four: Person of War
Birthed from battle,
Cried from clanging metal,
Boy of pale-gray ash colour,
With eyes fiery than the flamed arrows,
A being of a ravenous war wulf in search of peace for the immortal turmoil within.


Five: Eyes
All I see is blood and it burns me white of tomorrow's ashes.
All I see is white, and in my blindness I am humble.

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God's Clock

There are times I find it hard to go on. Who doesn’t? These times are special, however, and not moments filled with sorrow. Time slows down. Our reality shifts in directions unknown. In these moments a precious opportunity is offered us, the opportunity to see the adhesive that holds all moments together. You may have never noticed this proverbial glue, not for lack of effort, but because life moves at speeds that are not conducive towards the acquiring of this knowledge. In between these moments exists dimensions of time and space that calculate your every breath, and every thought that flows through the minds of all. This force guides all who remain blind to its presence, but acts as a well of nectar for those who stop and notice. Open your hearts and minds to the presence of that which lies beyond the senses. The veil of this world is sewn together by your senses in order for you to experience yourself.

Time, slow down for me now
Wait for me to catch up with you
Then who? To you I bow.

Rich with your whirlwinds
You take me away forever
Endeavor? Please wash my sins.

In your endless splendor
Wrap me in arms of that unseen
Clean? Only at my core.

Reflections parallel
Your visage is matter itself
Health? In my heart you dwell.

Question my second lines
Contemplate the facts in the first
What’s worse? Eyes that are blind.



I have learn to laugh,
I have learn to be human,
I have learn not to be a slave,
because it isn't right where I was.
Here I am now,
Living life to its fullest,
Why couldn't I have been here,
Long years ago.
Was it really a fact,
That I had to trail,
Through trials,
Of fire and ice,
of black and white,
Only to find gray and ash.
You always left me in the dark,
Someone has left me a key,
Left me a front porch light,
does not sleep until,
I crawl into bed next to her,
Why didn't I come home sooner?

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Life is Not a Journey

I take a step back
From all that I see
I stop thinking
Of things affecting me insignificantly

Towards the glowing moon
And the foreign mist
I turn my gaze

Of the unknown future and mystical past
I reminisce
How I have come to be
A piece of this wonderful world

One lifetime of chances
I have to behold all the earth's secrets
I cannot go wrong!
For all is beauty

This life is not a journey
It is, to all and everything...

The Journey

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughts!

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