One Bullet

If i just had one bullet left i would save it till the end is near ; becuz death is the only thing i fear -- earth is like a curse and the bullet is the freedom that lays me back on that dirt -- & i wouldnt blow my brians out if i had to die -- becuz im in love with these words that come out this mind -- so i shoot my heart so i wont feel the pain nor will i feel the shame becuz life is a bitch so ima be an asshole and say fuck life becuz im playin russian roulette with my soul -- but maybe if things where different the outcome would change -- if i had jus had one bullet i would keep that shit framed -- for i can see that picture perfect image that keeps me insane -- to remind me dat each day is da fucckn same -- cuz i rather turn off da lights knowin wats there then to go into dis lair and not be aware -- so u can call me a coward for not leaving life -- but life is my bitch so ima fight & ima fight -- cuz to tell u da truth da only thing that keeps me alive -- is this motha fucckn earth & this thing we call life ~


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My personal insanity

Insanity from pain,
Yeah, I know im so vain.
Its only for the fame.
If its not then its lame.
Not using my brain.
My life will never be the same

Author's Notes/Comments: 

listening to lady gaga

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Life Changes

Icy hearted soul // how can a niqqa be so cold // living thru life with such a unbarring load // it was foretold by da household to search for gold // to enroll in life only to manifold // i was good // yea i was good // but dats b4 // i been through life & slowly changed into a carnivore // ignoring haters & killing dem other dinosaurs // it was only once upon a time where I stumbled upon our love // so I stumble upon da stars & ask if love was from above // so I can say I'm dis way & blame it on da ladies // saying every ex jus somehow slowly changed me // but some of y'all may take dat as an hyperbole // but writing da truth in poems is my Idiosyncrasy // I'm da way I am becuz of da way life is // constantly changin like a mother fucking pop quiz // so I adapt & overcome da challenges // & I understand so it's something I gotta live with // becoming smarter at this yea ima life wiz // so please dnt judge & read between da lines // understand da book so u can realize // u ain't seen dis life thru my eyes // u jus seen it thru urs but for dat I applause // cuz every book is different & unique // u cud read da chapter but still won't kno da story // so for all of u dats reading keep reading if u feel me // pick up a book & judge only if u kno thee


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Highlight Life

I read everyday // yea i see everything // my problems are my prey so they run everyway // I'm living in da future so I was done yesterday // i stay going straight // never looking back never in da past // so i got dat perfect vertebrae // cuz im just one away to the master holy J // thats why every single day i runaway just to pray // i got da answers in dis mind traced & outlined // so i be feeling at ease & i never have to strife // cuz the world is my book so I just highlight life // making everything I do just feel so right // cuz this is my story & I define & design how I get on my grind // u can't decline & deny dat I don't redefine mankind // entwined in my own mastermind // cuz I'm da only bind wunderkind // so i cut da haters off with my knife & I dined with this world so I'm full of life


Author's Notes/Comments: 

comparing my life as if it was a book.

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Music Creation


It's a beautiful dark fantasy when I create music from wats inside of me // the joy & pain of my bipolar life // the battles I fought and everything that I Strifed // memories, struggle, pain & power // addiction, beauty, strength & hours // the blood the tears the laughs the lies // the fear, the smiles, the sweat, the pride // music creation I give it life with an everlasting beat that never dies // listen closely so you see the why's // understand da meaning as it comes alive // the texture, the melody, the words that form // a masterpiece in effect my vision was born // now u see da creation that was stored in mind // u see no negativity // my art has a fine line // there's many different versions of the music I can create // but there's only one that catches my eye // only one that I'll date & most of u found this to be unexpected // but with my words I've resurrected // her beauty I can't stop thinking about nonstop // I guess I can say I'm in love with hiphop.


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on a lone star night
perched atop the mountain hill
tucking into the hibernation hole
meet again, for one more time
the gatherers

with all their minds fused
in all but one thought
to produce a loment
that spreads like wild fire
to raise, raise and raise again
only to divide
to gather
for the next coming

hey, this is fun.


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My Legacy

Volume Two

Take a look at my legacy, as one day I will leave
tell death I am on my way, I'll claim my prize, see my glory
for the dreams I conjured, chased and perceived
regrets will become just nightmares that I leave behind
as I traverse this rocky path, through the thicket
marching on, must struggle on. In this moment of time
to rise above and beyond the strange or the wicked.

Light your ego ablaze, forget about getting lost within their maze
your soul hypnotized by all the fancy lights
temptation found in the silent nights
To let all the angels cry
there is no hope when we don't even try

The rain pours down heavy, as the war drums beat steady
thieves in disguise smile and wave for their people
hiding the abuse is to lie to your own soul

“In this the valley of the dead, forsaken is what you had said.
Death came cheap in their unmarked graves
salvation steadily goes up in flames
hypocrisy is all the rage, Ghosts own the stage.”

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one lifetime

One lifetime, so many mistakes
Will i ever learn to bake Life's cake?
One lifetime so much time
but you still end up with regrets on your mind
One lifetime, so much air
why do I choke, shortage of air or fear?
One lifetime, so much semen
waste a lot of it, act of men
One lifetime so many friends
how come when you are broken these friends can't mend>
One lifetime, one heart
too critical to be torn apart
One lifetime, so many decisions
some are right, others...well situations!

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Its quiet and cosy in my living room
As another bomb goes off in Kabul
The only sound comes from the television
While bodies get blown beyond recognition

I sit comfortably in a chair in Lagos, Nigeria
As famine comfortably rips out the heart of Somalia
I take a bite from a slice of bread not cos am hungry, slightly bored
They cry ‘just a slice of bread please Oh Lord’

I aim my finger pistol at Gaddafi on the screen
Anders Breivik starts to shoot as people scream
Just a couple of days ago, Anders and I were anonymous
Fast forward, Anders Breivik, the infamous

What would go with this cup of tea is some cakes
What they need in Japan is life without the earthquakes
I sit unperturbed sipping on tea
As the earth collapses around me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes i wonder what all this shit called Life is about.

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